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  1. ZgNightcore

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  2. ZgNightcore

    BF can't install

    you cant launch it yet, when the beta starts the skylords team will put up a file on the forum for you to download. you have tio add that the the launcher folder en thn you can launch
  3. ZgNightcore

    You're favorite type of deck

    Aaah yhea a friend of mine was a twilight player and he used to rule every battlefield he played in, i probebly try it out in the beta
  4. ZgNightcore


    Well yhea, maybe like 2 or 3 cards from every tier, and if you use a T3 card you get a T3 back. Boom solved the problem im a genuis
  5. ZgNightcore


    i was thinking of just a normal match but you start with 6 random cards, and everytime you use one you get a random card. no decks needed or cards to br unlocked by the player. just pure RNG
  6. ZgNightcore

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    for me PvE, because i never got into PvP. i didnt play for a long time before the servers shut down. i think i started a month before they went down. and i didnt understan it all cus it was in english and i didnt speak a word english back then. but im sertanly going to play pvp on this. im so exited for it.
  7. ZgNightcore

    You're favorite type of deck

    yhea i was planning to do that aswell just experiment with random decks and just even if they are not good maybe they are fun, and thanks i surely will check it out(. (btw love youre profile pic, im planning to get an Artorias and sif tattoo)
  8. ZgNightcore

    You're favorite type of deck

    same i mostly played PvE cus i didnt had the knowledge ir skill to play pvp, and i could barellly understand english back then.
  9. ZgNightcore

    You're favorite type of deck

    I am really curious what kinf of decks people used back in the day, i always used a full fire deck that was ust was pure attack power. but it wasnt that good because i didnt play for long untill the server shut down.

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