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  1. My wish would be to get the cards I got for preordering the game and playing the beta but If I had to choose only 1 card it'd be the promo Razorleaf. That was my favourite.
  2. That's where I first encountered it. That's a cool feature as well but seeing any model in the Forge is something else. ;p
  3. I've been away for a while because of the release reset. I came back yesterday after having a craving to mess about in the Forge. I came to the forum to see if somehow I'd missed a certain feature I'd never noticed before that enhances my messing about considerably: click on a card in the marketplace and play it in the Forge. I found in the patch notes. This is just brilliant. I can see my beloved alternate Razorleaf properly again. And all the other fancy cards but Razorleaf is the one I've missed. My other favourites are standard cards included in the starter deck or chea
  4. Previously the place it stumbled would be at the launcher but since yesterday it logs in successfully but always disconnects once it loads in. Is it full slots that's the reason as before but the block comes at a different point? I just want to know whether I should keep trying or if that's pointless as the cause is something else and I'm wasting my time in a 'only a fool does the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result' sort of thing. ;p
  5. When I finally get in the server disconnects when starting a map. Then it's back to trying to log in over-and-over again. On the plus side I did manage 1 map earlier (before it disconnected) and it played well. So we're getting there.
  6. I had this and re-unzipping the file fixed it.
  7. I don't like the new starter decks as much as the original 4. I liked the pure frost deck with the Battleship. My favourite was Construct but I must have got that from an early booster/AH as it isn't listed as part of the starter deck as it wasn't the promo one. Not that I can log in anyway... At least it exists even if I personally can't experience it. How about a login queue?
  8. Pretty much what happened when they did give a date. The unexpected occurred and it had an effect on their health trying to keep to it. As much as I'd like a firm date, I want the people doing it to be hale and hearty. Better wait than never.
  9. As long as we're still alive. ;p I appreciate all you're doing but I still wish you could do the impossible and give an exact date. I don't want to miss a thing.
  10. The original decks you'd get with the purchase of the game were Frost, Nature, Fire and Shadow. Twilight and Lost Souls cards were added later.
  11. Where did I leave my pitchfork...? Good luck in your exams.
  12. Daily quests will give BFP. Hopefully quests that can be done in PvE for us filthy casuals. I haven't seen daily login bonuses mentioned but they'd be a nice thing. #hint#
  13. Will there be real money purchasing with this client? I +1'd you and brought it up to neutral.
  14. Soon my frost army will return. Very glad for the second chance to play this game. Just saw my join date; 29th January 2017. So open beta will come the day after my 1 year anniversary.
  15. Psymantis was the main account iirc. Created from beta but mostly played PvE or just playing about in the Forge.
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