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  1. Ok so here are the images for the main 2 folders and i am trying to open it via the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe. I would but with my location being as it is the time to download would be long. but this has only happened since the last time i updated it and it has also lost its image. Is there anything els that could be done before i need to download a full install again?
  2. Ok so my login is Phoenix1664 and i for some reason can no longer run the game as when i try to run it i get a message stating that this app cannot run on my PC. Now this app has been running for a wile. I am currently on deployment to afghanistan and updated the app last night but now it will not work. . Has there been an update or something that i have missed recently that could have caused this?
  3. Ok so i have tried this at multiple locations and reset everything i can get my hands on. And the problem is still going and now the updater just flashes open then instantly closes and thats all i get
  4. Ok i have just opened it and it ran once did loads of updates then the button play button appeared. brilliant changed my settings and told it to go full screen closed it to update the settings and now its back to not showing the play button?
  5. 4. If the game does not start at all, delete Documents\BattleForgeFind the "BattleForge" folder in your "Documents" folder (default location at C:\Users\<Your Username>\Documents\BattleForge) and completely delete it. Then, run SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe; the updater will then regenerate a BattleForge folder for you, which should fix this startup issue. Does this not fix your issue? Then check if the new BattleForge folder in your documents is NOT set to Read-Only. To do this, right-click on the Battleforge folder, select Properties and at the very bottom left corner of the window untick
  6. Ok so i have re downloaded everything and the updater you sent and i am still getting the same problem and the bits in my documents that i deleted are not being put back either
  7. nope still having it and nothing has changed since i used it and it last worked. i have now completely removed it and i am going to a fresh install
  8. Ok so i hope someone has not posted this already and i missed it. So i have played this game quite a bit since it was re-released and it seemed to be fine but for the last few days i can no longer play as when i start the updated the window opens for me to get to the forum and discord but where the launch button should be it tries checking then stops then closes and i have tried the fixes and nothing seems to work.
  9. I have not really had a problem getting into the game i jsut cant play anything i have only finished 1 match before being kicked out and at the moment i cant even click create game or it will crash and boot me out but lets me honest its still better than it was. I mean other than the standard 600 messages every few seconds with WTT decks and the other annoying constant crap but ow well cant wait for it to be up and running properly great work so far guys.
  10. Ahhhh what a good day. I mean just fantastic just the best day in so long. made my account again OMG that was just amazing ahhhhhhhhhhh lovely step 1 complete once our glorious saviours finish some patches its onto phase 2 yey
  11. HA just make sure that if he does get into the game he cant play anything that needs more than 1 person :-)
  12. The open beta will be released on those dates not last that long
  13. As it has been said before no they cant as if they say Yes its all go for end of the month then 1 day before there is a catastrophe and they cant open the beta then everyone is disappointed. They are giving us the best answer they can. and why cant you invite your friends now and they wait it does not need to be finished to invite people. Just be patient and let the people who ware putting the effort in decide.
  14. On the bright side people more space for us with the possible uplift in people on the black list haha. I tell you what it does amaze me looking at some posts its just so childish " i think this is crap" no its not "then your all stupid" i mean Jesus Christ get a grip. there are people putting so much effort in bringing this game back. Is it taking a while? Yes of course it is it it taking an unreasonable amount of time? Not even close Fiki and the whole team are doing what they can and its better than almost anyone els on here could do (might be someone but i doubt it) So shut up and let them
  15. Halo Wars 2, Shadow OF War, ARK, DOW 3, Dreadnought
  16. Ha nice mate i used to play WT like alot Ahhhh good old C&C takes me back to good times no one messes with my obelisks
  17. i am an ICT Technician for the RAF.................so i basically drink lots of tea
  18. Very nice mate i love the look. How about Abyssal Warder. Love that guy
  19. Thanks for the update Insane and we will still be here in multiple months never mind a 1 month delay. And Fiki mate health and personal life always come first look after you we will keep the hype going as long as you need lad. Good luck all.
  20. Oooowww sounds nice me likey. good way to get back into it and get pounded by someone haha. Put me down for a 2V2 please
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