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  1. yeah the daily booster quest is op but its not the final form of the game and cards will be reset so talking about this is pretty pointless. The devs said things will change, as you can see the reroll quest is work in progress too so they will change this for sure and they will also add the different type of boosters(?) but hey as it is still in beta and its hard to login/play we should be happy that getting cards is easier now
  2. I'll be honest here I have no idea what map had what cards but I suggest harder maps should have the upgrades for better cards Did they ever added the new cards' upgrades to the loot pool or no? That would aslo be great if nothing else
  3. Battleforge was the best rts online multiplayer game out there. This single fact was enough for me to believe this project is legit because if someone loved this game, they truly mean it... I love the streams about the game and if that is not enough for anyone then they shouldnt even be here I respect all the work you guys put into this gem and know how hard and frustrating it can get... and you are doing it for free no wait you are losing some IQ here and there because of the general chat sometimes Im sorry
  4. boy that webpage confused me so I'll just say august 18 its more of a hope than a bet at this point
  5. we could discuss a meta deck right now but... nobody would have all the cards for months maybe for years
  6. boy I just realized my name was given by my brother who added this for my battle forge account and man I still use it
  7. you should post the battle forge video he made. Its fantastic and true in every way... all of his videos are good actually
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