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  1. I think once everything els is up and running this could be a good idea. But as people have said it would be alot of work but most people will only want to use it for testing how a deck works not really a challenge so it will only need to act like they would in a PVE map.
  2. If anyone has played diablo 3 that could be something to look at. So once you have killed X or you have beaten a certain amount of this enemy you gain a picture or a border oe something like that. so you can add hundreds of little things that people can add to the picture. and you could make the profile pic just a little bit bigger to add details to it. I would say to keep it separate from the forum as once the game is out again (Praying for that to happen soon) people might not join the forum as they will just want to play the game.
  3. Oooowww sounds nice me likey. good way to get back into it and get pounded by someone haha. Put me down for a 2V2 please
  4. Ok so another thread about balancing. I understand that people want the game to be fair for everyone and a player of any skill level to be able to play with anyone els in PVE and not have the more experienced player win it by them self. BUT that will never happen like ever. I have played games all my life but i still consider myself mediocre but i still managed to do every mission in this game also if playing PVE and a player did one of the mentioned things that is OP i would just not play with that person. some people enjoy doing things like that so taking it away so other people stop complaining is not correct. And as it has been stated in other threads the OP combinations do not work in PVP because they require such specific orbs and alot require time to set up and another player will not give you that time unless they are also doing the same. With Nerfing cards to make it more fair i dont get that at all. you say that some cards should be slow and some fast and you should only get small cards then large cards. that will do more damage as people will then all have the same deck as there is no point having anything els. Morning Rant over back you peeps
  5. As people have stated above this really cannot be used in PVP so it wont really effect anyone. second this it just for fun and it you try to play PVE and someone is using it and slowing it down dont play with then. Thirdly i think the Dev's have enough to do right now bring out beloved game back to life before they go changing things that people are not happy with so shall we say some like some done and lets leave it at that. And yes everyone can have an opinion but when that opinion gets aggressive or then belittles someone els its not cool any more.
  6. I think They are a good idea if it keeps the game alive rather than all this work for something that might wither again in a few years. Also there are plenty of games that have a launcher with adds included in it and its something that does not affect the game play or the game itself but they are there.
  7. Sorry mate no time to get on my machine at home with home stuff atm i am using my work time to get on the forum as its way more important lol.
  8. Lookes very good mate i like it. only things from me is if you are keeping with time adn that the spell to stop people why not call it pause? and with the Clock you can have it as an expensive structure that recharges a spell use over time and you can select what one to use if you dont have the cards so that building can speed up slow down and do any time spell but has a long cool down?
  9. I like it great work ahhh just makes me more excited haha. Nice mini game 38 moves to finish
  10. HAhaha I even pull that face
  11. Not played that in so long I am interested but will need to make sure I still have it before I commit.
  12. I agree that downloading any time soon would be fruitless with so many changes being made but i think for Tam and probably some other people it would be useful to download a week or 2 before hand or even longer as you will have the bulk of the information and then you just need to do the final download as you do with all games now look at COD on the XBONE for instance. You do the 20GB download a month before then on the day of release you have a 4 GB download with the final files.
  13. Very nice mate a great thing to do to be honest looking forward to you doing some more
  14. Basically like how for Honour does it. So you would have fire, ice, earth etc etc etc and you pick to join one when you start playing. but you can only change once every month or few months. but after you have joined one your team then fights for control of the world to gain more rewards.
  15. In Skylords Reborn now.