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  1. 2953 Four different digits combined to one single number. Writing your own number like this correctly almost feels like building your own stable home with mere stones and sticks... I'm so proud of myself for being able to build this four-digit number correctly out of all those other infinite amount of numbers I could have written there...
  2. Or your friend is just really good at poker ^^ Is it really unequally though? I feel like all the 4 factions have the same probability of showing up in 4rpve.
  3. 2951 20 days left for 48 posts until 3k. That means we need ~2.5 posts per day. Difficult but possible.
  4. 2942 (Just the number this time. No joke, no question, no reference and no easter egg about the number or anything else. Only the raw number of this message to keep the post as short as possible to not waste your time with unnecessary words. Of course I could write a bunch of facts about the number but I won't because nobody cares about them anyway. In general I don't like it when people can't keep their posts short and keep writing useless stuff in their posts that nobody cares about anyway (especially when they use brackets for it). So my goal for this post is to simply keep it short to
  5. Ranged Non-Flying units have a hidden random variable that is determined when playing the unit and slightly alters their attack speed for as long as that unit lives. Even though Amii Momument counts as an Orb in the Mission Soultree, the Monument itself doesn't count as a Monument for the card Retrating Circle. You can't use Unity on Lost Shade because his passive already counts as the Unity effect. That also means that he will share the dmg with other units that are affected by Unity when his passive is active. Enemy units that spawn from camps in Pve aren't affected by Fleshbe
  6. 2 Bugs I've found while testing this card. Description: 1. The description says that the target will deal the additional 50% dmg against male units only, which is wrong. Interestingly this this part of the description is already correct on the blue affinity even though the effect is the same for the 50% buff. 2. The second part of the ability is bugged even more. While it's correct that this part of the ability only affects enemy males, the actual effect is completely wrong. It says that every male nearby takes 15 dmg per second and that buff lasts for 20 seconds. But in realit
  7. Description: On the card the ability order of Lord Cyrian is different compared to the order of the abilities when you activate them. This also counts for the shortcuts. Enrage is Y and Thrust of Ultima is X. Pictures:
  8. I love that idea! Please do that as an optional mode I see three different kind of modifiers that are possible. The first one are things that makes a mission staight up harder/easier. The second are modifiers that are just for fun and the third are modifiers that change the "meta" of the mission. From a game design perspective the last categorie makes the most sense because you have to adapt your deck to that modifier which leads to a new environment with potentially "bad" cards beeing more effective than usual. It brings the most variety to the mission. Something like "enemi
  9. 2940 Unfortunately there's one flaw in my statement: It's (most likely) not possible to time travel just by writing a smaller number than the previous one into this thread. Therefore i guess the law of time is still more relevant than the law of this thread
  10. Aura of corruption - Doesn't state that there's a maximum dmg for the effect.
  11. 2938 (funfact: This is the highest number that was written in this thread yet but at the same time there will never be a number lower than it in the future. Think about that...)
  12. 2934 Let's see if we can get this to 3000 before the 18th december.
  13. Not even 2932 hours until we get to the offitical release!
  14. Which leaves you in a disadvantage. Especially in PvP with that system you almost have to use it to compete against others in the early state of the game. I understand that people don't like it but I think especially in PvP it's more important that you're able to play with the same requirement as the enemy. The collecting part of the game shouldn't be as important at that. But I noticed that is apparently impossible to put a card back into the PvP exclusive deck after you removed it. That means if you change the original PvP deck, then decide to change it back, you have to have the
  15. I put both of those bugs here because I think they are connected to each other. Description: If you attack a unit with Fire Dragon and then walk away with that unit, there's a certain distance where Fire Dragon will still attack its target but doesn't do any dmg. Then if you continue walking away from Fire Dragon he will ignore the target completely and don't even listen to your attack order on that target until you give him another order. Not sure if there are other units with this bug. I only found Fire Dragon so far. Reproducibility: Most of the time once you get the spacing
  16. I like it. It only lets you choose two decks at a time. If you want to play more than 2 decks in PvP you still have to collect cards. PvP is not that popular unfortunately. Those free deck system might change that. Of course it could backfire as well and even fewer people could play PvP because they don't see the reward for their time the spend on collecting all the cards anymore. But I think it's worth a try. Better than tome decks in any case. Though there's one thing that bothered me when I saw that menu: It took me a few minutes to realised how to actually select the deck
  17. I guess someone from the dev team didn't pay attention in math class and thought he could give them 50% siege bonus by giving every of those 6 archer 8,33333%...
  18. Description: If Grim Bahir attacks enemies, it will effect them with his passive ability. Though that passive ability doesn't refresh when he attacks him when it's still active. That leads to a time window where the enemy isn't affected by that effect. Sometimes it doesn't even work if Grim Bahir does the last hit on a target like shown in the video. Reproducibility: Always for the lack of refreshing; Sometimes for the missing crawlers right after Grim Bahir kills his target (Because that's only a small time window.) Video:
  19. I want to ask a question: How much work in percent did Kubik do in this game up untill now? And I don't talk about stuff like planning things for release because that only matter if we ever reach that targeted release state of the game. Because I get the feeling that MrXLink's attitude is a little too optimistic here. It's totally fine to have a disagreement when it comes to a person's point of view regarding game design but he should know that without a capable developer those design ideas are no more but in your head. So I really need to question his stubborness when he would rathe
  20. Wipe-Hype. Even if there isn't a date for that yet, I'm pretty sure we can say it will be before year 2914
  21. In general I like that Reserve System. But the values could be better imo. First I don't like it that we don't get a free booster per day anymore. Sure we can use the Bfp we get to buy boosters but boosters are not worth the price they cost. The best part about boosters currently is not the value of the cards inside but the feeling you have when you open them especially when you get a rare card from them. I never sold any booster, I just opened them for that reason. Sure I got cards like frost-Avatar, Dreadnaught, Warlord and other expensive stuff, but overall it would be better to sell them a
  22. Infect isn't as strong as it's price let you think. It's a good card in a later state when your deck is already complete and you have too much bfp anyway. But until then I would prefer soulshatter. An alternative would be frenetic assault (Needs 2 shadow orbs, so you have to take out fire sphere. But you need 5 spheres to play Fire Sphere and Artillery anyway, so you need to take out one of those cards anyway). Your t2 is huge. I like it that you use cards like bandit sorceress. It's a cool card when you combine it with towers but in 99% of the time, you wouldn't waste a deck slot for her
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