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  1. Chibiterasu

    Closed Beta Applications

    I played this game almost since release and until the very end. So I guess I played enough to say that this game is so much fun and I want to play this game again so bad after all that time. Battleforge was my very first game where I really played more than a few rounds PvP. So you could say it was my first PvP game. And it was the birth of Chibiterasu cause that was the first time I used this name I also love this game's community. It always was a bit small compared to some mobas or other "bigger" rts. But I see this more as an advantage cause it's more likely to meet the same person more than once. Back then I met some nice people in the forum like Treim, Hirooo, or RadicalX and I was really happy when I saw them in this forum, too. (I still miss ElementG ^^) I digress a bit right now but what I want to say is that I really miss that game and those experiences I had with it. I loved that creativity you need to combine certain cards to get nice combos. (Like using befallen's curse to prevent the healing from fallen skyelf but get her debuff. Or increse the dmg of the explosion of shadow mage' ability by buffing her when the bomb explodes. Both of them were my inventions btw. ) Now would also be the perfect timing for me because I just finished my study as a 3D Game and Animation Artist and are currently searching for a job in that branch. Therefore I have more spare time that I actually want right now and are very flexible timewise too. And I would love to spend this time on Skylords Reborn. Additionally because of that study I know a bit about the things behind a game and because we had to make lots of small games ourself, we also had to test them and I even found many bugs (okay everyone found bugs in that stage of the game but that's not the point ) However I hope I get access to the closed beta and am allowed to help you guys with releasing this awesome game as soon as possible. My Discord name is Chibiterasu#0539
  2. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2735 You're probably right.
  3. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    I was hoping we would count on from 2730 and skip your 2780 later. But okay, then the normal way: 2733
  4. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    @Treim: Then let's see if this works the other way around, too 2730
  5. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2680 Fixed. Sry for double post. Edit: I bet noone will do the next one right
  6. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

  7. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Damn you. I finally just solved it after half an hour of thinking and wanted to write it too 2705
  8. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Found it PS: No I didn't forget my number
  9. Chibiterasu

    The story behind your nick.

    Back then I just played the game Okami where the main character was a japanese wolf named Amaterasu (the name of the goddess of the sun in Japan). It was one of my favorite games and I was pretty exited when the sequel Okamiden was announced with the main character being another wolf named Chibiterasu. Well turned out that sequel was horrible compared to the first part... But I sticked with the name cause it remembers me of the good game Later I found out that Chibiterasu is actually japanese and means something like "Blessed Child". So I think it's okay
  10. Chibiterasu

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    Nox Carrier I bet most people don't even remember this card but it was so fun playing this card in pvp and one-shot an orb with it while keeping the enemy's attention away from it with a small fight on the other side of the map. But the best thing of this card was the road noise while it was moving
  11. Chibiterasu

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    EVERY game has some aspects of luck in it even Chess. You think of a strategy that is several turns ahead and give you an advantage. Your enemy overlooks so much things and does a stupid move without realizing this move is actually the perfect move to counter your strategy. So because this thread turns more into a "What games do you think have less RNGs?" I throw in some fighting games like Street Fighter or Guilty Gear. There are no characters based on luck in those games or crit chances as they are in mobas. Just the character you and your enemy pick and lots of mind games and skill. The only disadvantage for most people: There is too much skill. You have to play and loose for like 100 hours until you can win reliably against real opponents.
  12. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    -2*sin(6!/-8°) = 2 I'm pretty sure there is a easier way for those numbers but who likes easy ways?
  13. Chibiterasu

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2679. Or for people who look at the screen while standing upside down: 6L92 I'm disappointed. I really thought you would do 2678 hidden contents
  14. Chibiterasu

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    Treim's deck looks very solid imo. There's only one thing I would change: I think Thor is a very important card for pure frost. He is strong as a single unit and is able to protect other units very well with his ability. Besides he is the only real pure frost t4 card. So it would add some stile to the deck too The card I would remove from the deck is wintertide. As far as I remember there is no unit that can knockback your units in t1 or t2. So it just offers to less to be important.
  15. Chibiterasu

    Shrine of War card

    I don't know if I remember correctly but I think there wasn't any cooldown of the ability of SoW right after you build at some point. So I think it was nerfed indeed.

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