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  1. Won't be of much use. Sometimes Sunstriders (360 life points) will even survive a Lava Field (440 dmg). You can even shoot with Rifle Cultists (3960 dmg) on themselves (1050 life points) and one of them will survive with 1 life point if you know where to aim. It all depends on the angle of the dmg source. The dmg of each spell comes from the center and if you hit 2 or 3 members of the squad with the spell at the exact same time, chances are high they will survive the spell even though they don't have nearly enough life points for this. So if you want to reliably kill S units with a dmg sp
  2. Plot Twist: . . . . . . You scrolled up didn't you? 2971
  3. There were several reasons for this change: 1. The protection of Martyr didn't stack with most other protection spells frost has. It doesn't work for ice shields, it doesn't work for dreadnoughts ability, it doesn't work for ward of the north. 2. In 4 player maps the old martyr was useless because as you already said, one Player normally uses Shrine of War so you won't get any protection out of this effect anyway. The current Martyr is also not perfect for 4 player in combination with sow but at least you have an alternative to sow. (Therefore your idea with the effect for freezes de
  4. It's not clear right now what causes that bug. It probably has something to do with the "recast step" of the unit (The time between attacks in which the idle animation plays). Because if the recast step of a unit is set to 0 it seems to remove the randomness. Same with units like Tempest or Construct which have an attack that is independend of the idle animation. But if we change the recast step to 0, the unit attacks faster in general so it will lead to problems balancing wise. The weird thing though is that this also happens for Towers which clearly have no (visible) idle animation. Fly
  5. On U0 of Forest Elder, it states that his active ability lasts for 60 seconds instead of 30. From U1 upwards, it's correct though
  6. - Stormsinger says she attacks every 2.6 seconds. However, her attacks are exactly at the same speed as Gladiatrix who has a 2.5 second speed. So change the description to 2.5 seconds instead. - Amii Phantom doesn't say that she becomes a melee unit when you switch her stance. Additionally I tested the DP20 values of every ranged unit with single target attacks and there are a bunch of inconsistencies when you compare their attack value with the dmg in their desciptions. The dmg in their descriprion is correct so we need to fix their attack value accordingly: Gladi
  7. 2955 @Dallarian You wrote the correct number, great job! If your brain had send a slightly different signal to your fingers or your fingers had shifted slightly to one side while typing, you would have written a completely different number. Out of all the 105 keys you have on your keyboard, you managed to hit the correct key four times in a row. That's a ~ 0.00000082% chance. But even with such a low chance, you managed to do everything right. I'm proud of you
  8. Is it possible to implement a feature that lets you rename your replays ingame? I know you can go to the battleforge folder and change their name there, but I think it would be way easier to be able to rename your replays after you played the match. Especially if you have tons of replays, it's sometimes difficult to find the one you're looking for. So I think it would be a nice feature to add eventually.
  9. I just found out that it's actually pretty easy to reproduce this bug. Just play a twilight unit until you only have 1 charge left. Then let another Twilight unit transform into that unit and kill it during its transformation. It seems like the game waits for the transformation to finish until the cooldown of the unit starts. You pretty much can't play that unit from this point onwards. However I found one way to escape that softlock. If the bugged card is Abomination for example, you simply need to click on one of your abominations you have in play and transform it into another unit. Thi
  10. I already wrote that on discord a while ago but I feel like I should make a forum post now with a detailed proof: The passive of Batariel Purple doesn't say any details but when you hover over the debuff the enemies get after a few seconds, you will see that the first debuff is supposed to increase the incoming dmg by 35% and the second one by 75%. However those debuffs aren't percentages but flat dmg increases. The first debuff doesn't increase dmg by 35% but by 35 dmg. If you use an eruption (U3=300 dmg) on the debuffed target, it will deal 335 dmg. If you use lava field (U3=440 dm
  11. Our main priority when it comes to the balancing is PvP, not Pve. We might have ruined a niche strategy for Pve with this nerf but there's still the option to transfer that role to strikers instead. For PvP it was a necessary step because generating energy out of nowhere was a very unpredictible design and turned out to be too strong in the long run.
  12. Chibiterasu


    One of the most important things in a deck involving Tortugun is that you have a very good way to get back your energy. You need either shrine of war or fof with cultist master since those turtles will die very often. And therefore you definitely need offering as well. The strategy I use with them is quite simple: Every time a Tortugun would get hungry, you have two options: Either let another Tortugun eat it or use cards like offering or sometimes motivate on it. You just need to pay very close attention to their hunger bar and which tortugun is about to become hungry and tell them the t
  13. Not sure what you mean by seasonal cycles. We're currently working on the balancing and there will be several balance patches in the future which will definetly have an effect on the meta. Is that what you suggested? Or do you want balancing changes that intentionally make cards stronger than others so that we can actively control the meta? Would be a good idea to keep the game intersting in the long run. But I think the first step for this is to achieve a general acceptable balancing state.
  14. It's actually not that difficult to predict his behaviour once you understand how it works. Ever time Mountaineer gets his shield, he can't attack for the next ~5 seconds. Additionally if he gets his shield during the attack animation, the attack will get canceled. You can see this in the video I just did. Pay attention to the cooldown/duration of the ice shield. He just stands there until the durationd reaches ~50% and only then he will attack.
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