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  1. Thanks alot for this interview. I like those insights alot. Very interesting, how creativ you work (around) with the given mechanics. So i appreciate your development even more. I am looking forward to the nature faction and their bosses to be beaten. Easter event feedback: Simply didnt want to ruin the joy by a speed hassle grind.
  2. Thanks for this funny event map with all that lovely ideas and details... e.g. The bunny ears for the oger, the convetti shooting archers on the brigde wall, the egg kicking mechanic ...
  3. True for the fire texture archievement i fullfilled an hour ago. But for the just finished shadow texture archivement, the texture was still locked. Available after relog.
  4. @ Kapo & Mynoduesp: Thanks for your explanations and custom made filter strings To me, a real quality of life improvement of the market place woud be an "reset all filters"-button like the one in the inventory window. I miss it alot - with your filter key words even more. Best situated left of the search window in both cases. Therefore in the inventory you may replace the first pull down menue which seems out of function. (In my case no pvp cards found while two decks claimed). And in the market place by making the four pull down menue windows smaller (there is a lot of s
  5. As for me, its highly appreciated, and "working as intended" 😉
  6. Thanks for the event. Funny loading screen, makes you curious about the upcoming creepy map. Nice artwork!
  7. Bug after patch: gold chest stayed locked: none of us two players were able to open several on Insane gods, advanced (even with freshly spawned units way off aggro zones)
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