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  1. Yeah, it seems "New cards development: starting soon" is higher priority then fix game breaking bugs *thumbsup* Sure, i have a disconnect EXACTLY every time i press the second Teleporter, because my Internet is connected to that Teleporter switch on Ocean Map of Battleforge?! Seriously?! Well... after 3 times Crash to Desktop -> "restarting the map is a solution" -> hmm... Maybe you can explain me how to play a Map AGAIN, after you got "crashed to desktop" WITHOUT restarting the whole game? "Delete the Cache Folder and Try again" You work for the Blizzard Support Team? ^^ I've reinstalled the Game already and also reinstalled Widows (not for this reason but...) this means ALL drivers are Up-To-Date and the Systems is "Clean"! Just mentioned because "you maybe got infected by a Virus, Trojaner or Malware" is the next "solution" ^^
  2. Another Day, another Try, another Crash Again at the Map "Ocean" when use the 2nd Teleporter! IF someone care (seems not until now), i've added the COMPLETE "Diag" Folder from my Battleforge Documents folder... Diag.zip
  3. and again... 3 times in a ROW now Crashed at Map OCEAN after using the 2nd Teleporter WITHOUT ERROR -> BÄM Desktop
  4. Hi there... I play now for about 1 Month here and everything worked fine, means NO Crash at all for about 3 Weeks and i played a LOT! But since Last Update.... The game keeps Crashing (not very often but it crashes!) Today the game crashed 2 Times when Map was almost Finished Whatever you did, it's not "complete"! Feels like "FUCK YOU" if the Game crashes to Desktop WITHOUT any error! I'm not interested to waste 30min or more in a Mission just to feel "haha, you played for... NOTHING... hahaha" If the game keeps crashing AND i don't get any Reward i can waste my time in a more "useful" way IMHO!
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