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  1. Thanks. Ability ends = the icon will disappear? How can I tell that it's time to recast the spell?
  2. Wow, interesting, never knew about it. I don't get two things: 1) "internal effects will stack infinitely" - well, if unit has 1 or 2 powers, let's say Bloodhorn - I can use the special once and what other internal effect will it stack with? Can you give example of internal effects stacking? I understand that nearby Dreadnought's special activated next to Bloodhorn will be seen as external effect to that Bloodhorn, right? 2) How does exactly Unholy Power work? 😄 I never understood it 😛
  3. Wish granted! But now they are both dead and will never progress their relationship. 😞 I wish there was a big hype for pvp now, it's renaissance and me in top 10 players.
  4. Can you elaborate? ^^
  5. Vrizz

    Live stats

    I would very much like to see *current* HP and dmg a unit has. I believe if it was possible, it would have already been implemented, but maybe I am (hopefully) wrong...?
  6. I recommend turning option "save all replays" - I currently have 400+ replays and can get back to various attempts if I realize I've done something or for example if someone requests a guide to XYZ. May help for future that saves trouble doing the map again. 😄
  7. Yay, so happy! 🙂 I checked and I have 78 replays from my test runs. xD Some were just for the start and a few for offensive side, but still, ehhh. 🙂 I am planning on making my own comentary for the winning replay and strategy. I am actually happy with my micro management with broken mouse 😄 and will also share hints how to improve stuff in regular playing.
  8. Like this or otherwise the thread is e.g. closed. To which one you wanted to reply?
  9. I see 🙂 Still, my request about the replay is in power - any chance to see you in action? ^^
  10. I've been trying to specify exact orbs and I am failing. For example: colors=(nature,fire,neutral) I wanted it to show e.g. Twilight Slayers (F,N, neutral), but this doesn't work. Probably can be achieved other way...?
  11. Mass phonixes + embalmer for it 🙂 Amii paladins can tank XL, while phoenixes land and kill everyone before healing thingy can heal. Have you tried it? BTW mind posting a replay?
  12. Tranquility in PvE has plenty of uses!!! 1) Mo Expert - so useful to block Windhunters from shooting, nice dmg taken buff for the banzai lord and final boss, good to heal Mo when he does dmg 2) Plenty of RPvE or campaign maps to block attack of annoying units like: Deathglider, Windhunter, Gunner, Magma spore (before it shoots its crazy aoe dmg spell), Sniper, Constructs!!!, Tortuguns 3) Doesn't have to be used on t2 🙂 You can buff higher tier units, maybe not as much as unholy power, but still 4) Raven's End on annoying Stonekin units to block shooting as well as Windhunters, then you can debuff Ravenheart I agree that shadow/nature lacks some XL fat ass to make better use of it, but game is developing, who knows. 🙂 @Stippy: That's not perfect, but decent - Mumbo Jumbo that increases dmg taken by 35% and Motivated Burrowers 🙂
  13. Finally released Treasure Fleet Expert 5 cards
  14. Antivirus moved it to quarantaine probably - you need to take it out and add exception. Worked for me instantly.
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