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  1. When you are at work but hang on the Forum all day long and dont really get things done you should but the :hype: is to strong...

    1. Shotty


      The :hype: is strong in most of us. I´m on the forum nearly permanently while in school, but only actually participate when I am done with everything that needs to be done ;D
      Real life > Battleforge.

    2. Deadman


      I do the same thing pay more attention to the forum than school. I saw an X and Link in the same sentence and I was like oh MrXLink ( or MrsXLink. 

  2. Every meme is great as long as it is not overused. All memes are my favourite memes. Every meme is good even tho most get ruined after 1 week of being public to the big masses on the internet... Memes will never die, all hail the Meme Overlords...
  3. Used to be one of my favourite Fire Cards back in the day
  4. 4/10 not really my kind of thing
  5. After getting Informed that this kinda Thread allready exists im gonna post some stuff about me here I am basicly new to the Community but not new to the Game as back in the Day i mostly did Speedruns with a couple of Friends and never really went to the Forum. Name: Nicolas (call me OXY though as i hate my name in English xD) Gender: Male Age: 19 (soon 20) Country: Switzerland Occupation: Currently learning to become a Surveyor with school on the Side Hobbies: Streetart/Drawing/Editing existing Stuff/Manga, Urbex, Producing Beats, Gaming obviously (CoD Bo 1-3 Zombies Mode, Vindictus, CS:GO) xD Other Interests: Art, Music, Space, Anime/Manga, Japanese culture, BMX, Technology BR, OXY
  6. Really like the Design/Style of the Icons.
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