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  1. I like it great work ahhh just makes me more excited haha. Nice mini game 38 moves to finish
  2. HAhaha I even pull that face
  3. Not played that in so long I am interested but will need to make sure I still have it before I commit.
  4. I agree that downloading any time soon would be fruitless with so many changes being made but i think for Tam and probably some other people it would be useful to download a week or 2 before hand or even longer as you will have the bulk of the information and then you just need to do the final download as you do with all games now look at COD on the XBONE for instance. You do the 20GB download a month before then on the day of release you have a 4 GB download with the final files.
  5. Very nice mate a great thing to do to be honest looking forward to you doing some more
  6. Basically like how for Honour does it. So you would have fire, ice, earth etc etc etc and you pick to join one when you start playing. but you can only change once every month or few months. but after you have joined one your team then fights for control of the world to gain more rewards.
  7. In Skylords Reborn now.
  8. I got the trophies but i am going on holiday tomorrow for 4 days so i might not get on to apply until i get back but i will try to get in first.
  9. Ha and that's what happens when you don't look at the original date of posting. well dam
  10. Count me in if the game starts on Tuesday I am on my holidays until then but if I do play I will be Ironclad in RED
  11. Tried to join But Battleforge is full and it does not look like skylords has been created?
  12. Fantastic work guys, Sounds like it is getting closer and closer to being a reality. I have the utmost faith in the admin team and cant wait to get back into the forge Good luck people
  13. Awww man ruined I have just noticed this and was really looking forward to seeing them. The Nature ones look amazing tho great job mate.
  14. England the home of bad tempers
  15. Hey all, I have basically made this to ask if anyone else remembers the crazy card stealing hack thing that happened near the end of the game? I remember logging in and i had 1 deck for every team in the game and most of my decks were missing cards as you would expect it was the best ones. After i complained about this i was told basically tough it was my fault for letting someone hack my account and steal my stuff. Anyone else have this near the end?