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    Life Sciences, MOBAS, RTS, Hiking, Good Historical Fictions, Chillstep, Punk Rock and many others :).

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  1. Will Skylords be on Mac OSX and available in NA

    It will be playable on MACS by using wrappers (like WineHQ). There will be no "official" luncher for it though. Yes, you can play in North America (at least i will). The server is located in Europe though, so do expect to have some light latency.
  2. What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I think 28 or so? Double check for me though. Ty
  3. Was the reputation system changed? Had ~28 rep yesterday and went down to 3 today. Is it because i said i like pears more than watermelons?

    1. ThomasMann
    2. ferevus


      Was at work and didn’t check. Thanks man :)

  4. A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    As others have mentioned BF is a TCG based RTS. Hearthstone is a CCG; cant really implement the same strategies and hope they work.
  5. Games you play while waiting

    PUBG, Northgard, DST, HotS.
  6. Your favourite PVE map!

    haha. @n3tax posted a link to the beta for it. There's a couple thing you can do differently from how it is shown in the video but that's pretty much the set-up. It is honestly much easier to do than dwarven riddle was.
  7. Your favourite PVE map!

    Either Badharvest or Insane God. They were fun to do solo honestly. Didn't like them nearly as much with 4p
  8. Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    Except thunder is the sound. Lightning is the thing you actually see. So it should be called "lighting wagon".
  9. I'm late only because i wanted to get you the best of presents. Happy Birthday Bird-dude. :watermelon:

  10. Open Beta Information

    @Kiwi If you are still in need of moderators for US time zones by the way i’m always available to tryout or w.e. way you’d like to do it ( i live on the east coast, UTC -6?) . We can talk more on discord.
  11. PC or also for IOS?

    Wine/Compatibility bugs are generally pretty easy to fix. Especially if you're used to making your own wrappers rather then using pre-made ones. It's not too bad to learn, should give it a try if you ever have time.
  12. Who is around my age or older?

    Also 24. From the previous comments it seems the community is made of mostly people in their 20s and 30s. For most games the average is in the teens; so it's kind of nice seeing a community that is a bit more "mature". For whatever reason i always find it more enjoyable to play with people in their 30s+ than not... maybe the calmer ambiance makes one enjoy a game more? Cheers to y'all.
  13. English Grammar Test

    🙄 cake.
  14. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    What kind of food do i want to eat? Hmmmm.. life is hard.