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  1. I guess someone from the dev team didn't pay attention in math class and thought he could give them 50% siege bonus by giving every of those 6 archer 8,33333%...
  2. Description: If Grim Bahir attacks enemies, it will effect them with his passive ability. Though that passive ability doesn't refresh when he attacks him when it's still active. That leads to a time window where the enemy isn't affected by that effect. Sometimes it doesn't even work if Grim Bahir does the last hit on a target like shown in the video. Reproducibility: Always for the lack of refreshing; Sometimes for the missing crawlers right after Grim Bahir kills his target (Because that's only a small time window.) Video:
  3. I want to ask a question: How much work in percent did Kubik do in this game up untill now? And I don't talk about stuff like planning things for release because that only matter if we ever reach that targeted release state of the game. Because I get the feeling that MrXLink's attitude is a little too optimistic here. It's totally fine to have a disagreement when it comes to a person's point of view regarding game design but he should know that without a capable developer those design ideas are no more but in your head. So I really need to question his stubborness when he would rathe
  4. Wipe-Hype. Even if there isn't a date for that yet, I'm pretty sure we can say it will be before year 2914
  5. In general I like that Reserve System. But the values could be better imo. First I don't like it that we don't get a free booster per day anymore. Sure we can use the Bfp we get to buy boosters but boosters are not worth the price they cost. The best part about boosters currently is not the value of the cards inside but the feeling you have when you open them especially when you get a rare card from them. I never sold any booster, I just opened them for that reason. Sure I got cards like frost-Avatar, Dreadnaught, Warlord and other expensive stuff, but overall it would be better to sell them a
  6. Infect isn't as strong as it's price let you think. It's a good card in a later state when your deck is already complete and you have too much bfp anyway. But until then I would prefer soulshatter. An alternative would be frenetic assault (Needs 2 shadow orbs, so you have to take out fire sphere. But you need 5 spheres to play Fire Sphere and Artillery anyway, so you need to take out one of those cards anyway). Your t2 is huge. I like it that you use cards like bandit sorceress. It's a cool card when you combine it with towers but in 99% of the time, you wouldn't waste a deck slot for her
  7. Of all thread, why this one? Do you really want to talk about a 4 years old pizza???
  8. 5000% with 100% absorbtion?! You know what that means, right? That means with 500 Void you will prevent 25000 damage with your units before the enemy will even begin to deal damage to your units. So the enemies will have to deal damage equal to the total life of around 5 strong XL units or a bit more than 6 Spirit Ships until you even need to consider a heal or something like that. Additionally the effect cancels once the shield is empty so that means you are able to activeate the ability as soon as that 25000 damage mark is reached and protect your units for another 25000 damage. With 45
  9. 1. A poisen fits the nature fire theme very well compared to a blindness or a damage debuff. The movementspeed fits too. But we already discussed this in the discord channel. Poisen + Movementspeed reduction would probably too strong in PvP and only a slow would almost be useless in Pve. 2. Also discussed in discord: S counter is almost useless in t3, M counter would only counter specific units for example silverwind or giant slayer. Both of them are swift so Mutating Maniac will have a tough time fighting against those units. L would be the only possible counter but I'm sure there were s
  10. When I didn't disagree with something you had written, what's your point?
  11. Rifle Cultist has the same orb requirements as Necrofurry and when you want a very strong burst attack, you would rather use that unit's ability because it's damage is even higher and it's normal attacks also deal lots of damage. And the 70 Energy difference (including the ability) isn't that much in t4. So even in Rifle Cultists biggest strength, there's still a unit that do a better job.
  12. Rifle cultist is purely an offering unit imo. You can play it for it's damage at least in terms of ability but I don't think it would be worth it even if we increase that damage. And giving a S unit steadfast isn't that fitting. When we buff it, I would rather see a new ability that synergies with offering. For example: When this unit dies, the next unit you play won't cost a charge. So you can offer it, get charges for t4 units and can then choose one of those units, that you can play twice. Edit: I know that this idea is not possible currently. But it's just the best idea for this unit
  13. Fire Sphere: Card changes: - Change orb requirements from to - Change damage from 2900 (max: 8600) to 6000 (max: 8000) Thoughts behind this change: These changes are meant to give Fire Sphere a place next to Cluster Explosion and Earthshaker. Currently Fire Sphere doesn't really have a use simply because there is Earthshaker to destroy buildings and Cluster Explosion to kill lots of units. Because of its strong competition in those roles a simple overall damage increase probably wouldn't be enough. So we decided to give Fire Sphere the missing role
  14. Let me guess: You'll just link me to a tutorial how to build maps? Is it even possible at the current state that you can implement user maps in the game with a reward?
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