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  1. That is a bug, because I am pretty sure it was correct (not just then, but since May when I play BF), but was not accepted. I notice that if my client has lost connection, but the game didnt crash (so I land in login screen), I ALWAYS get the wrong password error. Never posted it coz I thought it was a known bug! So if battleforge didnt crash AND I can try to login => there will always be "wrong password error" until I quit/kill BF process, then re-start the game.
  2. NAME: Client has lost connection - probably because of software update prompts DESCRIPTION: I am happy because this may be a solution to most of crashes I experience. Today I had 2 crashes: 1) frozen rpve game, alt tabbed and saw "launcher.exe has stopped working", after that in the game a window appeared "client has lost connection". What probably happened was that Windows update became ready to be downloaded. 2) I couldn't relog so had to restart (actually relog into Windows). I got into another game and same shit happened. This time I saw Apple stuff update Window appear.
  3. NAME: Different pvp ranks shown on the same screen SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: ranking REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Screenshot is self-explanatory. My pvp rank shown in the ranking screen is Warlord, while next to my name among other people is Destroyer. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dunno if its a bug or there is a thought behind it I haven't worked out.
  4. Thank you for your comment and adding it to the summary. For now I will stick to my own replays. I will upload more videos spontaneously. The next one will be Encounters with Twilight. :)
  5. Hello, I will post expert PvE maps once in a while. Siege of Hope expert with simplest way possible has just been updated. Poor English, boring and crappy, but I am not aiming to be popular. I am aiming to be helpful.
  6. NAME: Card inventory change cause "A card of this type is in your deck" message posted 20 times. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge, auction house, picking cards from email etc. REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: If I do something that impacts my inventory (I put a card on the auction house, when I open an email containing a card and such), I got this massive spam appear. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ss below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Annoying as f&@ and slows down dealing with auctions, selling etc.
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