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  1. hello and congratuation to all skylord reborn stuff that got the game to be officially released. i play lord cylarn a lote. it s my favorite card since the 2years i was using it a lote befor reset and am still using it a lote after reset. it s a pretty cool card but her 3rd upgrade is useless. his 3rd upgrade cost 15000 gold for -5 cost power of the card. i suggest to change that upgrade pls to something more usefull especially for a upgrade that cost 15000 gold. i suggest that maybe his second ability last a little longuer since it stun all enemy in area and if it stun longuer tha
  2. can we get like something so that even after the game crash or that we lose conection we can still enter the games we were in.
  3. hello my username is doctor gami and i didn t play the game for a while i think 3 mounth. when i entred again this time i fond all my cards gone my decks gone .all progress gone even levels in ranked gone witch i was using to upgrade cards to lev 3. i actually even tho i lost all cards i want 1 card back . lord cyrian was my favorite card i used it a lote in ranked in pve. i had all the frost shadow cards and frost cards and shadow cards and lord cyrian and logan kayle promo . if someone can help me at less get lord cyrian card back. i lost compain progress
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LaXdHCvBQQxRxVHxobgX__YGBVobCA_o
  5. hallo i have downloaded battle forge and skylord update i have installed like in the youtub tutoriel but when you look in cmd and coppie the scripte and say that: ------------ Final Results ------------- ##### Missing the following Updater.zip files: ##### Missing the following BattleForge.rar files: base\pak\bf1_base01.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_fortification_frostland01.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_cardartwork44.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_cardartwork66.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_ui_pregame02.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_beast_rider02.pak base\pak\bf1_gfx_units_skel_
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