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  1. vladistick

    Closed Beta Applications

    Howdy Skylords My name is Michael and I'm fairly closely observing the project since the beginning. Currenly I'm on the grad year of computer science. I have fairly large amount of time on my hand, except for mondays and fridays, since I'm half time working as a junior php developer. I could potentionally spend up to 3 hrs a day playing skylords. I'm not the greatest pvp player in the world, but in original realese I just grinded my ass off in pve, and that is the game mode I fall in love with, and will probably play if I get into beta. Couple of weeks ago, I posted some fanart of original Battleforge designs on the forum, I'm pretty terrible at painting, but that's one of the thing I want to get better at, and I hope some people enjoyed dem paintings. If that would help a bit in getting into the beta, my birthday is in 2 days, and playing this game again would be best gift imaginable. Anyway, good luck to everyone, hope to see all of you one day in the game. My discord name: Vladistick#3040
  2. vladistick

    Avatar of frost fanart

    Someone suggested painting avatar of frost, so here it is. Next one is dreadcharger for sure. After that I'm not sure, perhaps I will make a poll later on.
  3. vladistick

    Lost Grigori

    So, here is a painting I've made in this week. Would you like to see any other card illustrated?

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