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  1. NAME: Attacking specified target uphill is not possible DESCRIPTION: When your units are on the low ground and the enemy is on the highground you cannot order your ranged units to attack a specified target that is uphill even if its in range. I have the lowground Monument on Yrmia and try to defend the monument with my razorshards. The enemy units are uphill. While having every enemy unit in range I am not able to give my units the order to attack a specified unit so I am left with its auto attack resulting in no focus fire and a bad situation for me. REPRODUCIBILITY: Reproduceable SCREENSHOT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  2. HalloBob

    Mountain Rowdy tooltip wrong

    NAME: Mountain Rowdy (blue) Blessed Ice Block tooltip DESCRIPTION: While the card states that friendly units will receive less damage, the tooltip on the buff says that enemies will take more damage REPRODUCIBILITY: The tooltip is always wrong SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

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