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    missing files

  2. doctor gami

    missing files

    hallo i have downloaded battle forge and skylord update i have installed like in the youtub tutoriel but when you look in cmd and coppie the scripte and say that: ------------ Final Results ------------- ##### Missing the following Updater.zip files: ##### Missing the following BattleForge.rar files: base\pak\bf1_base01.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_fortification_frostland01.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_cardartwork44.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_cardartwork66.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_pregame02.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_beast_rider02.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_beholder01.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_beholder02.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_beholder52.pak Complete - Press Enter to exit: can you help me what should do .i have redownload the game many times but same result .so please tell me if i could or where to download this missing files thank you very much to listen to me

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