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  1. ferevus

    Closed Beta Applications

    Howdi fellow walkers, Please consider this message as my application. I have over 16 years of experience playing video-games in casual, semi-competitive and competitive environments. In many of the PvP games i've played, I have ranked among the top 0.1% (I have been top 30 in GW2 ladder, top 200 GM for recurring seasons in Heroes of the storm, Legendary eagle in CSGO, etc... ) and so i have developed a deep understanding for competitive games, what PvP scenes need and most importantly, what i enjoy. Out of the strategy games out there, it is needless to say that BF has a very unique gameplay. For the years that i've played it (which is from May 2009 up until EA announced that the game would be discontinued) I have been a veteran of both the custom made maps and the PvP scenes. There is not an aspect of the game that i did not enjoy and would not enjoy playing again. I am confident that with my ample experience as a gamer we'll be able to develop a consistent and healthy playerbase. As a beta tested, I could commit 3-4 days per week for the coming months (anywhere between 2-3 hours per day). As I am located in the US, I could provide testing at times when the majority of other users are not online (11pm+ UTM). As such, i would make a perfect candidate to test bugs and server changes during the night, before the bulk of beta testers are online. I am always available to talk more about my experiences and my availabilities; You're welcome to contact my discord (Ferevus #5198) if you have any questions, Bests, Ferevus.
  2. ferevus

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Boy you wouldn't have liked D&D
  3. ferevus

    Introducing keybindings

    Hey all, have been thinking about it for a bit, but what would you guys think about including the potential to bind keys (well.. in this case card slots) in-game? this is a feature that bf has always lacked, and i’d argue definitely affected the game’s fluidity. Pros and cons?
  4. ferevus

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    may the odds ever be in your favor.
  5. ferevus

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    If you're heartbroken about the game being delayed you honestly NEED to unplug from the PC and get some fresh air. I'm not saying this to be a butt, but more as a healthy life-tip. You should never ever ever have your happiness depend on something material like this... On a side note.. I'm not sure why you felt it was necessary for you to share this letter with the rest of the community. You sent it to the devs; i'm sure they've read it.. and they've already replied to this... by making this post in the first place. Posting it in this forum just makes it seem like you're trying to get attention, which honestly grabs me the wrong way.
  6. ferevus

    Instant PvP Access

    Interesting idea. If i'm not mistaken this has already been suggested in the past. Not sure what the conclusion was though.
  7. ferevus

    Multiple Accounts

    Based on what you said there would be a record of trade among accounts; If both accounts are playing at the same time that is likely evidence that you're not multi accounting. Also there would likely be a chat-log that can be dug up. Tracking IP does not stop multi-accounting any more than my method. You can have multiple people playing from the same location.
  8. ferevus

    Multiple Accounts

    Fair to say they can likely see-trade history among accounts and # of cards available to players in said account.
  9. ferevus

    Structure Decks

    Interesting idea but i don't really see much of a point to this. The auction house is a feature in BF so every player should be able to get the cards he/she needs over time. Excluding units just because they're too good is also not a good option as some archtypes are much more reliant on their uncommon than anything else (fire and shadow decks are for the vast majority made of good uncommons). If you're including uncommons all uncommons should be included. Furthermore, In PvP you don't really need the top tier cards until you get higher up in ranking (around grandmaster is where i'd say decks start becoming more and more standardized). In the lower ranks you can probably win playing only promo cards.
  10. Lost cards & Twilights added a ton of mechanics to the game.. Sure the skins are the same as the original.. but that was as intended.. It's not like new "species" of units appeared out of nowhere... There is a plot behind each card..
  11. ferevus

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I couldn’t see Waldo. Where’s Waldo? but all jokes aside; i’m sure the entire community understands you guys are doing a great job and we appreciate it. Bests, and make sure to no over-stress yourselves. It is not worth it.
  12. ferevus

    Problems of BF

    BF wasn’t really pay to win later on... and pay to win seldoml kills games. The big problems that led to its demise were: 1) lack of advertizing 2) lack of content 3) the competitive scene, which was nearly absent (there were only a few BF channels on youtube or twitch..)
  13. ferevus

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Congraz @UltrakoolCan't think of a better person to moderate us savages.
  14. ferevus

    Will Skylords be on Mac OSX and available in NA

    It will be playable on MACS by using wrappers (like WineHQ). There will be no "official" luncher for it though. Yes, you can play in North America (at least i will). The server is located in Europe though, so do expect to have some light latency.

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