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  1. My path began early. BattleForge the one and only . My cousin and his friend found the game and told me about it. At the moment I'm 18 years old and I also have a good computer for it but back then I was a little boy playing the game on the worst ever. I flew out of the games several times and had to start it over and over. BUT my heart still beated for the game so I started over and over. I managed to have a few good cards like mountain-soldier or forestelder. After a couple of years of playing I finaly got a better computer. 1 Month later came the deadly E-mail send by EA-Games " Sorry for Bla bla Bla you still have time to spend your BF- Points regards EA... " My heart broke in the same moment. I was angry and sad in the same moment and was like why are they doin' it. There are enough people still want to play it. Why they just cant remake it as a offline game so people still can play the PvE- Option . Months passed and I was thinking about good strategy games. I searched through 9-Gag, Facebook and a lot of other web pages and there were always the same old games like age of empires or Civ . But then I saw Battleforge and I thought it can no't be . In this moment a few months ago I found this community and my hopes came back. Since then I always coming online to have a look at the progress . I would be happy to be one of the "early access guys " but these are only dreams I guess . Still thank you for everything