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  1. Chibiterasu

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    How about a second version of rPve? Currently the only thing you have to do in rPve is to attack the camps as fast as possible. So maybe some kind of defensive rPve. Everyone is positioned in the center of the map and enemys attack from every direction. After a few minutes of defending you can build t2, and so on. After defending for 20 minutes or so you win the game. I think it's not even that difficult to make this mode because you don't need to vary with different layouts of the map. It just needs one layout in 4 different styles (bandit, stonekin, twilight and ls) and the amount of attacking units have to be randomized dependent on the difficulty. Would give the people a completely other way of playing rPve and at the same time some defensive cards would also find their use in it.
  2. Chibiterasu

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Exactly was I was about to write. There are so many cards but most of them aren't played. Some cards are completely unknown for most people. For example do you know what cards like Bandit Sorceress does, lost converter or Fleshbender? Some cards are even completely broken like second chance or promise of life but nobody seems to care. That's exactly why balancing is also important in Pve. By nerfing some strong cards like amii-monument, enlightment or lost spiritship and maybe buffing some weak cards like the cards mentioned above you give people the option to play other cards and therefore make Pve more diverse and fun. And when you only nerf t4 or certain t3 cards you can be sure that PvP won't be effected by it anyways. I like to play rPve and I can play it for hours without getting bored despite the fact that I hate grinding. Sometimes I even collect gold and I don't know what to spend it on. Not because I like the variety of rPve but because I like the variety of my decks. In my opinion many people destroy their own fun by playing one and the same deck over and over again and some of those decks aren't even build by themselfs (not that it's a bad thing especially as a beginner but as soon as you know how to play a deck, you should consider other cards that may fit better in your opinion). People play a boring deck and expect it to become fun through the map. I think it should be the other way around. Play a boring map and make it fun through your deck.
  3. That was never possible. Every time an unit gets warped, it gets a debuff which makes it immune to every other kind of teleportations. At least that's what supposed to happen. The only way to bypass this debuff is to use Incredible Mo's 3rd ability. So maybe you saw that combination and thought it was a bug when you tried it later without the Increadable Mo?
  4. Chibiterasu

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    No. I think they just play on different maps. Everything is one single world after all... Seriously at least constructs XL-knockback is usefull. You don't have to walk behind your units with them the whole time. Play other units and when you see a boss, for example in rPve, just play the construct next to him and he will immidiately knockback the boss. Especially for colors with a weakness against single strong units like pure frost it's a good situational card.
  5. Chibiterasu

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    I think Construct is already in a good spot. It has good dmg and is the only unit that has a XL knockback on it's normal attacks which is the only way to stun bosses which is obviously a very strong ability. On the other hand I think battleship is one of the weakest t4 cards in the game. It doesn't do much dmg and hasn't much life either. So I'm totally fine with giving him a small speed boost. Though it shouldn't be as fast as spiritship. Both can attack while they are moving and that's one of the main reasons why spiritship is so overpowered in rPve. I really like idea of a restricted speedboost for Battleship. Would make it faster but still keep the frost-style of this card. Though that got me on an idea that also buff some other weak cards like winterwitch: Make battleship only go faster when it has an ice shield. Ice shields are very weak in t4 anyways but are one of the main reason why you would play winterwitch so give battleship that ability and hit two birds with one stone.
  6. Chibiterasu

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    Motivated Foes: Wheel of Gift's first ability is that exact same effect. Cursed Wells: I don't know if that's possible but if you use Resource Booster and change the numbers to 5000 meters (global), -25% more Energy and 0% more used energy it should have that effect ^^ Termites: Lost Disrupter Purple has a similar effect. Just change the duration to 1000000 seconds or something like that There's however an additional effect to that card so it's probably not possible to pick only the one half of that effect... Foreign Grounds: Ok that's probably not possible Unholy Gift: Again Wheel of gift. This time it's 3rd ability. I probably still didn't understand the problem fullly and my ideas aren't possible but I wouldn't know why.
  7. Chibiterasu

    Adding PvE Map Difficulty Modifiers

    I always wondered. What exactly can you do without the source code? You can implement new cards and balance them, right? So does that mean the card information isn't written in the source code? I'm assuming the information for the maps isn't written in the source code either because there's actually a way for other people to create custom maps. If both of that is the case, couldn't you just place a building on the Pve map and "balance" it's effect to the specific effect the modifiers say.
  8. Chibiterasu

    Lost spirit ship vs bandit steelguards bug

    It happens with other units too. For example Windhunter or Deathglider and probably a few others. It's a special kind of knockback that has to do with splash dmg that is just bugged against splitted small units.
  9. I think most of the time colossus is better than grimvine. He has a faster walking speed and has XL dmg which is great against bosses. Great description of the card that involves his biggest strenght However I think a deck can't be called "pure" when it doesn't have that pure card in it so I would put it in anyways. He's not bad he has great base stats and both of the affinitys have great passives but he just can't compansate the flexibility of adding another color. Another card I really like in a pure nature is gree peace. It's a bit difficult to see the usefullness in that card because most people use it as a cc for enemy units and in the worst case for their own as well, but another strong way to play that is as a self buff. Place it in front of an enemy base and wait with your units inside it until they get the buff. Then walk outside of the effect and into the enemy base. You get a buff for 50% more dmg / 50% less dmg for your units for about 20 seconds. Especially the red one with the green forest elder can give you a strong dmg buff.
  10. Chibiterasu

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Two things to the deck: 1. I'm always unsure if resource booster is usefull in solo rpve. You wells will be empty before you can complete the map so you loose energy at the end. When I use them, I build them only on the t3 and t4 so that the wells on t1 and t2 give me more energy in the end but I never actually tested what's the most efficient methode. 2. Why do you use Ethernal Storm? I find the dmg very low when you don't have any revenats besides lost evocation. And I really doubt that you use the abilitys of the dragon or the warlord ^^
  11. Chibiterasu

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    I don't think you need void manipulation in this specific deck. You almost have no spells, only units so you won't have much void anyway (except when you kill your units to get energy for t4). However when you add the cards Treim mentioned, it becomes much more important. Other cards that have a good impact and aren't that expensive are Lost Horror, Maelstorm, Lost Evocation, Viridya (only strong in combination with Lost Shade), Bloodhealing (also very very strong with Lost Shade. I know it's t3 but with 5 or 6 Lost Shades you are even able to kill a camp with XL-Units so it's stronger than most of your t3 units.) and Unholy Hero. Also I would take out the towers. You don't need towers in rpve. Defend with your units and then go and kill the camp.
  12. I always wonder if those market manipulations in a large scale like this are actually profitable. I imagine people who also want to sell this card are happy because they can sell it cheaper than the guy who manipulate the market and maybe even sell it to that guy for a higher price than normal just because he wants to continue manipulating the market. When there are only a few people who buy his overpriced cards, he will soon stop doing this and actually lose Bfp in the end. Sure it's frustrating when you saved up your Bfp to buy a expensive card and then the price is manipulated by a random guy and you have to wait another few days. But maybe you can also ask in chat. Many people know the normal prices of some cards and those may offer it to you for a fair price. @Kubik: I know you can view the purchase history of everyone. Just out of curiosity: Can you do me a favor and look if those people actually make profit out of that? ^^
  13. Chibiterasu

    Open Stress Test Information

    There will still be a reset. Noone knows when though.
  14. Chibiterasu

    Trade Bug!

    It sounds like you didn't know that you got a frost mage from a booster earlier. Or you just cheated on your gf with a frost mage
  15. Chibiterasu

    Booster Simulator

    I wonder if it's smart to use the booster simulator now. You can only lose when you compare your boosters in the simulator with the ones in the actual game. No matter what you get, you will feel bad

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