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    I normally play Tortugun Deck with Offering. Right before he wants to eat one of your unit you can offer him and spawn a new one. That works pretty good. If you want to see a deck suggestion let me know. Cheers.
  2. If one of your T1 unit is getting focused, you need to get some micro action and move this unit back, so enemys will focus another unit and your damaged unit can heal in the background. Easy stuff to avoid unneccessary heal or death of your unit. The cooldown of the building is quiet long for beginning. But if you spawn it immediatly when the map beginns, you can hold it active asap.
  3. I use it in some decks for rPvE. Imo a decent card if you hold it active until T3 or T4. Then you can destroy it. The huge plus on the card is, that the effect heals every friendly unit, so also the ones from your team mates. And 60 energy isnt that much for an investigation. But I think its only worth, if you play nature T1 and build it immediatelty and keep it active. For emergency heals, I take Surge of Light with me, so you can "big" heal your units when they about to die. Overall: There are way more worse cards to use, but I wouldnt say FoR is a must have in a nature deck.
  4. Are you sure your Ironclad didnt get disenchant by the Lost Dancers? Thats the downside on ranged units within LS maps. Yellow mo on the units, the Dancers do disenchant your units and the Dragons can debuff your Ironclad.
  5. So far it looks really good. As Treim said above, you can switch Ray of Lights with Surge of Lights, could be a better heal then. Have fun with it!
  6. My decks are really spell based I know. As Treim told above, the deck is basicly for random PvE runs. (Level 9) For any PvE Maps you need to replace some of the cards. Maybe you need some more T1 units or some other towers, and Fire Stalker allways a good choice for some maps. Depends on which map you'd like to play, there are many different ways ofc. Yeah maybe Ray of Light is not necessary and could be replaced by any other good card.
  7. I did a quick deck, maybe not the best, but still good playable. And yes, the T3 Units can attack air units. ;-) and you have Thunderstorm and Inferno aswell. Cheers, DNY
  8. Hey Marv, nice to see you in new Battleforge! So there are many ways to go I give you some key cards, you need to get imo. - Shrine of War - Abomination - Earthshaker - Clusterexplosion - Skycatcher (if you really want Twiligth, otherwise Giant Wyrm) Optional Cards: - Healing Gardens - Inferno - Unity - Nightshade Plant T1 and T2 depends on how you'd like to play it. Fire Start: - Nomad (Green) - Sunstriders - Eruption - Mine - Maybe some buildings like Mortar Nature Start: - Windweaver - Dryade - Surge of Light - Ensineering Root (idk how to write it ) Or Hurrican T2: - Lavafield - For some maps -> Firestalker (or Firedancer for pure fire) - Curse of Oink - Breeding Ground - Any Unit you'd like to play Probably there are some other cards I missed right now. I could show you some decks if you want me to add ingame or I can create some decks and show it in here. Cheers, DNY
  9. Another side note on Fountain of Rebirth, it effects all units, so the units from your team mates aswell, where Shaman in first line only heals your units. I would say, 3 heals in T1 are too much. You can use 2 of them: - Surge of Light - Fountain of Rebirth - Shaman Cheers, DNY
  10. Unholy Power and Undead Army and Harvy ability should deal with most, so your Harvy doesnt get focused that often. And you need Cultist Master if you dont play with fire -> SOW, for void power manipulation. So no need to take that out.
  11. I think its 80% from the original costs. But could also be 90%. Maybe @Treim can give an answer which is 100% correct. Units and buildings are bound power you cant use once you played it. Spell's power goes immediately to your void, that's why I like to have alot of spells and less units/buildings in my decks. My decks have at maximum 5-6 Units in it and at least 10-15 spells to use.
  12. Hey Flrbb T1 and T2 looks good so far, there are quiet some ways to play in pure shadow. I wouldnt take Live Weaving cause its an PVP card. So T1 would look like: - Dreadcharger, Forsake, Motivate, Phasetower, Soul Splicer (and maybe Decomposer, depends on the player, I wouldn't take it with me) - T2 I would take Harvester, Unholy Power, Shadow Mage, Nether warp, Ressource Booster, FOF, maybe Undead Army or Corpse Explosion and maybe Stone of Torment for some maps. Side note: Shadow Mage -> Nether warp in place, Motivate one of them and you destroy every base in just an eye blink. Must have in T3 with 2x Shadow would be Frenetic Assault / Infect / Soul Shatter. For units in T3, it also depends on what Tier you want to play next, but Ashbone Pyro is overall a good card and allways playable with Shadow. Cause you only need 2 Shadow orbs you can splash some variaty in it. In my opinion LSS spam is lame and not fun, so I wouldnt recommand it to play. Options: - 2x Fire and play bandit (then you dont need FOF and Cultist Master cause you can spawn SOW at T3, T4 with Tortugun, Bloodhorns, Amok etc.) - 2x Nautre (and enlight a Bata or something else) - 2x Frost (play LS Drake and LSS Green and suck some Altar of Chaos bombs for the healing) - 1x Fire and 1x Nature (and play Bloodhorn with healing) - 1x Frost and 1x Nature (and play Gemeye with some shadow CC) - 1x Shadow and 1x Nature (and rock the map with Death Rays and heals) - There are some more ways to play for sure! Depends on what you'd like to play. I can do some decks if you want me to, so you can see what choice you have. Let me know, if I can do something for you. Cheers, DNY
  13. Shaman is overrated cause you need to bind power to the unit, where Surge of Light immediately goes back to your void pool, and if you have Fountain of Rebirth, your units are healing up passively. And a lot of players doesnt know how to manage / micro shamans, so the shamans stands in the battle. You need them to stay some meters behind your fighting units. And Shaman's cost right now are just too high. So I'd rather have a spell, which is still an OK heal at T4 with Healing Gardens, then an overpriced, power binding card in T1, which will be useless when you hit T3. There are not many units in T2 which can attack air units for pure nature. So thats why you probably want to attack air units with your T1 cards. Otherwise you have to choose between Spirit Hunters and Parasite Swarn. There are better cards then Swamp Drake for T3. Deepcoil Worm or Abyssal Warder can attack air units easy and with the nature heals, its almost impossible to die. I would take Deepcoil, cause its a ranged unit and overall a good card. If you want, we can play a game in rPvE, where I play my pure nature deck, so you can see how it works without Shamans. Cheers, DNY
  14. Hey man! There is a void pool when ever a unit dies, you play a spell or a building of your own gets destroyed. The void power in the pool gets slowly back into your energy pool by its own. But there are many other ways to get the void pool empty faster. So, there are some different ways to manipulate your void: Fire: Simplest and easiest way to get your void back is with Shrine of War (SOW). Its a T3 building with 1 fire and 2 natural orbs in it. Build it, then it needs to load 1 minute and then you can activate it for 30 seconds and another 30 seconds to reload. While activated every time an enemy unit dies, it gets you some % of your void pool back into your energy pool. Build 2 of them and you can activiate it 24/7. It works for your whole team. Easiest way. Shadow: (needs a little bit of micro, but not much) Shadow's way to do it requiers 2 different cards. Fournace of Flesh (T2 shadow building, called FOF) and Cultist Master (T3 shadow unit). While activating Cultist Master you spawn (depends on your upgrade) 1-3 Nightcrawler already frenzied. After X seconds (or you can kill them by your own) the unit dies and the Fournace of Flesh will suck the corps. Which gives you void power back into energy pool. Also units you dont need, you can kill them next to your FOF, so you get the void power immediately back. Works only for you, except someone builts a FOF right next to yours. ;-) Nature: Nature's way is as simple as Fire ones. The building is called Shrine of Memory (SOM) and is a T2 pure Nature card. When built up, you need to wait 1 min to load and then you can activate it for 40 seconds. You then have a 20 seconds overlay with your 2nd SOM, thats why some people only get 1 up and just wait the 20 seconds reload time. Difference to fire's SOW is, that your void energy gets 200% faster into your energy pool then normally. Its not that good then SOW and only works for your own void pool. But better then nothing and a must have in every pure nature deck. Frost: Frost doesnt have a way to manipulate void into your energy pool. That's one of the reasons why its the hardest (imo) pure deck to play (also it doesnt have any heals where the others pure decks at least have 1 heal). The only building who needs void energy is Shrine of Martyrs. It does a shield, 400% of your current void power, over all your units, which sucks 50% of the damage. I didnt played that card at any stage, so I don't know how good it is. Maybe I will take it into my pure frost deck, once I have one. Hope I could help you and let me know if you got any questions. Cheers, DNY
  15. So there we go my friend.. Answer question 3: First of all, where is the point of playing pure nature, if you think about to remove Forest Elder? If you decide to play a pure deck, you need to go with the 4 orb unit. Fire -> Bata / Moloch, Shadow -> Shadow Worm, Ice -> Dreaghnought, Nature -> Forest Elder So my answer there, no, Forest Elder isnt too much. But I'd rather remove Colossus and take any other card with you. Answer question 1: And I personally dont like Shaman, its an overpriced, useless card. I would go with Surge of Light and Dryade, Fountain of Rebirth is an OK card. You can use it until T3, then it gets worthless. Answer question 2: Healing Garden is a must have for any nature splash deck, also my opinion. So stay with it. Answer question 4: I think either Amazon or Swiftclaw is a good choice, I would take Swiftclaw as a swift unit, because the massive M-Unit damage. And as Darian on top of me said, it depends on what you want to play, rPvE, normal PvE or PVP. (because you have T4 in it, I suggest you want to play (r)PvE) Also key card in Nature: Must have! - Shrine of Memory So my deck would of look like this: for PvE And for rPvE something like this. Feel free to ask me here on ingame if you wanna know something. Cheers, DNY
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