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  1. Chibiterasu

    nerf amii monument

    If balancing doesn't matter in pve, I want a global spell in t1 that deals 50000 dmg to every pve unit and building. Nobody should complain about that I guess. After all you don't have to play that card if you actual want to play the game, don't you? Back then I had the idea to make Amii Monument t4 and I still think that's the way to go. It may sound useless but when you even reduce it's costs, there are several strategies you can use it in. You can use amii monument to make a fifth orb and therefore play card combination that are normally impossible to play. It would be pretty much like enlightment but a permanent version with less orb-freedom.
  2. Chibiterasu

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Regarding Striders: For only 20 Energy more you get Sunderer which is a waaaay bigger thread for your enemy and can't be countered with just one orcan or a frostmage. I don't think Striders are bad units. They are just too expensive for their limited use.
  3. Chibiterasu

    Undead Army

    It's only so "weak" because you don't know which color you fight against. The only real counter against that card is cc. So the only way shadow or fire can do is to attack and prevent the enemy from spending their energy for that card. It is a viable counter to take their wells and orb when the enemy just spends energy for the army but it's still hard to get a real advantage with that. Besides it's way harder for the fire / shadow player than just casting one spell over and over. It may be balanced in high ranked when you know how to deal with it but for mid or low ranked it often gives the less skilled player a questionable advantage.
  4. Chibiterasu

    Undead Army

    Nether Warp is arcane but can only be played with ground units nearby. Maybe that's the card you had in mind.
  5. Chibiterasu

    Undead Army

    I think the main reason why you can cast undead army without ground units is because it is supposed to be played after a fight. You pay an amount of energy and be able to keep up the pressure with it. There's also the fact that those skeletons don't count as ground presents. Some other units like the treespirit of Viridya or the twilight crawlers of this one t2 twilight tower gives ground presents. Another interesting point is that you can motivate the skeletons without having ground units nearby but on the other hand you can't nasty them. So I guess this shows that motivate could also be played everywhere on the map without a ground unit nearby (if it would be possible to play that card without a unit ) just like undead army. Difficult to say if it's a bug but I don't think so because it's intention is to play that card after a fight. Though you could say the same about corpse explosion... However I actually think it would have been fixed if it wasn't intended. After all the mentioned strategy was well known and also a pain for fire and shadow players back then.
  6. Chibiterasu

    Fire Natur rpve

    Compared to PvP, I find twilight units very usefull in rpve. Especially t4 units like Abomination and Nightshade Plant are almost unkillable with the 50% dmg reduction from Twilight Pestilence (blue) in addition to the healing power from Regrowth. I don't really think you need Grimvine, or Gigant Wyrm. Thought fire dragon has to get replaced with Skycatcher this way, but skycatcher isn't that bad anyway. Another good t4 card for rpve is earthquake. With this you can destroy the spawn building very quickly without walking through all of the units. Same with t3. Mutating Maniac and Twilight Creeper are strong units. I don't think Vulcano or Virtuoso can keep up with them. However they lack a very strong XL unit. So Deepcoil Worm is a really good choise in a Fire Nature deck. For t1 I like to use dryad (blue). She gives your units a 25% dmg reduction which is very usefull for WW + Shaman. But I would call her optional. Twilight units have a good way to speed up your game: Their transformation. This way you don't even have to use breeding grounds because the costs of the transformation are simular reduced. At least it's a good way to switch from t3 to t4. Since you already have shrine of war I really doubt you need banner of glory. Especially if you fight with your t1 units untill the t3 anyway.
  7. Chibiterasu

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    For t4 in a stonekin deck, Grinder or Jewel Eye with regrowth are almost all you need even for lvl 10. So skip Tempest (worst t4 unit ever imo), skip colossus (Grinder is a better version) and skip the dragon (Jewel Eye does the same job but better). Worldbreaker gun can be viable but more in a pure frost deck, same with construct. As a spell I would recommend Maelstorm or Ice tornado and of cause Regrowth. In t3 I like to use XL units so something like deepfang or deepcoil worm would be my choice. But more typical stronekin units like Rageflame and Stone warrior are also okay. However towers like hammerfall, canon tower and primal defender are almost never a good choice in rpve. T1 is missing dryade (blue). I think she's a very important part of nature t1 in pve because of her passive dmg reduction. And therefore she's even usefull in t2. With Windweavers, Dryade and Shaman you don't really need much in t2. I would only add crystal fiend. It's a better shaman and with that your windweavers shouldn't have any problems against stronger units even in t2.
  8. Chibiterasu

    rPvE Deck

    Well if you want to use decomposer, you use the units you don't need anymore. But I think insteat of decomposer it's way more effective to use cultist master. His nightcrawler are for free and with fof (furnance of flesh) and embalmer you get pretty much all your energy back. For the t1 it's not that easy to answer. I feel like the fastest t1 is frost because you only need very few frost mages to clear the camps. However when you pull the nearby camps while clearing and there are more M- or even L-units, frost becomes pretty slow and unreliable. So in gerneral I prefer Shadow t1. When you think you will have a tough fight, just place a green soul splicer nearby. It will keep your units alive even against lots of strong units. Amii-Monument is a viable option in single player to make the t4 easier and in some cases speed up the run. But since it's a legendary card, you shouldn't use it in 4 players rpve unless you know nobody else uses it. Though imo you won't need it even in single player. Ashbone pyros are strong enough to clear whatever there may come and since you get your energy back with fof anyway, it won't give you a significant speed advantage either. It's more usefull for other colors. You can't stack wheel of gifts anymore so you can only use one buff of every kind at the same time. They are not bad with LSS but you don't really need them especially for lvl 9 and when you just want to finish the map quickly.
  9. Chibiterasu

    BFP Balancing

    You can't compare an uncommon card with three ultra rare cards. Of cause the ultra rare cards are more expensive than other cards. But there are some cards that are just too expensive for it's rarity. Just look at nightcrawler or lavafield. Those are common cards so you would expect them to be... well, common. And back there they cost 3 bfp but currently they are around 150 bfp. That leads to another thing I really miss in the store: The 1bfp-booster. I think they would prevent those ridiculous prices for core cards.
  10. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    11,22265625 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 2873
  11. Chibiterasu

    rPvE Deck

    The cards you mentioned are still the easiest ones to clear rpve 9. Though Wheel of girfts are not that usefull anymore. In general it goes like this: Nox-Trooper for t1 Shadow Phoenix for t2 Ashbone Pyro for t3 LSS for t4 Done. For Energy you should probably use Resorce Booster and Furnance of Flesh with Cultist Master and Embalmer's Shrine. There's gernally no need for juice tank because the wells in rpve have anough energy for almost the entire duration of the game. However every color has good and effective ways to clear rpv 9. So as long as you don't plan to speedrun, you can play the color you like and be successfull with it. (In my opinion the strategie mentioned above becomes boring pretty fast so I wouldn't really recommend it when you also want to have fun in this mode )
  12. Chibiterasu

    BFP Balancing

    I don't think the current progress is too slow at all. I already have 4 different Pve decks that are all functional. None of those is perfect but that's mainly because of upgrates and charges. And imo it shouldn't be possible to have four complete decks in those short time. The prices in the auctions house are very good imo (except some few cards like schaman or nox-trooper). The only thing I currently don't like is the price for the boosters. 450 per booster is way too much. You get one booster per day for free, you wouldn't want to pay your reward for 2-3 days only to get one more. I think a good price for the boosters are 250 bfp and reduce the amount of bfp per quest to 50.
  13. Chibiterasu


    Why are PvP players always that toxic? Because they can Curse Well. Battleforge is the only game I know that literally has an Easter Egg inside it.
  14. Chibiterasu

    What do you do in life?

    Also a 3D Artist mainly with a focus on Animation.
  15. Chibiterasu

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I know you have more pvp experience than me so I don't even want to argue about this part. I just want to suggest an additional pvp card that I think is the most useless card in the game: Bandit Stalker. I don't see a single reason why you would prefer that unit over nightcrawler. He costs more, has less HP, is only playable with bandits, doesn't have an advantage over any size of units and therefore you don't have any reason to play that card ever. Even against frost shilds you still does only 50% dmg and therefore it's most likely easier to destroy the shild instead of doing dmg through it. And even against beasts (which most of them are M units), you still do more dmg with Nightcrawler and it's ability. So now to some Pve cards: Rocket Tower: The tower would be a usefull tower if it hit with every rocket. I think if you make the rockets hit consistently, this card will be fine. Twilight Hug: Most of the units in this game count as male units so her ability catches almost every unit except: Obviously female units, mechanical units (like ships or construct), birds and eyes. And her cc is very strong with its additional buff. I just think the costs of the ability is just too high. Maybe reduce it to 50 or 60. Oh and fix the visual effect. The area is way smaller than it looks. Fire Sphere: This card is a very good addition to the other fire spells. Cluster explosion for crowds, Earthquake for buildings and Fire sphere for single strong units. And I think this card does a good job with these creatures atm. It takes a while to do the dmg but you would use this card for bosses or units that are far away. I don't think it needs a buff in any way. Bloodthirst: Like you said, this card is usefull with creatures like batariel (also bloodhorn and tortugun) and is the only real healing that fire has. But I think that's the point of that card. Fire should not have a reliable healing and with those few creatures it is already worth the slot. Void Maw: He definitly needs a buff but I think the whole point of this card is it's suizid ability. So increasing the life points won't do anything. Maybe reducing it's cost would be a better start. Or maybe even change him to t3? Shadow Worm: It can be very usefull but only with the whole deck build around it (or of cause with enlightment but that shouldn't be the point). On the other side it's supposed to be the only pure shadow unit so I guess you could say it's the point of a pure color card to be the card your deck is build around. However I think incresing the dmg is again the wrong approach. The point of this unit is again it's ability even in a pure shadow deck. You would rarely use it's normal attack anyway. Besides a pure shadow card should be very complex and it's stance is a very fitting ability for that. I just think it's a bit too slow compared to Wrathgazer or Church of negation though. So a better buff imo would be to increase the speed of the disintegrate but as a balance also increase the dmg it takes per seconds. Another idea would be to heal the worm after he successfully disintegrated a unit.

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