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  1. NAME: Sparring PvP does not work when inviting player to group. SEVERITY: 1 (or 3, I am not sure as the categories you provided are rather vague) LOCATION: Loading screen of sparring ground PvP REPRODUCIBILITY: Open Sparring PvP, send out a group invite to another player, wait for him to join and get ready, start match DESCRIPTION: Every time I invite a friend into my group for PvP sparring, the game will be stuck on loading screen with the message "waiting for other player", we waited for over 10 minutes and tried out variations, like changing who invites, or if the in
  2. Really cool! Glad you found this Are you still drawing these days?
  3. Hmm its interesting, but the Twilight part contradicts the bf lore ... Not sure if you are aware or want to keep it regardless, but the twiliggt cursed have no will nor mind, therefore they cannot want revenge.
  4. Name: (Unknown. Calls himself:) The Great Warrior of Justice Age: 29 Unit & Faction: Defender riding a twilight cursed Magma Spore. (Twilight) Appearance: Male defender without the crossbowshield. Helmet seems to be falling off all the times. Has a bag of medium large rocks strapped to the remaining pieces of his armor. Rides on a chained, twilight cursed Magmaspore (Picture will be added) Alignment: Justice. Somewhat sympathetic towards his former faction. Abilities: - Can fly around. - Throws rocks from large altitudes with great precision due t
  5. @Eirias Maybe add card base sites here as well, the oficial one lacks features quite a bit. Example for a better one is http://www.bafocards.eu/ Made by ICE
  6. I'd like to register for 2v2 No premade partner.
  7. I had many names. I prefer not to reveal my main account, but some of my smurfs were Naersu and ssbbwiibrawler
  8. Sounds good! Let us know about further updates, I'll gladly try everything out
  9. Sorting works great! And everything that I saw so far looks clear and good. Ok, I restarted again a couple times and encountered some buggyness for sure. The page loaded fully. I press "+ Start creating deck" I click on the cards. And they appear to be "clicked in" / smaller, as to show that they are in the deck already. The cards don't appear on the bottom (at first) And the text field is not editable. (Screenshot 1). You can see that I cannot edit the textfield because copy, paste ect are greyed out and I have a text copied in my clipboard After some
  10. Tried it again after restarting browser, works fine now. For some reason I wasnt able to type anything into the text field or even copy paste, like it was disabled (The | was also not blinking, but appeared when i focused the field) Maybe its just my browser fucking up
  11. Looking good! This is my pure nature 2v2 only deck. Can't type in a deck name to save it yet though
  12. Oh right! Its double tap. Some haptic/visual feedback with that may also be nice, so you dont have to keep track of the number in the corner. Ps: I don't want to be misunderstood here. I am critizing a lot, maybe I come of as picky. I mean the app is great, its functional, it gives all the info you need. But from my experience, it could be a lot more ergonomical and intuitive. (It realy doesnt have to though)
  13. I think the easiest way to do that is encode each card. 10bit would be enough to cover every card. Or you can use some own annotation. Then it would make it pretty easy to export that as a string or csv if you wanna be fancy. The drawback with that is, that only your app will understand that ^^ The app works fine by the way - I just found some gui design choices weird (It doesnt affect functionality, but usability) Long click to view card details has weird timing (for me) and no haptic feedback (vibration, when it is triggered) The physical 'back' button alway
  14. @ICE Can you upload the android apk somewhere? A file would be enough. I'd like to start building decks already
  15. Nice one If you are looking into working further on it and need any help. I'll be available in 12 days. Oh and another thing, if you are working with the api, this app is probably not usable in offline mode, right? (Mentally holding myself back with asking who elisa is.)
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