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  1. thanks for taking a look into that, i bought sth else for 350 and forgot about that i feel stupid, sry for having taken your time thx for taking care of such an amazing game so much
  2. sry, this is the first time this happened to me and the ticket thing was a bit confusing as mentioned, the last booster i opened was a fire booster and not a general one, like the one taht disappeared not sure if the devs are able to look into my booster buying/opening history, but no sir, i didnt simply forget, otherwise i wouldnt use the forums for the first time, but thx for your reply
  3. Hi, i bought a general booster yesterday and today it disappeared i didnt open it or anything its just gone is there a possibility to reverse that? i can tell you at what time i approximately bought it and the last booster i opened was a fire booster and the one i bought was a general one, so its clearly visible that i didnt open said booster, the points are still gone though
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