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  1. DerNewYork

    Fire Natur rpve

    Hey Loriens Fire can be played in T10, no problem there. But lets focus on level 9. Deck seems very good in my eyes Disenchant is only needed when you play Bata in T4, so I would remove this card for sure and I'm not a huge fan of Eruption, so I would also remove this. Add Gladiatrix for Eruption and Cluster Explosion for Disenchant. And you're good to go. As I'm also not a huge fan of Wheels, I would also remove this card and add Healing Gardens to the deck. Maybe switch out Surge of Light with Ravage. But if you dont have all charges on Regrowth, go with Surge of Light (+ Healing Gardens) cause SOL really heals much with HG. And I like the Protectors Seal, very usefull for LS maps. The other cards looks good in my eyes. Should work for the most maps. Cheers, DNY
  2. DerNewYork

    Fire Natur rpve

    Red one is better then the Purple one, @Flrbb.
  3. DerNewYork

    Fire Natur rpve

    First of all, the main thing for rPvE is to destroy the spawn buildings. Which is allways the one on the right hand side, looked from the entrance of the base. The problem with Fire Sphere is, if there are too many units or buildings, the damage will get split up and only do a few 100 damage. Where f.e. Earthshaker focuses only the buildings, which you prefer to take down. And Cluster Explosion only works good if there are many units. So you see there are many plus and minus points from these 3 cards, let me round up: Fire Sphere: + Imo high damage if you focus one target - 3 Fire orbs - Long executable time - Low damage if there are many units Cluster Explosion: + High damage for full bases + 2 Fire orbs, so good for combinations (Bandits / Twilight) - Not that usefull for lower bases - High power costs (not a problem if you use Shrine of War) - Only 1 charge and long recharge time Earthshaker: + only 100 Energy + High structure damage + 2 charges + not that long recharge time + Only 1 Fire orb, which is perfect for combinations To answer your question about what would I take with in the deck. If I had 1 slot left -> Cluster Explosion, cause it can save so much time for rPvE 9 if you are in hurry, which Earthshaker cannot If I had 2 slots left -> Cluster Explosion and Earthshaker, imo this is the best option, if I only had 1 slot left, I would take any other card out for Earthshaker If I had 3 slots left -> Cluster Explosion and Earthshaker + any other card, I wouldnt take Fire Sphere with me. Feel free to ask more ;-) Cheers, DNY
  4. DerNewYork

    Decks Post your current deck!

    LSS Spamer...
  5. DerNewYork

    Decks Post your current deck!

    Would be too much units for me. 17 units from T1-4 are too much in my opinion. I'd rather play with some spells then units. My average deck for rPvE 9 has most likely 4-5 Units overall and like 5-6 support buildings (Incredible Mo, Healing Gardens, Shrine of War, Breeding Ground, etc..). And for the open spaces I take spells with me. But as I said, thats my opinion, your deck works fine aswell.
  6. DerNewYork

    Decks Post your current deck!

    Hey all I loved to play very unique decks for rPvE 9. Had some really fun decks. One of them i did built again in this stress test. There are some cards i need to switch out, f.e. Nether Warp green instead of the blue one for some healing. Current deck - rPvE 9 (i dont know the prices right now) - Master Archers - Home Soil - Wintertide (Red) - Ice Barrier - Lost Dancer (Red) - Viridya - Decomposer - Furnance of Flesh - Cultist Master - Lost Horror (Green) - Resource Booster - Incredible Mo - Nether Warp (Blue) - Frenetic Assault (Purple) - Soulshatter - Construct - Battleship - Unholy Hero - Ice Tornado - Maelstrom Total cost should be around 2000-2500 bfp. Cheers, DNY
  7. DerNewYork

    Does overlord worth keeping? [SOLVED]

    I agree with ulv. For pure Shadow Overlord is a must have card. Cause you dont have that much healing and his healing and self healing is awesome. If you plan to have a 2 Shadow 2 X combination in PvE/rPvE there are alot better cards imo.
  8. DerNewYork

    Fire Natur rpve

    Hey man I agree with a few things of the other two guys. In my opinion, defending towers in rPvE are not necessary, you wont need them in any case. Execpt you'd like to play a "Only-Towers"-Deck. T1: - "Start with 4x WW and 4x Shaman", too much Shamans for too less WW. You can easaly get 2 more WW instead of 2 Shamans, so 5WW2S or 6WW2S works aswell. - Surge of Light and Shaman are not necessary in my opinion, either Shaman or SOL. I personally prefer SOL, cause its a spell, so you have it in your void pool after casting it and you can help other team mates for healing and still use it on T4 to heal (if you're out of regrowth-charges) - I agree on Roots, either Roots or Hurricane, both works fine - I would personally change Shaman with Dryade Blue, the damage reduction is good for T1-T3. T2: - Scythe Fiend is not necessary I think. I like Vileblood in combination with Ravage, you can take down a T3 base very easy with Curse of Oink and maybe 1 Surge of Light. - Lavafield makes good damage for all ground units where Vileblood doesnt have good damage against them. (so you walk into a base, oink all units, take down the spawn-building and then Lavafield everything) - Breeding-Ground is necessary in every Nature Deck imo. Except you play with a mate who has it in your deck and you agree on leaving it at home. - For flying units i would take Gladiatrix Green, good damage and also a swift unit, so you can search the map for enemys you forgot to clear. - Ray of Light is optional, if you have too less SOL charges, take it with you. But SOL U3 is very strong and heals alot. T3: - Volcano and Virtuoso are useless imo. So remove them, there are more usefull cards. - Unity is only necessary if you play without a Nature orb so you dont have any heals. If you play with Nature, remove Unity, you can easy heal your Units. - Shrine of War is a must have card in every Fire Deck. Use it all the time in game, so you have no issues with your energy. - I dont get it, why nobody plays with Healing Gardens, one of the most important and best cards imo. Especially if you have too less charges for heal. Must have imo. - Usefull spells for T3: i would take 2 of them with me - Revenge, Inferno, Thunderstorm, Equilibrium (not really necessary), Aura of Pain - You only need Equilibrium if you have too less charges for SOL and Regrowth, so you have more healing - For Unit for T3 i would recommand Deepcoil Worm or Brannoc (in combination with Aura of Pain) T4: - I would go for 2N2F orbs, so Fire Dragon is useless. - There are some options you can go for (Units), Choose 2-3 of them. I would go either only 2x Abomination or 1x Abomination with Sky Catcher/Primeval Watcher - Abomination (both of them), Sky Catcher, Primeval Watcher, Giant Wyrm, Magma Fiend, Fire Worm - For spells, there are also some options in T4: Regrowth is necessary. Also Earthshaker and Cluster (red) are very usefull! - Earthshaker, Cluster Explosion, Regrowth, Noxious Cloud, Twilight Pestilence Thats how i would build a F/N Deck right now, feel free to ask, if you'd like something to know about my thought processes. This is how the deck would look like. (assumed everything is U3 and 4 charges) Cheers, DNY
  9. DerNewYork

    Need help building Shadow deck

    Can you show the deck you are playing right now for rPvE? PvE depends on what map you'd like to play. T1 Tower - Phase Tower T2 Tower - Time Vortex / Stone of Torment / Juice Tank T3 Tower - Church of Negation* (depends on Map) / Necroblaster (really nice) T4 Tower - I would go with Worldbreaker Gun For PvE I also would get Harvester for some maps with buffs and Satanael. Cheers, DNY *Church of Negation only in combination with Kobold Engineer
  10. DerNewYork

    Need help building Shadow deck

    You have the wrong Soulsplicer and the wrong Netherwarp in your deck, but so far, it seems really good. Maybe take Ashbone-Pyro instead of f.e. Undead-Army with you. Then your is T3 save. For Riflecultists and Offering i would take Netherwarp and Infect out of the deck. Cheers, DNY
  11. DerNewYork

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Is there any problems right now with the cardbase? "Loading Cards..." all the time. Someone knows something?
  12. DerNewYork

    Need help building Shadow deck

    I added some comments in the quote. Im not a fan of the ice orb just because of the Lost Spirit Ship (and Maelstrom). But this is a personal opinion. I'd rather go 3 shadow orb and add Death Ray + 1 nature orb. If Cardbase would work, I would make a deck to show you. Cards you can use instead: - Resource Booster - Healing Gardens - Breeding Ground - Revenge - Infect - Frenetic Assault - Thunderstorm for T3 - maybe there are more cards, i dont have in my mind right now Thats the way I would build a deck atm. (I would maybe take Nox Carrier with me, cause i really love this card) And this is what I would recommand you to play, its a little bit more save. Feel free to ask, if you would like to know something. Cheers, DNY
  13. DerNewYork

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    5 monuments are too much imo for rPvE for all kind of decks you'd like to play. I would change many cards out of your deck. Let me make a deck I would play for rPvE 9 so you can pick some ideas out. (if the Cardbase would work). I'll come back to this topic once the Cardbase works again. Thats the way i would build a Stonekin deck atm. And thats the deck i would recommand you to play, its a little bit easier to play: I would also recommand to use Shrine of Memory, cause of the void power manipulation. Probably instead of Matter Mastery. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. Cheers, DNY
  14. At least 2 out of the showing 4 cards arent T1 cards. @MephistoRoss So probably its a bug, imo it shouldnt show any cards, cause there is no fire/shadow T1 card.
  15. DerNewYork

    Pure Frost PvE

    There are many options you can build your units for every Tier. Pure frost is expensive, you need alot of BFP to buy all the cards, or get lucky with boosters. ;-) So there is a way to build pure frost without expensive cards. I personally dont like Glyph of Frost, cause the frozen units take alot less damage. I'd rather take Frost Mage for S-Unit CC and Wintertide for more sustain / less damage taken.

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