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  1. You guys forgot the weakest card ingame: Warlock (pure fire t2, looks like a fire shaman for those of you who didn´t notice the card because he is just so weak everyone ignores him) This card really needs a buff. I actually never ever saw anyone using it in a deck. He looses to almost every t1 unit and his buff-allies ability is useless. Also, what do you think about the rarity of some cards? In my opinion there are many underpowered rare and Ultrarare cards (mostly Spells and Buildings) which are like not even worth 10 BFP.
  2. No Antivirus activated (just have windows defender and deactivated that while starting) Solved the Problem however by reinstalling the whole game.
  3. Hi everyone, This morgning I started the Launcher and played a match of crusade for 5 min, until the game freezed and I lost connection. Then i wanted to restart the game, but the Launcher did not start. First I tried to restart my PC to fix the Problem, but it didn´t change anything. Then I looked up the technical support Forum where they wrote "If your game doesn´t start at all, delete your Battleforge folder located at Documents" - well, i did that but then when I started the Lauchner it didn´t recreate the Battleforge folder correctly: only the folder itself with config in it but noth
  4. How do you know that you are the 476th? ^^ oh right guess i´m lazy
  5. Still stuck here, but it feels nice to almost be in the Forge already Also, my Avatar Picture changed back to the Eagle when i tried to login again i wanted to be the Juggernaut
  6. Hi guys, Now that the oped stress Test has released I was just wondering how long all of you were aware of the fact that someone is working on it. Have you been as Hyped since then as I am? When did you become a Skylord by creating an new Account on the Forum? As for me, I joinedJune 18, 2015 and I actually think I was one of the first Members on this Forum. Just curiouis ;D
  7. Well, have you heard about "Legacy Reforge" ? Under that name, one guy wanted to create a completely new Game based on battleforge. As far as i know, he came pretty far considering that he had nice-looking 3D Models which looked like Juggernaut but cooler^^ however, he stopped working on it i think, because it was way to much work. I love Battleforge and i am really glad they brought it back, so for me i think Skylords Reborn are doing perfectly fine.
  8. Yeah, i´m also losing connection after login. Guess everyone else is still experiencing the same problem.
  9. Is there a way to watch it ? Because i missed the livestream and now i cant watch the recorded vid in twitch either.
  10. Granted, but now nobody is honest to you. I wish i wouldn't have to work
  11. Granted, there is Jesus I wish i wouldnt always wish for things i dont have yet and just be happy the way things are.
  12. Granted, you got a small living juggernaut in real life who loves to stampede and destroy things so you begin to hate him. I wish i'd have an awesome car
  13. wish granted, but now this guy is stalking you 24/7 i wish i´d have more time
  14. Welcome future Skylords! I'm Darkroy, from Austria. BF was/is my favourite game of all time and I really miss it. My original BF-Name was "Noritherin" but I dont expect anyone to recognice me because I didnt even know about the old BF Forum so I wasnt registrated there. Anyways I was under the Top 50 PvP players for quite some time and I loved PvE as well. What I miss Most is my promo juggernaut and promo Mo. :D I'm So very Happy that BF is going to revive again. (Dreams can come true guys!)
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