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  1. "Your client has lost the connection to the server" ~ Are you guys also having this problem?
  2. Hey, BurningWorld, how did you become a beta tester for Skylords Reborn? : o

    1. BurningWorld


      Hello, yes it's against the Forum rules to speak any other language than english, you can speak german either in personal message, or when you provide a proper translation like in this example "Hallo, wie geht's? (Hello how are you?)" 

      Uhm I was asked whether I'd like to participate in the Beta testing, I think the reason for it was that Hawk saw me quite often in the chat and also heard that I currently got no job == massive time for testing.
      I think that's it, and I think I've done my job so far, participated in every stress test since I got CBA and reported a few bugs already :-)
      You can judge on your own whether the decision to give me Closed Beta Access or not was unfair or fair ;) I won't complain about that privilege :D 

      Grüßchen <3  (greetings)

      EDIT: Ah I think I should also mention that he also invited Steezy and Batorfly, and maybe a few others I don't know about! :-)

    2. berschok


      Thank you very much for your reply ^-^

      Every time I am on the forum, I see your name somewhere and I also saw that you are a fellow German citizen, so I decided to write to you :D

      How is the closed beta so far? Is it playable or are there massive bugs?

      Greetings <3 (Grüßchen)

    3. BurningWorld


      No worries m8 <3

      yeeeeees, I should get a hobby I guess :thinking: 

      It's good, and imo we're not that far away from an Open Beta (THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY!!), but there are still a few bigger bugs and stuff that should be fixed before it goes to actual Open Beta.

      I totally agree with the decision of the stuff to delay the Open Beta, and I think anyone would agree if he could see the progress rn :-) But they're fixing so much each day it's very impressive huge respect to Boorinio, Kubik, and Fiki.



  3. I voted for "Create a new loot list focused on distributing popularity amongst maps for a better player-to-map balance in PvE", but maybe it could be possible to combine the "player-to-map balance" aspect together with the map themed distribution of loot?
  4. Hey, Kiwi! I really enjoy watching your "BattleForge" or rather "SkyLords" (or is it "Skylords"?) videos ^-^ They really help me to withstand this awfully long wait for the open beta : D

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    2. Kiwi


      Really glad you're enjoying the videos even though I suck so badly at this game! :P

    3. berschok


      Sometimes it was really hilarious, when you sent your troops to their death even though you could have avoided that xD

      I facepalmed myself quite a few times, when I watched your vids, but it was still entertaining ^-^

    4. Kiwi


      I mean I like to act like I know what I am doing but in reality, I have no clue at all ;)

  5. May your wish be granted, but in return you won't be able to use your hands whenever you are near a pc/laptop/etc. I wish that I would be able to commit any crime perfectly without ever being caught ^-^
  6. 4/10 I am not a huge fan of classic!
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