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  1. Chibiterasu

    Defense orientated rPve

    Let me guess: You'll just link me to a tutorial how to build maps? Is it even possible at the current state that you can implement user maps in the game with a reward?
  2. Chibiterasu

    Defense orientated rPve

    Since we are talking a lot about the balancing of weak Pve cards on discord, I though maybe we can just create a map that can fix many balancing issues as well. Currently one of the most played maps is the rPve. But you only (or at least 95% of the time) need to attack in that mode so some defensive cards are rarely played in general. Not because they are bad, but because there are only very few maps (which are also played rarely) in which they are actually usefull. So how about a defensive rPve? I don't know in what extend you can randomize the attacking units or even the map but just imagine it like this: You start in the middle of the map with t1. Then enemies attack you from all sides and you have to defend for ~5 minutes. Then a second monument with 2 wells appear and you have to defend for another ~5 minutes and so on. Maybe add a wall you can build and let the enemy attack you from only one or two sides in lower difficulties. There's also a 2 player and 4 player version and you get the same rewards as in the normal rPve. What do you guys think of this idea?
  3. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I also want to change my opinion about Discord. Not because I think Discord is a better place for this but because I want Kubik to at least test it so that we can see how it works
  4. Chibiterasu

    Regrowth bug

    Regrowth has a maximal healing. When this healing is reached, it will stop healing units. The healing of time after the initial effect also counts towards that maximal healing. So it's probably no bug.
  5. Serverity: 3, or probably even less important Location: Everywhere Reproducibility: Always Description: Whenever you move Nox Carrier to a location, it's sound stays in one place and will only update it's location when Nox Carrier reaches it's destination. Most irrelevant bug ever, additionally nobody even uses this card but since nobody wrote this yet, I though I do it Edit: Ups, probably client sided, so pls move ^^
  6. It's random Pve so a lot of things can happen. Also when you attack a camp, the adjusted ones start to attack you. And when you attack while those units walk through the camp you're attacking, it can lead to a huge army waiting for you there. That probably was the case in your match. I once had a rPve 6 against twilight where 8 of those eyes were waiting inside one camp. 4 were originally in that camp, 2 came from the left and the other 2 from the right. So it's not a bug, it's just bad luck.
  7. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Another reason why we should nerf those cards BEFORE the release. So less people get used to those tricks. Besides when certain cards are nerfed, then the prices of those cards also fall. Therefore it will be easier for beginners to obtain those cards. And when those cards are very good in certain situations now, they will still be usefull in those situations after a small nerf. Retreating Circle: "Creats a Portal that teleports friendly units in a 15m radius back to the nearest Monument of their owner" Mission for Soultree: "x/5 Monuments needed to banish Viridya have been claimed." Both of those situations need a Monument. There's nothing written about any spheres. So when Amii-Munument doesn't count as a Monument, just as a sphere (as it obviously is in Retreating Circle), then Soultree shouldn't count it as a Monument either.
  8. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Just a quick note: You aren't able to teleport your units to Amii-Monument when you use Retreating Circle. So it seems like in this case Amii-Monument doesn't count as a legit orb. Pick your bug ^^
  9. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    There were and still are many things in this game that are bugged. Just look at second chance. You can't tell me EA wanted to make make this card randomly fail for no obvious reason. At some point EA just stopped fixing bugs because they just want to make a bit more money out of the game before they shut it down. And it's not really a small part. It's the final area with the biggest units so you actually can call it a boss. You can also add a card that does infinit damage to every AI unit so that you win instantly. You don't have to play that card if you actually want to play the game after all... I don't want to remove the cards from the game. They will still be there after a nerf and people who like those cards will still play them. However people who just "like" them because they are the most effective way of playing don't really care about the cards. They just want to win the map and therefore it doesn't really matter for them since they will eventually play another easy strategy. "Also for beginners this card can be helpful to finish expert maps" Beginners shouldn't really be able to beat expert maps, should they? They are called "expert" for a reason... Of cause for an expert they are easy to beat. When you know how and what cards are usefull for that map. But like I said a beginner shouldn't be able to beat them as well just because of 2 or 3 cards. When a person is a beginner and he jumps into a mission at the highest difficulty, he should get stomped, that's good game design. There's no use in getting better in this game when you can beat everything without even knowing what 90% of the cards do. I wouldn't call it a mechanic when certain things can compensate your lack of skill
  10. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    That's exactly what I mean. When you pay extra attention to the people you know, you balance the game in general for more experient players. That's why I think it's better to only look at the reasoning. The only real problem I see with discord is that one person mentions a card maybe with a good idea and then many other people discuss about that card forever, then another card get mentioned and so on until you have to scroll up for like 5 minutes until you see that good idea. I know you can search for it but when you don't know about that idea and just want to see which cards are suggested, it's almost impossible to find that idea after a few days.
  11. Chibiterasu

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I would love to see some balance changes especially some nerf for those way too often used LSS, Amii-Monument and Enlightment/Batariel in Pve. However I think in the latter case there should be more of a change in the way it works instead of simple number changes. I think everyone in this community should be able to say which card they want to see changed. In many PvP games there is a class / strategy / whatever which is greatly balanced from the competetive view but just stupid for beginners and I don't think that's a good approach for this game. Beginners already get frustrated because of the amount of time they have to spend to get all the good cards anyway. So only picking some good players for every mode and let them decide isn't a good idea imo. Besides everyone has a favorite deck and therefore isn't completely objective. The more people can judge over a specific card, the more objective it is. Though it should also be necessary to tell the reason for the opinion. Not just buff or nerf. More like "Buff because I never saw that card" or "Buff because I used it and it was useless" or something like that. In my opinion the forum is a better place for that. It's way more orginized and you can read older posts more easily. Besides when you post something in a forum, you automaticly think more about the stuff you write and argue better. Therefore you read more well-thought-out ideas here than in discord. At least thats my feeling.
  12. Chibiterasu

    Current Proposal: PvP Rewards (AOT rPvE)

    I think removing the gold reward from PvP would lead to even less fun for beginners because like you said, most of the decks would have anything on U3 so the difference between experienced and non experience people would be even bigger than now. Additionally the change that you give only the winner the booster increases that even more because the beginner rarely wins a match so he doesn't get as much cards as he needs. We shouldn't reward people for winning in PvP when the reason why they won wasn't the skill but the time they farmed upgrades and Bfps in Pve.
  13. Chibiterasu

    Hey one question that culd fit in here

    I'm not a mod or developer or something like this so you can't really rely on this but I think the reason for this rule is to prevent people from trading cards from their second account to their main account to gain double the rewards and therefore get an unfair advantage over others. I would say as far as you don't trade between your two accounts it should be fine. Though there's another reason why I write this post: Topics of threads are meant to give the reader a short overview of the content of it. And that topic doesn't tell us at all what you're talking about in it. So to keep this forum as organized as possible, I would pick a more informative topic name next time
  14. Chibiterasu

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    How about a second version of rPve? Currently the only thing you have to do in rPve is to attack the camps as fast as possible. So maybe some kind of defensive rPve. Everyone is positioned in the center of the map and enemys attack from every direction. After a few minutes of defending you can build t2, and so on. After defending for 20 minutes or so you win the game. I think it's not even that difficult to make this mode because you don't need to vary with different layouts of the map. It just needs one layout in 4 different styles (bandit, stonekin, twilight and ls) and the amount of attacking units have to be randomized dependent on the difficulty. Would give the people a completely other way of playing rPve and at the same time some defensive cards would also find their use in it.
  15. Chibiterasu

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    Exactly was I was about to write. There are so many cards but most of them aren't played. Some cards are completely unknown for most people. For example do you know what cards like Bandit Sorceress does, lost converter or Fleshbender? Some cards are even completely broken like second chance or promise of life but nobody seems to care. That's exactly why balancing is also important in Pve. By nerfing some strong cards like amii-monument, enlightment or lost spiritship and maybe buffing some weak cards like the cards mentioned above you give people the option to play other cards and therefore make Pve more diverse and fun. And when you only nerf t4 or certain t3 cards you can be sure that PvP won't be effected by it anyways. I like to play rPve and I can play it for hours without getting bored despite the fact that I hate grinding. Sometimes I even collect gold and I don't know what to spend it on. Not because I like the variety of rPve but because I like the variety of my decks. In my opinion many people destroy their own fun by playing one and the same deck over and over again and some of those decks aren't even build by themselfs (not that it's a bad thing especially as a beginner but as soon as you know how to play a deck, you should consider other cards that may fit better in your opinion). People play a boring deck and expect it to become fun through the map. I think it should be the other way around. Play a boring map and make it fun through your deck.

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