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  1. DerNewYork

    Pure fire deck

    I knew that.. Just wanted to test you @Treim So you can replace Thunderwagon with something more usefull, like 2nd Unity, 2nd Cluster Explosion, Fire Sphere, Eruption, Ravage..
  2. DerNewYork

    Pure fire deck

    Yeah, healing is key for this deck and you need to have some good micro. I would also use Moon to heal, but in combination with Rallying Banner. So you can spawn a Rallying Banner and instantly spawn Moon and use her ability in mid fights or mid/late fights. Or you can use Incredible Mo's 3rd ability, that allowes you to use ability right after spawning a unit. Disadvantage here is that Moon would spawn half life and dies faster then with Rallying Banner. So the heal process would be like: Run into a base -> kill 50-75% of the units / buildings -> spawn Rallying Banner near your units -> spawn Moon -> insta activate her ability -> group your units next to Moon (quick) -> let the heal do heal stuff -> kill the remaining stuff -> kill Moon immediately so she can recharge for next base -> maybe spawn new units next to Ralling Banner -> kill Ralling Banner for void power You need to do this while you spawn some spells, keep Shrine Of War active and try not to die. So as I said above, some good micro is required. I would build pure fire deck like this: T1: Firesworn (Red), Sunstriders, Mine (units are changebale, i use Firesworn for LS (L - Units at T2 and T3) and no Eruption cause you have Sunstrider and Gladiatrix at T2) T2: Firedancer (Promo ofc ), Gladi (Green), Moon, Lavafield, Wild Fire, Disenchant, Global Warming, Rallying Banner (Huuuuuuge T2 imo but all needed. Only optional card is Firedancer here. Global Warming very usefull for LS and Bandits, it prevents new shields and shreddes shields.) T3: Jugger (Promo ofc ), Shrine of War, Inferno, Unity (Green) T4: Batariel (Red), Thunderwagon (Red), Moloch, Earthshaker, Cluster Explosion (Red) (One ranged unit for Nyxia) With this deck, I think 9 rPvE is fine to do. Didnt tested it myself since BF is out again. Cheers, DNY
  3. DerNewYork

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    I personally like the purple one more, cause of the (I guess 35) dmg each second. So you can aim for next target even if the last target has 100-200 HP left over. The DOT dmg will handle the rest of it. And if you're playing Gemeye, like Flrbb said, you have a green and a frost orb with many stuns. Including Curse of Oink, Roots, Maelstrom etc.. So no need for an extra Stun. I usually do 4 Gemeye purple first, before I cast the green ones. Side - fact: If a S - Unit has 5 members left with 5 HP, a L / XL Unit can just walk over / through it. The S - Unit dies by the unit walking through it. So no need to hit the unit 5 more times, takes just tooooo long. ;-)
  4. You also can use Infect instead of Undead Army. But for me Undead Army works better, cause I think they have more health to heal your units. Take whatever works better for you. And the power difference of 10 power isnt that huge of a problem. ;-) And with void manipulation its absolute 0 problem. :-D
  5. DerNewYork

    Nature/shadow ideas

    If you have Ashbone on U3 he is really good. Other units would be Deepcoil Worm f.e. or alots of Culist Master.
  6. DerNewYork

    Nature/shadow ideas

    If you really looking for a Nature Shadow Deck, you need to add Amii-Phantom in to your T2. She is really strong against buildings and M-Units. Otherwise, use the cards Mephisto told above.
  7. Im a huge fan of using much spells and getting void power back from it. So for me, I spawn a new unit (in LS maps -> Battleship, in other maps construct or BS) when i have like 400-500 power left, so if I spawn a unit, I have like 150-200 power left. Then I can use another Frenetic Assault or Maelstorm or something like that.
  8. Exactly. Thx Treim. Why I am against Frost Mage, its just a personal dislike. In my opinion is 1 Unit for each tier enough, except for T4. For the open slots you can add spells and some support buildings. So thats why I think MA are enough for T1-3 bases. And with Home Soil you eliminiate each base in few seconds, so no need for Frost Mage. But thats up to everyone self. I agree that Viridiya is awesome with Lost Shades and I really like that combo. But if you're attacking with T4 and are in the middle of a fight and you spawn Viridya, I think the healing isnt that big for T4 and Viridya dies to fast when you're in a base. So I decided to go with Blood Healing and Undead Army.
  9. Hey Echo Here are some ideas of your deck wishes, i would build the decks. Pure Forst: Frost/Shadow: If you have more questions, feel free to ask! Cheers, DNY
  10. DerNewYork

    Need help - rPvE shadow deck?

    Hey guys I think, there is no point in playing pure shadow in rPvE, cause the Worms arent that good. So you have some options to go. Either you go 3 Shadow 1 Nature with Deathray, which are very strong and you have heals. Or you can go 1 frost and 1 nature with LSS and heals. Or 1 fire and 1 nature and Bloodhorn.. But there are some key cards I think. - Ressource Booster - Frenetic Assault - FoF and Cultist Master (if you don't play fire, if you do play fire -> Shrine of War) - If you play nature take Healing Gardens with you - Incredible Mo can also be usefull I dont recommand to use Rifle Culists, only in combination with Offering Green to use more T4 Units. So its up to you, what you'd like to play and if you'd like to hear some more infos about the deck, feel free to ask. Cheers, DNY
  11. DerNewYork

    Pure fire deck

    Hey man, There is not 1 way to build a pure fire deck, so here are some ideas of cards to use. Everything depends on the Map you'd like to play for PvE. rPvE you play slightly different. T1 - Units: - Sunderer - Firesworn - Sunstriders - Nomade (Green) T1 - Spells: - Mine - Eruption T1 - Buildings - Banner of Glory - Mortar Tower - Makeshift Tower - Blaster Canon - Maybe Firebomb T2 - Units: - Firedancer / Fire Stalker - Gladiatrix - Scythe Fiends - Skyfire Drake - Moon (for heals, if you use her correctly) T2 - Spells: - Disenchant - Global Warming - Lava Field - Wild Fire - Maybe Ravage T2 - Buildings: - Pyromaniac - Termite Hill - Rocket Tower T3 - Units: - Juggernaut (thats all you need) - Spitfire T3 - Spells: - Unity - Inferno - Aura of Pain T3 - Buildings: - Shrine of War - Tower of Flames - Voodoo Shack T4 - Units: - Batariel - Moloch - Thunder Wagon - Fire Dragon - Magma Fiend - Fire Worm T4 - Spells: - Cluster Explosion - Fire Sphere - Earth Shaker T4 - Buildings: - Comet Catcher Choose some of them and use what works best for you! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Cheers, DNY
  12. Hey man! I really like you! I also have this Deck and I love to play it! There are some things I would change. The main problem playing this deck are heals. How do I heal my units? Well, there are some ways to do it. - Viridya (doesnt work that good, cause she is faster then your units) - Netherwarp Green (does only a bit) - Bloodhealing (But with what units?) Best way to do it (in my opinion): Undead Army and Bloodhealing. You dont lose any HP in T4 by using a Construct or something and it really heals alot! Key card for this deck is the following: - Incredible Mo (3rd ability (200e) -> for LS) - The LS dragons makes your ranged units debuff so they dont attack. 3rd ability mo ensure that your units doesnt get debuffed. - Only thing on LS are the ultra ranged dancers. They disenchant your ground units, so the dragons can debuff your ranged units again. But this only works for ground units! - So for LS I would use 1 Construct and then work only with Battle Ships. Personal opinion for your deck: - For me there are too many units in it. - I would remove: Frost Mage, Shadow Phoenix, Storm Singer and normal Construct -> And Glyphe of Frost (cause im not a friend of freeze) - Then there is something very important missing in your deck. - Culist Master and Fournance of Flesh -> For void manipulation - Cards to add instead of the cards above: - Second Frenetic Assault, FoF, Cultist Master, Decomposer, (if you play Shadow Phoenix -> then Embalmer Shrine), Soul Shatter, Infect, Ice Tornado, Ward of the North, Frost Shard, Timeless One I would really love to play with you and your deck, cause you're the first one I see, who play this deck. So if you like to add me ingame, we can play some games together. If you have some more questions, feel free to ask. Cheers, DNY
  13. Hey Spazzatron I'd really like to help you with your deck. But we need some more informations about your idea. For example for which type of playing (PvP, PvE, rPvE) and stuff like this. So either you message me on Discord so we can write together or just give us the information in this thread here. Cheers, DNY
  14. Hey Nicolaos Im not a pro in pure frost decks, but I think I can help somehow. Your deck looks good so far, there are some usefull cards in it. And deck making depends on which map you want to play. For example War Eagle could be usefull for some maps or Northland Drake (even if he's weak, its a flying unit). I would switch out Shatter Ice for Ice Tornado, I think its more usefull. The following cards could be usefull: - Ice Age -> in combination with Area Ice Shield and Mountaineer - Timeless One -> for some more CC - Construct and Battle Ship -> for more T4 defense - Kobold Inc. -> faster / instant tower building - Shrine of Martyrs -> if you dont use void manipulation somehow (not possible with pure frost) - Northstar -> longer CC and more damage when frozen - Juice Tank -> more / longer power - Warden's Sigil -> could be usefull for some maps Feel free to ask more, if you want to know something. Cheers, DNY
  15. DerNewYork

    Fire Natur rpve

    Hey Loriens Fire can be played in T10, no problem there. But lets focus on level 9. Deck seems very good in my eyes Disenchant is only needed when you play Bata in T4, so I would remove this card for sure and I'm not a huge fan of Eruption, so I would also remove this. Add Gladiatrix for Eruption and Cluster Explosion for Disenchant. And you're good to go. As I'm also not a huge fan of Wheels, I would also remove this card and add Healing Gardens to the deck. Maybe switch out Surge of Light with Ravage. But if you dont have all charges on Regrowth, go with Surge of Light (+ Healing Gardens) cause SOL really heals much with HG. And I like the Protectors Seal, very usefull for LS maps. The other cards looks good in my eyes. Should work for the most maps. Cheers, DNY

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