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  1. 2484... ... times I try to remember the last time I played BattleForge
  2. I think the advertising that will not interfere with anyone it will be in the launcher and the loading screen and would not mind. And is during the loading screen will not affect the loading speed of the game?
  3. 2482 Already 100 page written)
  4. This is not the Pupsik I expected to see... It's very bad guys :dd
  5. Hello. Not long ago, I found a video where EA showed 3vs3 PvP mode, and so, whether this mode BFR? Sorry if this has already been asked about
  6. Hello again. The concept of the new unit . It will be ice particles ( elements of ice , with the name , we need to work ) . And so , what is the essence of this unit ? And the fact that this is a great unit for T1 frost. He will " cling " to the size of the units S and M and covering them with ice ! Giving a little armor as needed to balance . Perhaps a little slow , of whom clung . Then, when you do not need to unhook. So I hope you understand my idea , it requires balancing. The whole point is to give the possibility of frost in 2on2 trailers for fast units ally and grab Monument / energy well. It's magical.
  7. Did you read the FAQ?
  8. Perhaps this happens only on a computer / account. Hey, try to go with another device, the situation suddenly changed.
  9. I will choose Bandit Lancer, because they can change the position of the seat.
  10. @Ultrakool 17:30 с:
  11. Hey. That dark witch who could tame the power of nature. It could slow down or tame / monitor someone like Dryad or a swarm of parasites. I think he will fit well into the atmosphere of Ami. What do you think?