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  1. Ah, so I am not the only one who cant start another match? My game freezes everytime i create a game
  2. I don't blame people for playing the game, there is nothing egocentric about it, they just want to enjoy the game as long as the server allows them to.
  3. I find it completely stupid that I have to wait a whole minute to retry joining the server when it's full again. I could try 30 times and half an hour passes like I have nothing better to do before I go to work. It's just having to wait such a long time just to get that message over and over again. edit: tried it a couple of times again and there is nothing that has ever made me furious about this project, but this is just beyond everything. If you got enough server slots, sure you can do that, but why when there is such limited that we have to wait a whole minute to retry with such a small chance to get in.
  4. I am not looking for a fight or encourage an immature behavior, but you could just read previous messages in this forum and have to understand that this question has been asked atleast 10 times on all 12 pages now Yea I figure I could just say that you should ignore this message.
  5. how about you stop relying on a personal service and just try to get the information yourself
  6. how about you read one of the last 11 pages
  7. Was able to create a new deck, play the first level again for like 10 minutes before it lost the connection to the client but damn this felt good.
  8. Just ignore the activation messages and keep trying to join the server, the only thing that could be is that the server is full or you have lost connection to the server
  9. servers arent up yet, if the server would be full, it would tell you that its full, wait a bit and try again later
  10. No, but maybe you can try to change your Anti Virus program settings to ignore the UAC file
  11. Tried logging in a couple of times now, at the beginning it said something like the server is full, now when I try it it's loading for a while and says "Your client has lost connection to the server". Am I doing something wrong? Oh i didnt refresh the site, alright
  12. 50 hours or days? shit sorry misunderstood
  13. So I am a guy who was just lurking into this site for years, decided to create an account january this year after I heard the set date for the release and this is pretty much my first comment on this forum. Also its my first peek into this forum. I think it kind of was a mistake to set a release date, it's probably the major reason for any impatience since people got ready to play this game again but I don't blame the devs, my friend told me they had to port something and then to fix some stuff again, but people who can't deal with it and insult the admins for it are plain stupid tbh. Seen a lot of unjustified hate and accusations especially in the YouTube comments from people not knowing what's going on. But still there are some things that bother me, I get it - You don't want to make any promises anymore on when the open beta will be released, but the changelogs only give insight for the people that are closed beta testers, so I as an outsider don't know how it has any use for me. The progress bars were a good idea and yea they removed it for an understandable reason but maybe they should make a list about what things still need to be done, represent those in bars again and continually add new things to inform that people what actually needs to be done until the open beta is released. I know it sounds like it has no other purpose than what the bars did before but yet I want to have some progress visualized, as I said, I would be glad if they added new things that need to be done to that list, so we can actually comprehend what's going on.
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