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  1. I like that you try to make gold more usefull but I think removing the tokens could lead to some problems. The most popular way of upgrading cards was to play rPve because the matches were quick and you got many tokens out of it. Also tokens were the reward for playing PvP. When you remove these rewards, there will be way less people who play rPve and maybe also PvP. On the other site the rewards for normal Pve stays the same which leads to an unbalanced reward system. Especially if you just want to upgrade your cards as quick as possible, you are forced to play normal Pve now since it's way more effective than the other modes. So I would like to see a replacement of the PvP and rPve rewards to give the player a different motivation to play these modes (especially rPve). But with only two kinds of currencys I don't see a way for a different motivation. Though maybe this problem will be solved automatically with the quest system you want to build in. I think I just want to play battleforge with as few changes as possible to the original
  2. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    I'm 2 busy right now so they better w8 for me with the stress test, else there would be 0 chance for me to participate in it, m8.
  3. But without the tokens, there's no point in playing rPve now... I don't think that's a good change tbh. Unless you give the people another motivation for rPve.
  4. Chibiterasu

    Best boosters in simulator

    After a long time I just wanted to open a booster just for fun and see what's inside. That was what I got in my first booster: I'm not sure anymore. Which version of Skycatcher was the more expensive one. It was the green one, wasn't it? Well two promos in one booster is still okay I think
  5. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2791 ... ... What? Does every post here must have a creative addition?
  6. Chibiterasu

    Open Beta Information

    Tbh I can understand why some people think this is a scam. 1. This game is in development since 2015 and as far as I remember the first thing you showed us back then was already the forge. So the visually game itself pretty much worked again. So it's unbelivable that the "small" issue to make this game capable to play online took 3 years. (I know it's not a "small" issue but because the issue of a program is hidden behind the graphic of the game it's not that obvious.) 2. You delayed the release of this game from Dec 2017 to Jan 2018 to Mar 2018 to unknown. And all of the delays were pretty much last minute. So when you thought you could stick to the dates till the very end, why does it still take months to do the remaining small work you originally thought you could have done in less than a week? 3. You already get money from this project. And considering that this is true for about 3 years, the amount should be quite big by now. Sure you said you don't use it for personal matters but for one thing there is no reason for us to believe you and for another thing we don't know what happens to the remaining amount. You wouldn't burn it or something? 4. A person who doesn't believe in this project wouldn't read any line of text in this forum, would they? So they would miss some informations like streams or updates. While I still believe in this project, I also can't deny that at least some question marks about 2 and 3 never came up to me. I absolutely don't write this because I want to drag this project down. Quite the opposite I write this because I want to eliminate those question marks so I can fullly be hyped about a soon release again.
  7. Chibiterasu

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    As always I'll go with style instead of efficiency. So I choose Tortugun with Grim Bahir. Every time an enemy dies during the passive effect of Grim Bahir it spawns a Nightcrawler. Eat them with Tortugun and you never run out of food. I always saw Grim Bahir as some kind of cook who cooks food for Tortugun
  8. Chibiterasu

    Closed Beta Applications

    I played this game almost since release and until the very end. So I guess I played enough to say that this game is so much fun and I want to play this game again so bad after all that time. Battleforge was my very first game where I really played more than a few rounds PvP. So you could say it was my first PvP game. And it was the birth of Chibiterasu cause that was the first time I used this name I also love this game's community. It always was a bit small compared to some mobas or other "bigger" rts. But I see this more as an advantage cause it's more likely to meet the same person more than once. Back then I met some nice people in the forum like Treim, Hirooo, or RadicalX and I was really happy when I saw them in this forum, too. (I still miss ElementG ^^) I digress a bit right now but what I want to say is that I really miss that game and those experiences I had with it. I loved that creativity you need to combine certain cards to get nice combos. (Like using befallen's curse to prevent the healing from fallen skyelf but get her debuff. Or increse the dmg of the explosion of shadow mage' ability by buffing her when the bomb explodes. Both of them were my inventions btw. ) Now would also be the perfect timing for me because I just finished my study as a 3D Game and Animation Artist and are currently searching for a job in that branch. Therefore I have more spare time that I actually want right now and are very flexible timewise too. And I would love to spend this time on Skylords Reborn. Additionally because of that study I know a bit about the things behind a game and because we had to make lots of small games ourself, we also had to test them and I even found many bugs (okay everyone found bugs in that stage of the game but that's not the point ) However I hope I get access to the closed beta and am allowed to help you guys with releasing this awesome game as soon as possible. My Discord name is Chibiterasu#0539
  9. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2735 You're probably right.
  10. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    I was hoping we would count on from 2730 and skip your 2780 later. But okay, then the normal way: 2733
  11. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    @Treim: Then let's see if this works the other way around, too 2730
  12. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2680 Fixed. Sry for double post. Edit: I bet noone will do the next one right
  13. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

  14. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Damn you. I finally just solved it after half an hour of thinking and wanted to write it too 2705
  15. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Found it PS: No I didn't forget my number

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