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  1. UniverseLegend

    tnf:error initializing directx fallback

    Yeah sorry for that. But i want to thank you Kiwi runned dxsetup and it works now. So big thanks to you:)
  2. UniverseLegend

    tnf:error initializing directx fallback

    Sorry but i actually dont know what dxsetup is, but i deileted everything and reinstalled it. But before i do something i would like to ask you if you would have time in the next few days on discord or teamspeak to explain it to me step by step because its easier when i can just ask you directly when i have a problem. (Edit: If yes consider that i live in another timezone (Germany) and it is 5:26pm for me right now.) Thank you in advance.
  3. UniverseLegend

    tnf:error initializing directx fallback

    Hi Kiwi didnt wanted to make a new thread. I have the same problem and installed the directx9 version and the vision C++ and it still says that there is a fallback error. i also runned it as administrator, but every time when i start it there comes the screen where you can hit the play forum and discord button and when i click on play the TNF: ErrorInitializingDirectXFallback error comes.

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