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  1. McRabbiton

    Cards always getting bugged

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, I thought I could manage to find an existing thread but either I was wrong or I could not find any related to my issue. If there is an existing thread I am very sorry! When does it happen: If I try to trade cards, or if I send a mail How often does it happen: This week: 5/10 times. So I could probably reconstruct it, when I got time What happens: The card I am dragging into the window gets stuck. In my inventory I get a weird bugged frame, I can`t put the card in the Trade window and I can`t accept the trade. Same thing happens when I try to send a mail. [EDIT: Error Code 1, when trying to send a mail] I thought it happens more often if I have the card EXACTLY twice, but that might be an illusion. Although it might be related to that a little bit. It happens nearly every second to third trade and everyone I trade with knows this issue, sometimes its fixed after a relog. As so many people seem to be aware of this "Bug" I am wondering why there are not much more people complaining, like whaaat. Does this not annoy many people to relog like 4 times to trade a bunch of cards? I just thought I would report it. Maybe its related to some missing files on my pc. But then it would not work after a simple relog, as far as I assume. Its not a gamebreaking bug but a quality of life bug. I hope I could help you and as I read, that you are looking for people to report more bugs, here I am Greets, Tobi, McRabbiton
  2. McRabbiton

    Lost connection

  3. McRabbiton

    Game freeze :(

    Maybe read some FAQ etc? Its all mentioned in the forum and pinned in discord
  4. McRabbiton

    memes on the discord about the stress test

    Is it normal that i get a DC after "SUCCESS!"????? Can`t hear it anymore. All these questions. And not only in Askskylords. Its in EVERY CHAT!
  5. McRabbiton

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    You need to be a level 5 Dune Wizard to perform this "creation" https://battleforge-card-creator.firebaseapp.com/#/ found it
  6. McRabbiton

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    well how long? That needs to be balanced. maybe 5 seconds? with a 50% speed reduction
  7. McRabbiton

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    It`s areal damage and its per second. Its quite nice. Dune memes don`t harm anyone. We are founding a own religion soon!

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