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  1. I could be pinged if the team needs an art critique for something (composition, light, color theory, anatomy, perspective, etc). Didn't see it on the contributor list though, so guess not
  2. Hi guys, So I was wondering if the community is interested in a non-trade mode to play the game. I have a 'finished' account (Dwightschrude) where I have all the cards and gold that I want and more, much more. I don't want to throw away my account At the same time, the biggest joy by far, for me at least, is to play the game from scratch and collect cards and build decks to do the achievements. For example, doing Sunbridge on expert is so much more fun when you have to make due with a few shitty cards you opened from your first bunch of boosters and build a creative deck with it, because it is all you have. For me, at least. So I was thinking, there is this game called Runescape, where there is an Ironman mode. This mode makes the player not being able to trade and so they have to collect everything on their own. Its an extra challenging mode and it makes the player feel he has to rely more on his own resources and creativity. What I also like about this mode is that we can have a cake and eat it too, because then a player could keep his or her main account and have a second non-trade account to experience a new challenge and enjoy the best part of the game again. Since the second account cannot trade, it should not become something people would 'exploit', I think? So yeah, idk, it was just an idea, I don't know the first thing about coding or whether people would be interested Cheers!
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