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  1. where is templar and kobold engineer?(see church of negation) I already detail power diff and just completely neglect it 😃
  2. played on rtx 2070 with max setting , game seldom freeze due to overheat. change to medium/low and no longer experience it. Probably the game engine is old and not really well optimized.
  3. Guns of Lyrs, u can use it to defend final wave . I also think it can be use in some boss fight such as Blight. compare it to cannon + sage is extremely unfair. 2 cards and higher cost(350 bound power + 100 tempo) 🙂. This combo actual value : 550 bound+ 220 tempo more fair: compare it with converted Worldbreaker guns(250bound power + 100 tempo)
  4. 2nd option: u are moving to the direction that every one can do samething,which I have already opposed to in Shrine of Matyr discord... The point of 250-power t4 building : they can provide something impactful, not only mean to be "Weapon" . If u need building to deal damage for Nature. I thinks its better to design new complete card. We're modifying LifeStream Option 1 seems to be OK OR let it absorb X damage in an area THEN give regeneration aura absorb X damage AND X corpse THEN revive unit.(both damage and corpse threshold MUST be fulfill) Revive supposed to be a hard things so there should be comparable hard requirement. May also rise the building power cost. Idea behind : lifestream -> convert damage to healing power
  5. Here is my suggestion after reading the Frost analysis: ======= AoF cost 250, the ability cost 50(beta patch note) , which cost a lot for t3 unit. why battleship + winterwitch ice shield work well ? battleship is durable, fast with shield and can fire on the move . So the target will alternate between the ship and the shield will be ultilized fully. witch's shield amount is ridiculous at 1800 and this AoF will not? does not scale well into t4. there is not alot of left over power to summon more unit. work better on melee unit, which pure frost is lacking. to active on range unit, need to walk back => waste time and awkward control. having multiple shield on range unit is not ideal in PvE .( I cannot envison how skyelf sage would work as support dps with this change). no fire on the move at tier 3 and below unit. suggestion: I believe it is better to have thing to further support his tanking role such as: Attack speed slow aura/active ability movement speed slow aura/active ability(which would be useful in PvP) Stop ice shield timer of nearby unit/ regenerate ice shield of near by unit (like lost banestone). increase freeze time of nearby unit/building. AoE damage. ============= Ice age moving to t3: While this might unlock more potential for the spell, but Mountaineer + ice age combo will be lost . it practically make Mountaineer become avatar of Frost at t2. =========== Tempest: frigid birth I respect your attempt to make this card more useful but... the ability does not make sense on range unit . Emberstrike, soulhunter are melee units and can and should be summoned on top of enemies
  6. question: is the middle road exclusive for offense player or can be use by both? can player on right side attack unit/building on the left if they stand on the middle road?
  7. Thanks for organizing the contest!. By the way.looking for partner 😉. Inbox or in game mail. Weekdays can play from 12:00 - 19:00 GMT 0 for ~ 1 -2 hours Due to lack of cards, prefer: Pure Frost/shadow/mixed.
  8. DESCRIPTION: As I test Frost Shard, I though the damage calculation is wrong due to its unique freeze feature. However eruption suffer the same thing. Steps: 5 gladiatrix u0, 3stay close in middle of eruption AoE. 2 stay any where in Aoe of Erruption. Cast Erruption u3 2 times. Expected : gladiatrix 450 x 5 = 2250 erruption : 300 pertarget, 900 total x 2= 1800 total 3 dead , 1 have 150, 1 have 300 Actual : 3 dead, 1 at 225 , 1 unharmed. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: the damage clearly mess up. In Frost shard case, some might thought due to the freeze, but it is clearly mess up in this case. My best guess is damage calculation module for spell is bugged.
  9. have not play pvp for ages. another fodder for u 😉
  10. Description : deal less damage to squad of 4 or 6. depend on location of impact. deal less damage if there are targets dead, REPRODUCIBILITY: always, in the forge. Steps to for 2nd bug: make group of 5 gladiatrix u0: 3 in the middle stay close togather. 2 other stay any where within the 15m area of frost shard impact. cast frost shard u0 on the group of 3. Expected : 5 deadde 450 x 5 = 2250 Frost shard u0 descrpition say 750 per target , 2250 in total. Actual result: 4 dead , the remaining unharmed. Additional information : Flat comparision , nature t3 Enlightment has similar orb restriction , but it's a game breaking one. Frost shard not only underwhelming but also shot itself in the foot. The damage clearly apply after squad is frozen. Suggesion : deal full or extra damage to frozen target. extend frozen duration if target already frozen. frozen target by this ability take normal damage or 75% . (usual frozen target take 50%)
  11. NAME: Batariel (P) offer flat damage bonus, while the status on target say %. DESCRIPTION: When I tested batariel (P) and (r) to see how their performance against single high HP unit,damage calculation seems off, so I goes further with following set up. 2 forest elder sit side by side, near healing garden. each of them will be heal by a sylvan gate with max root support(6). let batariel(P) upgrade 3 attack the Forest Elder. let 2 group of master archer(u0 from turtorial deck) attack the right Forest Elder. Result : you will see that both of the elder health will drop nearly the same rate despite that Batariel U3 attack 4400 XL x150%(vs XL) = 6600. 2 master archer : 300x 2 = 600S 6600 /600=10 times DPS Add another group of master archer (3 intotal ) will easily out perform batariel DPS. Expected : status say 75% REPRODUCIBILITY: Always , in the forge. Additional Info : the moment u see target have 2 of batariel debuff( last around 2s, and only happen every 4-5s) target HP will drop significantly... It's likely that even more flat damage bonus got stacked. There should be less gotcha moment, either the aura description need updated to 35 ,75 (there are 2 stackable statuses) or the mechanism should be updated to match their description.
  12. There was no way for Frost card to get power from the void. I think new mechanism is not great , but a much needed one over the shield.
  13. interesting, but you should have mentioned it right from the beginning. the building stop the aura at around 3900 hp -> so the damage cap(incoming damage) is around 10k. Why I think it should be raised ? Because it blocks around 11 smacks of Twilight Abom vs your XL. Why do I think the cap should not be removed? Because this will put it nearly on par with dreadnough. It has 5500+ 60hp/sec . So the building might block up to ~ 37000 Incoming damage. It will get even more ridiculous if you pair it with Skyelf Templar / kobold Engineer.Paring this with ridiculous amount of heal available to Nature , it is impossible for the NPC to kill your unit. Dreadnought ability is better but pure Frost has no healing. Proposed change: For a comparision , ward of the north U3 , damage cap(incoming damage) is 9900. Even though Frost is supposed to be better at protection and LifeStream ability damage mitigration is much stronger. We are still comparing t4 to t3. I would suggest to raise it by 25% to 12500
  14. what's the limit? The card in my point of view is quite strong. Its not as mobile as dreadnough. BUT Cost no supply , and 2 nature orb is a big plus compare to frost ultimate unit already.
  15. Gladiatrix Green. Expected:Sobering not :Gifted Sobering
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