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  1. So to kind of conclude this in case somebody might use the search function. It sounds for me, like there is at least the possibility. No official statement or decision yet though.
  2. Eventually everything "fails". Good development in my eyes is having a plan for after the "death" of a game. Contrary to EA practices, that just shut games down and everybody can hang their cd/virtual copy on the wall in their room now. For example Notch's Scrolls still runs its servers without using any manpower. No more patches, automatic restart cycle. But the last ~20 die-hard-fans still play it from time to time. I feel like having some guarantee for a way to play a game even after most of the interest dies outis a very nice thing. I want my grandchildren to experience battleforge, even if skylords and ea is gone by that time.
  3. In case this project fails before oficial release or in case the skylord servers close down after any amount of time after the release, will the server code and/or files be made public, so that any private person could for example host a server for private purposes to for example play with friends or at a lan-party?
  4. Sounds good! Let us know about further updates, I'll gladly try everything out
  5. Sorting works great! And everything that I saw so far looks clear and good. Ok, I restarted again a couple times and encountered some buggyness for sure. The page loaded fully. I press "+ Start creating deck" I click on the cards. And they appear to be "clicked in" / smaller, as to show that they are in the deck already. The cards don't appear on the bottom (at first) And the text field is not editable. (Screenshot 1). You can see that I cannot edit the textfield because copy, paste ect are greyed out and I have a text copied in my clipboard After some waiting, the cards appear at the bottom, but still not able to edit the text field. (Screenshot 2) If that is any good: I am using Comodo IceDragon browser version based on the firefox kernel 26.0 Here 2 screenshots:
  6. Tried it again after restarting browser, works fine now. For some reason I wasnt able to type anything into the text field or even copy paste, like it was disabled (The | was also not blinking, but appeared when i focused the field) Maybe its just my browser fucking up
  7. Looking good! This is my pure nature 2v2 only deck. Can't type in a deck name to save it yet though
  8. To be honest, I would like to have 2 accounts, because I want to have two different PvP decks as fast as possible. I don't really need them to be on one account though, so for me it wouldn't matter if transactions are limited. Its fine if I can switch up, and have them separated. The reason is, I have multiple friends who are looking forward to playing 2v2 with me together and I know that one deck won't be enough for good synergy.
  9. Lets look at an example. Maybe the example is not as comparable to this project, but I don't have any better. When Black Desert Online was going to be released in EU/NA many people wondered if the game will be pay2win. And the developers assured, there was no pay2win. Only pay for convenience. And then people started playing. Picking up items takes more time then killing mobs. But you can buy convenient pets that pick up for you. Is that winning? Not really. Except it kind of is. Everybody has access to the whole game. Except a f2p player has to play 2 months to be somewhat competitive, while a paying player only needs one month. And that is just one small thing of a thousand other small convenience things. That stuff piles up. Looking at BDO now, we see a large amount of the community frustrated and not playing, while the others shove their wallets to the publishers while chewing on their cashshop potions and telling f2p players to grind ten times as much (or pay hundreds of €/$) and stop crying. Experiences like the above are why I am very repulsive about things like that. (I don't play a single game, where you can pay for convenience or pay to win.) There are models that I would consider fair out there (League of Legends, Path Of Exile) And I really don't want any crappy conveniences for paying players in Battleforge. I was very glad when the project started and the developers announced that the game will be absolutely free to play. Calling that a donation is pretty absurd. Donating means giving something out of free will for the benefit of the recipient. If you 'donate' money to get something in return, that's called buying. I would donate ~10-20€ per month to the project when I am able to play, or I would buy skins, icons, a colored name or a badge. Like I said in my first post, the only thing that I would accept is thanking donators in a way they feel appreciated, without giving any benefits or conveniences in regards of gameplay and out of match gains. But I will not pay a single cent for mailbox space, instant card sending, cheaper boosters or more gold, because these kind of inconveniences are artificially made to make money. There was no reason for them to exist in the first place, because the original goal of this project was to revive the game and let it be absolutely free.
  10. No. No. And no. If you even want to starting to discuss the idea of premium accounts - the free accounts should be able to play and do everything as in the original game in the full capacity. And you can thing about giving premium accounts something that DOES NOT affect gameplay or anything connected to gameplay at all. Like a shiny badge or colored name. To add a bit of my personal background. If any game I play has something like this implemented, I always feel VERY demotivated to do things, that I could buy with money. I end up paying instead of playing and then hating the game because of that and eventually quitting.
  11. Oh right! Its double tap. Some haptic/visual feedback with that may also be nice, so you dont have to keep track of the number in the corner. Ps: I don't want to be misunderstood here. I am critizing a lot, maybe I come of as picky. I mean the app is great, its functional, it gives all the info you need. But from my experience, it could be a lot more ergonomical and intuitive. (It realy doesnt have to though)
  12. I think the easiest way to do that is encode each card. 10bit would be enough to cover every card. Or you can use some own annotation. Then it would make it pretty easy to export that as a string or csv if you wanna be fancy. The drawback with that is, that only your app will understand that ^^ The app works fine by the way - I just found some gui design choices weird (It doesnt affect functionality, but usability) Long click to view card details has weird timing (for me) and no haptic feedback (vibration, when it is triggered) The physical 'back' button always closes the app, regardless of which state it is in. When I view card details and press 'back' I expect to get back to the search results. Why is there a slider for the sorting options instead of a spinner Selecting any filter options is super slow, because it immediately filters the cards. Thats confusing, because there is no feedback and a huge delay. I'm a chill person, but I was already frantically spamming clicks, because it felt like it just froze up or didn't register my touch. Good practice is to only filter after all the rules are applied. So If I wanna see all common shadow cards, I currently select "Common" get a 2s lag, then select Shadow and get a 1s lag. Instead I should select commong and shadow without any delay, and when I close the search menu, it should filter and show me the cards. Oh, I don't know so far how to add a card to the deck. Tried around for 10 minutes. Either it doesnt work on my phone or it is very unintuitional. (Asus Z00AD, Android 5.0)
  13. @ICE Can you upload the android apk somewhere? A file would be enough. I'd like to start building decks already
  14. Nice one If you are looking into working further on it and need any help. I'll be available in 12 days. Oh and another thing, if you are working with the api, this app is probably not usable in offline mode, right? (Mentally holding myself back with asking who elisa is.)
  15. Can we just make a poll to get what devices people use here? I mean, the distribution sure will be different among bf players then the worldwide average. And If there are way more people that have android, then its more convincing to do that first instead of a direct multi-platform approach. Also there is a way that I know (forgot the name of the project) that allows running java on ios and still make it to the appstore. So its still easy portable even we do android first. (In case you didnt know, the iphone cpu's were originally meant to be able to run java bytecode directly without the JVM, and that feature is forecefully disabled)