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  1. rPVE frost deck help needed

    Treim's deck looks very solid imo. There's only one thing I would change: I think Thor is a very important card for pure frost. He is strong as a single unit and is able to protect other units very well with his ability. Besides he is the only real pure frost t4 card. So it would add some stile to the deck too The card I would remove from the deck is wintertide. As far as I remember there is no unit that can knockback your units in t1 or t2. So it just offers to less to be important.
  2. Shrine of War card

    I don't know if I remember correctly but I think there wasn't any cooldown of the ability of SoW right after you build at some point. So I think it was nerfed indeed.
  3. The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  4. Shrine of War card

    Isn't Embalmer's Shrine + Soul Splicer + Furnace of Flesh way more effective than Shrine of war or Decomposer + Furnace of Flesh? You get all your void energy back nearly instantly without any requirement. I even prefered it over Shrine of war in my bandit deck.
  5. The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  6. Booster Deck

    There are 4 colours + the 4 mixed colours faction. So with 40 cards you could expect to get 5 cards of each kind. So even when you use every single card you could possibly play you would only get a deck with 15 cards (assuming you use two different orb colours.) And you wouldn't get any choices like this. Knippser You could use Satanael in t4. Then you would have at least 2 XL-Units. And you could combine second chance with corpse explosion. Imagine all your units die and all those corpses lie around. Then you could make them explode to do tons of dmg to the enemies. Then all your units return because of second chance. Alongside of the enemy units you killed with the explosion... nevermind.
  7. Booster Deck

    Sounds like fun. So because of only two t1 units There is not much to choose from I think I would go like this: 1x Nomad 1x Twilight Minions (red) 1x Twilight Minions (green) 1x Mutating Maniac 1x Treefiend 1x Swamp Drake 1x Abomination 1x Fire Worm 1x Regrowth 1x Fleshbender.... Because there's still one slot left So I think the t3 and t4 are pretty strong with good units. But I think the t1 and t2 would have many problems especially against air units. Though there are no way to make those tiers stronger. I have to start with fire or nature so I can't use most of the good t2 units anyway. I could use Swiftclaw -> Amii Phantom + Shadow Pheonix but then the t3 and/or the t4 would be very weak with only one unit. So I picked the twilight deck.
  8. quality Removing unoriginal Expansions form the game

    The more cards there are in the game, the more mechanics and strategies you can play. So that leads to more versatility to your deck. There is never a good reason to remove cards from the game completely. Sure some of the lost souls are quite strong compared to others but there's a way better approach to that problem than removing those cards. Just balance those few cards and it's fine. And btw. You need bfp for EVERY card in the game not just for later expansions. So how and why should they even bring new content in form of cards to the game without earning money from it?
  9. The legendary forum game "count"

    2652 February 6, 1952: The day when Queen Elizabeth was proclaimed as the new queen. Cuz' history
  10. The legendary forum game "count"

    2650 <-- The year when this count will end.
  11. Teleported taunt

    What shell happen? Either the taunted unit will go back and continue attacking the other unit (when the taunted unit gets teleported) or the tauted unit will follow the teleported unit to it's new location (when the target gets teleported). So nothing unpredictable.
  12. Tortugun

    Why units like Boom Brothers, Firesworn, Ravenheart and even Magma Hurler (which has nothing to do with L-knockback at all :D) came to my mind when I wrote this but I forgot about the master of stunlocking L-units, Aggressor
  13. Tortugun

    Why would you want something like that? To disable the fun when playing this card? This ability is the reason why Tortugun is my favourite card. It has the highest dmg number in the entire game and also one of the biggest range (the red one) or the only creature that has L-knockback with it's normal attacks (blue one). Without a huge disadvantage it would be too strong. And his disadvantage isn't even a real disadvantage when managing right. So the creature just needs more attention to be usefull. Perfect card design in my opinion.
  14. Open Beta Information

    You could even make your account after the release of the beta and still can play the game. So it's all fine.
  15. I think I will just sit in the forge for a few minutes until I have fullly believed that I can finally play this game again. And then the servers probably crash