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    when i started playing BF my English sucked, so i legit thought it was called a face tower........
  2. Same here, although out of many tries i did get into a game 2 times. i wanted to play the tutorial map, but the game froze both times after i got my first frost orb. all other times i tried to start a game i got the same error message.


    dutchman here, my opinion on beer: i like Belgian and englisch/irish beers. But among the normal pilsner i like hertog jan
  4. also from the netherlands, its fun to see the large part of communitiy members are from the netherlands and germany. i wonder why that is.
  5. cus thunder is friends with lightning, lightning is electricity, electricity is an important invention for mankind, and the first big invention for mankind was fire. Duh..
  6. i had found that video about a year back too. that theme is so epic
  7. Thanks for the update, all the best to fiki i hope he feels better soon. i have no problem waiting another month. its way better to get the complete version as oposed to rushing forward and releaching it too soon. The start is in sight, so thanks to everybody on the dev team for sticking with the project. see you in the forge!
  8. Wow it worked, thanks a lot!
  9. Hello everybody, The website keeps login me out of my account. even though i let chrome save my password, sometimes i just need to login manualy. when i type in my password i get the message wrong password. i am absolutly sure i am using the right pasword but it doesnt work. So i reset my pasword to exactly the same one and it works for 1 or 2 days. then it breaks again. is this a known bugg or am i doing something wrong.
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