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  1. Hey guys, I was testing AoC damage values and came across the following interaction: When there are 2 squads of Darkelf Assassins in the aura and you spawn a Spirit Hunter it should exactly kill them (75x2x8 /2 = 600) but it leaves them with 1 HP which is annoying because they kill your squad and win the fight! Funny thing is that when you spawn a Cannontower inside it kills two Shadowmages which also is their exact HP value (70x8x2 /2 = 560) Maybe its just a rounding error you can fix quickly. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, is it possible to add an option to the dropdown menu when you right click on a playername like "Find Player" or "Search Player" that will just searches for the players name so you can see the location and rank? Normally I have to type in all the names to check the pvp rank symbol or if they are ingame and this is annoying. Its even faster to just add them as friends and look there. Even better would be a little window that shows these infos if you hover with your mouse over the name but I think this is even trickier to implement. Just a QoL change
  3. Hey guys, when I am looking for sparring matches I normally type in the name of the people in the search bar and look, if they are ingame or I can whisper them for a game invite. Is there a way to create a button after rightclicking on the name so I do not have to type? Like right click "Search for player"? Would make it much easier. Its a quality improvement :-)
  4. I think having PvP quests that have "win" in it are not good. When nobody on my skill level is around I have no chance to get my quests done.
  5. I may be alone with my opinion but for me this takes away one very unique aspect of the game and it is collecting the cards and working towards your deck. I have not much interest in PvE so I just have to get one card that is missing for PvP and will have no use for bfp anymore. So no need for trading, playing PvE, buying booster or doing quests. I think this will have a huge impact and I do not like it. I remember that I found an old online card game that has a similar history like Battleforge. Its Might and Magic duel of champions. Some guys revived it and you can play it with all cards avai
  6. NAME: Attacking specified target uphill is not possible DESCRIPTION: When your units are on the low ground and the enemy is on the highground you cannot order your ranged units to attack a specified target that is uphill even if its in range. I have the lowground Monument on Yrmia and try to defend the monument with my razorshards. The enemy units are uphill. While having every enemy unit in range I am not able to give my units the order to attack a specified unit so I am left with its auto attack resulting in no focus fire and a bad situation for me. REPRODUCIBILITY: Reproduceable
  7. NAME: Mountain Rowdy (blue) Blessed Ice Block tooltip DESCRIPTION: While the card states that friendly units will receive less damage, the tooltip on the buff says that enemies will take more damage REPRODUCIBILITY: The tooltip is always wrong SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
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