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  1. Creep Crusher

    Control groups not working

    Yes I tried. I even tried my gaming mouse with the extra buttons but not luck so far.
  2. Creep Crusher

    Control groups not working

    Yes I do.
  3. Creep Crusher

    Does overlord worth keeping? [SOLVED]

    Thank you very much guys! I will take what you said into account!
  4. Creep Crusher

    Does overlord worth keeping? [SOLVED]

    Thank you for replaying. I am quite flexible and might be going full shadow in the future. It seems it really isn't that powerful. Especially compared to other high stats like Bloodhorn or Colossus. Is he have any good combo going for him? Something that is unique for him that is worth keeping?
  5. Hello! I happened to get 3 overlord cards in boosters since I started and know that they can be sold for decent amount of BFP. My question is. Does it worth using/upgrading? For a 4T XL unit he is weaker then most other 4T XL units in terms of damage/health. I do know that he is considered kinda core or an essential in shadow decks but I don't really know why. I would be happy to know what is the best uses for him and what other cards I need for it to utilize him for the best. P.S. I currently run a Shadow/Fire deck for both PVP and PVE.
  6. Creep Crusher

    Control groups not working

    Thanks for replaying! I tried that but it didn't worked. The key binding is indeed Ctrl + 1 but when I select the unit and try it, it doesn't work.
  7. Creep Crusher

    Control groups not working

    So I tried to use different keyboard buttons but this didn't work. I tried using my gaming mouse extra buttons but that didn't worked either. The problem is not in selecting the groups, but rather that control groups cannot be set at all.

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