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  1. AI art is great for non-artists who want to create something good-looking without spending much time or knowledge on it. But if you use AI to get something high-quality, you need to put a lot more effort into it. Sure, it's definitely possible to use AI to create art that looks just as good as the results our artists come up with. (And there shouldn't be any legal problems either, but not 100% sure about this one.) But what I'm sure about is that such high-quality AI art won't even save that much time compared to drawing them by hand. And to recognize what result looks good, you need to know stuff about art anyway.
  2. Summary: There are multiple bugs with this card's effect that mainly affect the outgoing damage of the target. Description: The card says that the unit "fight's at a slower pace". (In this case it coded as 50% slower) However there are a few things with that part, that is definitely not intentional: 1. The slower fighting pace is only true for melee units. Ranged units still attack at the same pace as before. 2. The card has a hidden 25% damage nerf in its effect. This applies to melee and ranged units. So it kinda makes up for the missing effect on ranged units. 3. And now the funny part: Generally the damage, melee units deal, is automatically calculated based on the length of the attack animation. So a slower attack animation leads to higher damage. This is something that applies to all melee units in the game and exists to reach the same damage over 20 seconds no matter which attack pattern a unit uses. But this is also true for the slow down effect of Frost Bite. So frost bite slows down the attacks of the target by 50% but then the mentioned mechanic kicks in and buffs the damage of those attacks by 50% again to reach the same original damage over 20 seconds. However because of the hidden 25% damage reduction, it's not as noticable and still has an overal Damage nerf on the target. You can see this last part very well in the video here. Normally a Batariel attack against air units deal 697 damage as you can see in the first example. This is always the case as Batariel only has one attack animation against air units. However once frost bite red is applied, the damage turns to 784 damage. The attack animation got reduced by 50%, which increases the damage by 50% and then the damage get reduces again by 25% (697 x 1.5 x 0.75 = 784). And another very interesting point if you look closely is that the damage aura of Batariel triggers in the second example. This ability is supposed to have a 1000 damage threshold. The reason why it triggers is because the internal damage of the attack got increased from 697 to 1045 damage because of the slow down. This modification affects the threshold. However the 25% damage reduction doesn't because the threshold is uneffected by "normal" buffs and debuffs.
  3. Description: If you use some kind of melee disarm ability on Dreadnought and then switch Dreadnought into his ability, he will be able to attack after the disarm runs out. The reason for this is that his ability applies a permanen disarm to himself while in that stance. But that disarm won't overwrite an existing one. So as soon as the previous one runs out, he is able to attack like you can see in the video. Media:
  4. I agree. It's either missing a proper description that he loses L damage when switching to his siege mode or he has to make bonus damage against L units with his range attack too. But there are other units which are very similar. I created a list with all those attacks and abilities that miss the size damage here: Ability + Size Bonus Damage
  5. Plague will receive a major rework soon because it's rarely used. This will also fix this bug. In case you're interested, you can also follow the changes we make to plague on the test server.
  6. What decks/cards do you play on that map? Did you always play the same cards before the crash? It seems that for example Queekqueek crashes the game on this very map sometimes. Maybe there are other cards that can't handle it if they get teleported with that teleporter on that map or something like that. You seem to be the only person with this specific problem. So it's logical to assume that this crash has to be connected to either your hardware, your options or your actions somehow.
  7. Chibiterasu


    No. Imo it shouldn't. The reason why I suggested this is because it's especially ineffective to eat smaller stuff. And with many potential supports like Grim Bahir, Infect or even Undead Army it's therefore almost useless to eat the units because the animation of Tortugun is way too long. So my goal was to especially improve the effectiveness for smaller units.
  8. Description: If you play Revenant's Blessing on a Revenant, you stop the death timer. But when you play Ice Age afterwards, the timer instantly continues. This also works the other way around. Use an Ice shield on a Revenant, play Ice Age, and then use Revenant's Blessing on it. Even though Ice Age is still active, the timer for the Ice shield will continue to decrease. Reproducibility: Always Additional Information: This bug exists because Ice Age and Revenant's Blessing both use the "IceShieldTimerOffset" Ability but with a different target. And since only one of them can be active at the same time, the second one will overwrite the first one leading to the bug descriped above.
  9. Quote from the balancing discord server regarding this change: There are a lot of thoughts behind every single change. There is a group of very experienced PvP experts that discuss the changes with each other before they announce it, so you can be sure that they are aware of the potential this card has as a XL counter with lightblade for example. If you still disagree, I suggest you join the balancing discord and state your reasoning there.
  10. Fountain of rebirth is a channel ability but even if I add that to wheels, it doesn't refresh after the dancers debuff. What's worse, even if I let the buff reapply every second, it doesn't work as intendet. Instead of reapplying the buff after the dancers debuff, it will reapply the buff during the debuff. Lost dancer's attack doesn't seem to prevent the effects of wheel and incredible mo, it only removes them. So that doesn't work either.
  11. Yeah, I already thought about that as well and I'm pretty sure it would work. But I didn't want to mention it because I don't know how "hacky" this solution would be. In the worst case, there could be some performance problems with such an huge aura. So I would prefer another way if possible.
  12. Are there any global buffs similar to wheel of gifts that reapply like this? If so, it should be possible to fix this.
  13. That normally happens against lost souls. They have those lost dancers who have a disenchant attack that removes wheel of gifts buffs. It happens with every unit, not only Grimvine.
  14. 2996 It's easy. Just type the number the previous person wrote into a calculator and press "+" then "1" and "=". Then you just copy the number shown on the calculator into the post. At least that's how I always do it
  15. I think it has something to do with squads interactions. In a squad, each member has an individual health pool and this results into a lot of problems when you want to kill the whole squad with a dmg spell. It depends on the angle of the center of the dmg spell and how many members of the squad gets hit at the same exact time. I think this is way harder to fix than you would expect. Especially since it's not 100% clear what causes that bug,
  16. You don't need to post it everywhere. You posted it on discord, then created a ticked there and then here in the forum? And it's probably not even a bug, you most likely just forgot that you opened it. Anyway the devs don't have time to look into your problem right now. They will inform you over discord when they have the time to do so. So be a bit more patient please.
  17. Oh right. Forgot about that situation. But tbh I find that a pretty cool situation because if feels a bit like the Twilight enemies manages to mind control you as the player so that no matter where you click, you will always attack the same unit
  18. I'm pretty sure this is the bug: You can see that I sometimes click on an empty space but because the individual members of the S units are spreaded all over the place, the game things that I want to attack them instead. It can get even more extreme than shown in the video. This is a very annoying bug if you play with knockback heavy armies against S units. But as far as I know this bug is related to the dmg bug also mentioned here, which is not fixable if I remember correctly.
  19. Won't be of much use. Sometimes Sunstriders (360 life points) will even survive a Lava Field (440 dmg). You can even shoot with Rifle Cultists (3960 dmg) on themselves (1050 life points) and one of them will survive with 1 life point if you know where to aim. It all depends on the angle of the dmg source. The dmg of each spell comes from the center and if you hit 2 or 3 members of the squad with the spell at the exact same time, chances are high they will survive the spell even though they don't have nearly enough life points for this. So if you want to reliably kill S units with a dmg spell, you have to pay close attention to the center of the dmg spell and that all indicidual squad members have a different distance to the center. I didn't fully understand this either yet, so don't ask for a more detailed explanation
  20. Plot Twist: . . . . . . You scrolled up didn't you? 2971
  21. There were several reasons for this change: 1. The protection of Martyr didn't stack with most other protection spells frost has. It doesn't work for ice shields, it doesn't work for dreadnoughts ability, it doesn't work for ward of the north. 2. In 4 player maps the old martyr was useless because as you already said, one Player normally uses Shrine of War so you won't get any protection out of this effect anyway. The current Martyr is also not perfect for 4 player in combination with sow but at least you have an alternative to sow. (Therefore your idea with the effect for freezes depending on your void will also be useless in 4 player maps because you won't have void thanks to the one player who plays sow) 3. Frost has a lot of expensive abilities and spells. Some of them are quite important and without a proper void return tool, frost struggles in long fights. This is pretty much the opposite of the intentional design behind frost. That's why a void return tool is so important for pure frost.
  22. It's not clear right now what causes that bug. It probably has something to do with the "recast step" of the unit (The time between attacks in which the idle animation plays). Because if the recast step of a unit is set to 0 it seems to remove the randomness. Same with units like Tempest or Construct which have an attack that is independend of the idle animation. But if we change the recast step to 0, the unit attacks faster in general so it will lead to problems balancing wise. The weird thing though is that this also happens for Towers which clearly have no (visible) idle animation. Flying units are also not affected by that bug btw. The "randomness" is set once you play the unit. No matter how you attack with them, the individual unit will ALWAYS have a higher / lower attack speed than the other. For people who want to see it in action, you can see it very clearly in this video:
  23. On U0 of Forest Elder, it states that his active ability lasts for 60 seconds instead of 30. From U1 upwards, it's correct though
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