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  1. 2907 I will start playing the game this week if I'm able to start It without crashing... Then, probably, I will need someone to teach me the game
  2. 2861 what will happen if we reach 3000?
  3. Skylords Reborn discord: https://discord.gg/u9JuYT If it doesn't work, there is probably an official post in the forum that has a good one. Hope this help you.
  4. First time I see someone with 32 GB RAM in his personal computer. Normaly (>90%), 16 GB RAM is more than enough; except you are using the computer as a server in some games. When I bought my computer with 8 GB 4 years ago, only some games need more than that, or computers that streams at the same time or do other process that needs a huge amount of RAM.
  5. Probably there could be some of these problems: 1-Firewall/antimalware 2-Servers are down (update server too). Normaly, servers are separated by Its functions, so if client server goes down; every people that log into the game can download updates but not play. You can try in a few hours if the problem still happens. Unless, you can check the first page of this thread and the thread of technical support.
  6. Default settings: High Resolution (default): Low Resolution (default): i5 3330 3Ghz (4 CPUs) 8 GB ram (2 modules) Windows 7 Graphic: amd radeon HD 6450 I know I have a "little" bottleneck on my computer (graphic, ejem...)
  7. That hasn't been answered yet. It is happening to some people (me included).
  8. I have a big problem, It happened to me twice today. If I try to run the launcher, there is a probability, It closes and the .exe file of the launcher deletes from the carpet (UAC.exze and skylordsRebornUpdater) and if I try to extract again from the zip and copy them into the carpet, sometimes It doesn't allow me to do that.
  9. 2648 Will this count finish when open Beta is up? or will It end never?
  10. 2556, another number to this list.
  11. You said you want something juicy, so..... your nickname should be something like "OrangeJuice"
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