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  1. Damn this one is real fun Unleashing the full mayhem of all those high tier BF cards is just awesome Just a way to skip the ultra long dialoge would have been quite neat ^^
  2. Yeah I have quoted wrongly - already edited it 😉
  3. Well the problem is you need a T1 unit or building to actually get control over Mo, so I am pretty sure that Boozah will keep his Banzai Lords xD
  4. Thats a really nice challange Just made my first succesful attempt and think I can kick out one more card 🙂 I am really curious how low the top players can get ... Btw I think it is very nice to see a non speedrun challange here - hope to see more of that in the future 👍
  5. Would be quite cool and interesting what other players came up with I have already watched Eirias runs on YT which were really entertaining 👍
  6. Wow those dragons look awesome - cant wait to play them I also think the additional achievments are a great idea - they will be also available for people who are already playing - right?
  7. Thanks for adjusting the event - yeah the T3 on the right side is straight up insane, atleast without spells. 😵 But I gotta say I am kinda confused now, is there a formula which calculates in difficulty and time? 🤔 Or is it just any time in 6 is ranking higher than on 5 or lower? This would honestly make the adjustments pretty pointless, since probably most people can complete it on 6, if the left player moves right with T4 units and secures the T3 and 4 for the right player. (at least thats how I did it in the first two tries - was possible but uuuultra slow - 19 and 21 minutes 😅)
  8. A very interesting challange - already gave it a few tries. Just a bit disappointed about no general participation awards - since there are so many very good players out there I think it will be quite unlikely to get a reward as an avarage player 🙁
  9. I am working on my run and I think they are even or at least very close to just got so many good cards for that map - Cannon Tower, War Eagle, Construct ... I even found the Northland drakes kinda useful here ^^ Just running out of and to build the deck in a way that I am satisfied xD
  10. Really like this one 🙂 Have already completed it with Pure Shadow on expert which was quite fun, Kinda lacking the card pool for the other colors... Do you think for Pure Nature on expert a few straglers + living towers are enough to defend against the stonekin warriors?
  11. Come on Volin, dont blow it that fast xD At the first two points I was actually - hm sounds OP but maybe... But the third one well ... ^^
  12. Puh While I really like that it will be more constant which card are switchable I think some maps need fast updates afterwards. Especially nightmare shard will probably mana wings only if you cannot switch the vilebloods anymore. I generally love to play Shadow start and try to play most maps full Shadow and really hope it stays playable after the Night guard nerf
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