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  1. I'm curious how worldbreaker will turn out ! Nice one. It's kinda looking like the sketches from a movie that some hero would've drawn of their dreams before getting superpowers @Brannoc Tell me if you actually start walking upside down on the seeling, because @MrXLink and few more people from the staff seem to like dark magic, witches and stuff.. now i imagine you with.... ahh anyways it's began to getting scary all of a sudden. ... i am always digging too dip in this... Anyways how was your day?
  2. Do they really say that it's too difficult to keep up thr icons actually sit there around 1 min each so just watching at their screens and they will have 1 min to react to the change lol. I am shook
  3. I need that juicy nickname so when i crush my opponents they will remember it . I want to hear your suggestions. ( Don't just look at the post and then leave the page i know you got smthing nice in mind brother)
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