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  1. Thanks very much for reading. 🙂 I realize it was a wall of text and being serious now: I had no expectations anyone would devote that time to read any time soon. I believe it will be read when people have time.
  2. Since nobody replied, I am adding even more ideas to overwhelm you even more 😄 ACHIEVEMENTS - COLLECTORS: Collect all the cards Collect all promos Collect all U1, all U2, all U3 Charge all the cards As reward I think about an icon next to name/rank as cosmetic (and hopefully without generating too much work: maybe AI can generate them :D) ACHIEVEMENT - GAME: RPVE 7+? "Real siege" - destroy all enemy buildings using deck without ranged units and buildings (only melee + spells) "You wanted free monument?" - Win a match
  3. Quests/Achievements with beginner combos with purpose to educate & reward = EDUCATIONAL QUESTS - use 4 eruptions to kill one spawn building within 6 seconds - destroy the spawn before decoration building (with tip how they differ) - get near-building effect (e.g. homesoil, Swift) - use Embalmer + FoF + Cultist effect - use Roots + Mine AND Hurricane + Mine - ... any other thing that forces a new player to play specific combo and see effects from it without making Battleforge degree - just step by step, 3-5 quests daily CARD SPECIFIC QUESTS/ACHIEVEM
  4. + I forgot RPVE 8/9 "Strategy over diversity": Win a map playing each orb of different colour and by taking only 1 unit, 1 building, 1 spell each tier, 3 per color (= 12-card deck). EXAMPLE: A player can take fire t1 and thus 3 first cards will be FIRE. One building (e.g. makeshift), one spell (e.g. mine), one unit (e.g. sunderer). On tier2 they will go shadow, so now only SHADOW t1/t2 cards can be played. Unit: phoenix, buildng: FoF, spell: unholy power. And so on.
  5. ACHIEVEMENTS /I took sleeping pill meanwhile so please point out fragments that are unclear and I will gladly fix them./ My sack of ideas - please treat it as inspiration and food for further thought rather than final shape. Difficulty varies (some are quite simple, they are not supposed to be "drop your pants" expert mode). Encounters with twilight "Noone is bigger than Rogan": complete the map using units that are only M size and up to tier 2 (Buildings and spells can be used). Crusade "Come at me!" Complete the map without claiming any wall. Insane god
  6. 7min58sec when t4 is built is currently my best time. What are yours? ^^ Wanted to relate and see if I can improve.
  7. Thanks for reply, Kapo. Just to be sure (Twitch video doesn't load for me) - it's OK to play Fr/S/S/N? No need to stick to just frost and shadow orbs? I missunderstood the assignment if so. 🙂
  8. My crashdata.mdmp is from Dec '22, because the problem I am reporting causes blue screen and PC reset and the file crashdata.mdmp is not created. 😞 What other logs/files may help resolve this? I really want to return to BF, but now the crashes are too frequent to consider the game stability reliable.
  9. No, I don't use Discord. 😞 And there is barely anything running in the background. It was OK all those years in EA times and since the release of Skylords Reborn, just started happening after some patch in Feb or March 2023. Ruins all the pleasure, coz there is no point in starting a match when I have 70% chance for computer crash. 😞
  10. Hello, I did not notice exact moment when it started - it has been for 2-3 months now. 1) At the end of loading a map (most often) OR 2) In random moment during the game monitor goes black, the PC crashes (no blue screen though) and restarts. It has never happened (in BF or Skylords Reborn), so it's a new issue. Dont know what kind of logs/screenshots I can provide to help troubleshoot this. The game is up to date, so are the drivers. It may look like overheating, but it happens when starting a map and CPU/GPU are not definetely not hot yet (+ it's a new i
  11. That is a bug, because I am pretty sure it was correct (not just then, but since May when I play BF), but was not accepted. I notice that if my client has lost connection, but the game didnt crash (so I land in login screen), I ALWAYS get the wrong password error. Never posted it coz I thought it was a known bug! So if battleforge didnt crash AND I can try to login => there will always be "wrong password error" until I quit/kill BF process, then re-start the game.
  12. NAME: Client has lost connection - probably because of software update prompts DESCRIPTION: I am happy because this may be a solution to most of crashes I experience. Today I had 2 crashes: 1) frozen rpve game, alt tabbed and saw "launcher.exe has stopped working", after that in the game a window appeared "client has lost connection". What probably happened was that Windows update became ready to be downloaded. 2) I couldn't relog so had to restart (actually relog into Windows). I got into another game and same shit happened. This time I saw Apple stuff update Window appear.
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