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  1. Phoenix1664

    Open Beta Information

    HA just make sure that if he does get into the game he cant play anything that needs more than 1 person :-)
  2. Phoenix1664

    Open Beta Information

    The open beta will be released on those dates not last that long
  3. Phoenix1664

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    As it has been said before no they cant as if they say Yes its all go for end of the month then 1 day before there is a catastrophe and they cant open the beta then everyone is disappointed. They are giving us the best answer they can. and why cant you invite your friends now and they wait it does not need to be finished to invite people. Just be patient and let the people who ware putting the effort in decide.
  4. Phoenix1664

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Request denied :-)
  5. Phoenix1664

    PvE Teams

    I believe that having a guild or clan was mentioned a while ago for stuff like PVE and even PVP so you could have guild wars.
  6. Phoenix1664

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    On the bright side people more space for us with the possible uplift in people on the black list haha. I tell you what it does amaze me looking at some posts its just so childish " i think this is crap" no its not "then your all stupid" i mean Jesus Christ get a grip. there are people putting so much effort in bringing this game back. Is it taking a while? Yes of course it is it it taking an unreasonable amount of time? Not even close Fiki and the whole team are doing what they can and its better than almost anyone els on here could do (might be someone but i doubt it) So shut up and let them get on with it.
  7. Phoenix1664

    Games you play while waiting

    Halo Wars 2, Shadow OF War, ARK, DOW 3, Dreadnought
  8. Phoenix1664

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Reply to thread - Done Bribe admins to gain win - Ongoing Win - guaranteed
  9. Phoenix1664

    What do you do in life?

    Ha nice mate i used to play WT like alot Ahhhh good old C&C takes me back to good times no one messes with my obelisks
  10. Phoenix1664

    What do you do in life?

    i am an ICT Technician for the RAF.................so i basically drink lots of tea
  11. Phoenix1664

    Lost Grigori

    Very nice mate i love the look. How about Abyssal Warder. Love that guy
  12. Phoenix1664

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Thanks for the update Insane and we will still be here in multiple months never mind a 1 month delay. And Fiki mate health and personal life always come first look after you we will keep the hype going as long as you need lad. Good luck all.
  13. Phoenix1664

    Card Art Rework

    With the new design the orbs are much better you know how many you need and of what colour, I also agree that this new artwork is nice but very plain and needs a bit more tiny details put on it maybe pull the view back a bit and have actual souls from the bodies. I must also agree about the nostalgia but I also think that it would be a cool thing to have alternate looks for the cards that could be looked at once the game is up and running at least but not to replace them.
  14. Phoenix1664

    Card Art Rework

    As a matter of fact i completely understand but the problem is that you have no right to tell people to to share an opinion or complain when they say what is wrong with something in their eyes, this is a forum for a game not an art convention so either deal with people giving you an opinion or dont post them. Yes it is if someone was to say mate that is just S**T then yes that is not helpful but simply saying it needs work or that does not really work is helpful as you can then focus on that 1 piece of the whole picture and ask people what you could do to make it better (you never once asked Dawson what would make it better) as a producer you can also ask for clarification rather than flying off the handle. Yea it was obviously more than 1 pixel but they were minor and it didn't really change the picture so people opinions would not have changed. And with your final line calling people immature you are proving your immaturity you need to expect things like this if you try to create something. Just look at how much grief the guys who are trying to bring this amazing game back to us get i see it every day people moaning and complaining but they just get on with it.
  15. Phoenix1664

    Card Art Rework

    YT Tobbezockt As it has been posted it is not just sylvix that thinks you have an argy tone you are being rather aggressive with your wording and you have not taking a single comment that anyone has said in any way but hostile. And i have just looked thought this whole thing and it has been mentioned on many occasions that people like your artwork +1 but that the orb layout could do with some work -0. so that is nothing but positive that you have been getting if someone says dude you need to change your orb layout simply making things 1 pixel bigger or moving something a few pixels left or right is nor really changing anything. people have simply said its confusing and the old one was not so why not combine your old and your new to make something that people can understand.

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