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  1. Haha ;D that quote is from 3d Botmaker I suppose xD
  2. smth = something just like a.e. = as example or imo = in my opinion and so on.... xD dude I wrote way more expensive, not like that 5 rare cards put in to get one random rare card - like that maybe ~ 50 common cards could give you one uncommon, or ~ 15 rare cards give you one ultra rare
  3. I like the general idea of something like this. But it would have to be way more expensive - if you put 2 rares in there should not be the possibility to get 2 rares out, as everyone would just "gamble" their worthless cards away and end up with good ones to sell or smth.
  4. Nice effort there! I generally like your ideas, especially the the new Arsenal card! However, I don't know if that would ever be technically possible to implement :/ As for the others - I remember that Sandstorme and Bandit Lancer were used in PvP back in the days, but they are currently not viable for PvE at all I guess. But changing them to 4.. idc, personally I liked the unit being solo - and if u want an army just play more of it Rioters Retreat sounds also cool, even tho I like how it is now but would commit for that change :p
  5. Darkroy

    Shrine of War

    Oh boy, I don't want the game to burn xd but seriously, SoW gives you 0 void power left during rPvE runs, meaning it returns all your void power. This just doesn't seem right. FoF + cultists can do this aswell right? I'd also love to see this mechanic spreaded more, but taking the current Shrine of Märtyrs as a healthy example rather than the op SoW seems better.
  6. Ah yes, I think I read this somewhere already, but thx for the info, however I probably 'd have taken that ap already ok so borrowing cards is allowed in general I suppose
  7. But "boosting" (more like helping out) each other doesn't sound like a Problem to me, I also give/borrow cards to a friend of mine and the other way around. He even borrowed me bfp once so I could afford a card. Should I be concerned of getting banned aswell then? :d
  8. Yes thx, will check it out! Just wanted to write down my ideas here, but looking at it now it seems to be too much for one post, meaning most ppl will overlook it probably xd
  9. Hi there, the game has so many cool cards, but some get very little attention because they are outclassed by others or just not fun to play in their current state. So I'd love to see some balance changes to these cards. I also included some changes to much played cards that I would like to see changed a little. Here is a list of some of my Ideas: Note: I left some blank because I think these cards need a change too, but I didn't come up with a idea yet - Oracle Mask: (compared to Northern keep, this cards is terrible) buff dmg, make ability duration longer an
  10. Darkroy

    Shrine of War

    I like the idea of buffing the lategame of pure factions. So 2 fire orbs sounds nice. Also, actually I'd rather reduce the percentage and the duration of the effect instead of limiting to 1 use , so that one would need 3 shrines f. e. to use it all the time, making it either more challenging to use in the right situation like Cocofang said, or much more expensive and thus more balanced.
  11. I think something that could actually bring back the real units from their lost souls would make their ability great. Like a building that you can send your souls into and get the actual units back. Maybe make it so that it costs some power to get them back, or make the building itself quite expensive so that it's not straight op. F. e. if it would be a spell it would be too strong i think, especially for PvP. But a building takes time and power, and your opponent can just destroy the building. what do you think?
  12. Darkroy

    Shrine of War

    this is indeed something that should be addressed, I like your ideas
  13. that sounds like a nice fun idea. I still don't really understand why thugs got changed and strikers didn't. However, I never had a problem with either of those.
  14. I would love to see the speed increased for that card. Like even Death Ray gets fast at u3 ^^ And now Battleship got the speed buff if shielded aswell. Can't there be a similar ability for ravenheart?
  15. Darkroy


    I like the idea to pause the hunger bar after it has eaten. (probably easier to implement than speeding up the animation? dunno) But should it be dependent on the hp it chewed? So f. e. 3sec Pause for 1k hp eaten?
  16. Awesome! Really appreciate your work! And i´d love to see some balance changes to cards. Is there a way i could submit some ideas aswell?
  17. You guys forgot the weakest card ingame: Warlock (pure fire t2, looks like a fire shaman for those of you who didn´t notice the card because he is just so weak everyone ignores him) This card really needs a buff. I actually never ever saw anyone using it in a deck. He looses to almost every t1 unit and his buff-allies ability is useless. Also, what do you think about the rarity of some cards? In my opinion there are many underpowered rare and Ultrarare cards (mostly Spells and Buildings) which are like not even worth 10 BFP.
  18. No Antivirus activated (just have windows defender and deactivated that while starting) Solved the Problem however by reinstalling the whole game.
  19. Hi everyone, This morgning I started the Launcher and played a match of crusade for 5 min, until the game freezed and I lost connection. Then i wanted to restart the game, but the Launcher did not start. First I tried to restart my PC to fix the Problem, but it didn´t change anything. Then I looked up the technical support Forum where they wrote "If your game doesn´t start at all, delete your Battleforge folder located at Documents" - well, i did that but then when I started the Lauchner it didn´t recreate the Battleforge folder correctly: only the folder itself with config in it but noth
  20. How do you know that you are the 476th? ^^ oh right guess i´m lazy
  21. Still stuck here, but it feels nice to almost be in the Forge already Also, my Avatar Picture changed back to the Eagle when i tried to login again i wanted to be the Juggernaut
  22. Hi guys, Now that the oped stress Test has released I was just wondering how long all of you were aware of the fact that someone is working on it. Have you been as Hyped since then as I am? When did you become a Skylord by creating an new Account on the Forum? As for me, I joinedJune 18, 2015 and I actually think I was one of the first Members on this Forum. Just curiouis ;D
  23. Well, have you heard about "Legacy Reforge" ? Under that name, one guy wanted to create a completely new Game based on battleforge. As far as i know, he came pretty far considering that he had nice-looking 3D Models which looked like Juggernaut but cooler^^ however, he stopped working on it i think, because it was way to much work. I love Battleforge and i am really glad they brought it back, so for me i think Skylords Reborn are doing perfectly fine.
  24. Yeah, i´m also losing connection after login. Guess everyone else is still experiencing the same problem.
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