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  1. Old name in Battleforge

    Psymantis was the main account iirc. Created from beta but mostly played PvE or just playing about in the Forge.
  2. Ghost Battleship

    The screenshot also shows the spam that plagued the chat. That must have put people off.
  3. Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    Nope, not for purchases or for unspent funds on the account. There was a short notice period to spend remaining funds in specific games before the games and funds were vaporised. No way to turn the funds back into real money. I had a balance on there myself I could either waste pointlessly (guaranteeing no refund as it's spent) or hope EA would change their minds and be fair. They weren't.
  4. Just started playing it for the first time recently due to it being by Phenomic. It's really well designed. I can see aspects and ideas that are reminiscent of Battleforge. OT: this is unexpected, but good, news. Congratulations.
  5. BF offline

    I agree for when servers are up. When they weren't I'd have been happy with playing it as a single player game. I hope you guys either keep it up forever or make it single-player, if/when you do stop hosting it. It was a sad day when the servers were stopped and Battleforge just disappeared. I regularly thought about it and a few days ago found this forum. Really glad you guys are doing this.
  6. which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Promo Razorleaf followed by Battleship and normal Construct. I hope it's not impossible to get the promo cards I used to have.
  7. BF offline

    Yes it did but what I enjoyed most could have been done in an offline single-player game.
  8. BF offline

    Different people get different things out of games. For myself, I spent most time playing about in the Forge and playing PvE. The only online feature I used was buying cards off the auction house.
  9. They finally arrived! Battleforge Cardset

    This was really useful and saved me downloading them all individually. I've transferred them onto a phone with a screen that's more-or-less the size and shape of a trading card.