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  1. Lotte2525

    Multiplayer Maps

    Multiplayer maps. As soon as you want to open a 2 or 4 games Mapn, very often comes the error that then crashes the connection to the server. 2er Games Maps. Normally it was like that, when you play a map with two of you, and the other player gets out of the game, etc. That you can continue to play the map alone. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and the server loses the connection again or you have a freeze again and you have to end the game.
  2. Lotte2525

    Connection lost to server

    the servers ip from Battleforge or your own?
  3. Lotte2525

    Connection lost to server

    is that actually correct so that there ip stands there? Because as far as I know is this always the own computer ip? Would not be a miracle if you only get Connection Lost. is always the host Ip .... ???
  4. Lotte2525

    No Login, or Freeze in Game

    Very often, immediately after the login, the connection is interrupted. Very rarely, if you can play for a short time, many players leave the current game because they either lost the connection or the game gets a freeze with me as well
  5. Lotte2525

    your account is not activated yet

    Same thing with me
  6. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I can twist and turn as I want. As soon as I have a successful login, the error comes immediately afterwards: The client has lost the connection. So do not even have the chance to test whether the game is working properly or not.
  7. Lotte2525

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I'm also waiting and will be very excited when there is news. Hope, like others, that we can play soon and may. MFG Lotte
  8. Lotte2525

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I could be very sour ... More than sour. But it's more of a sadness that I can not play games. It's just a damn good game Therefore, I wish the Dev Team continued to do good work and good luck, the game is finally playable. Because nothing is better than a (almost) bug-free game.
  9. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    I think you're right and go into your deal. I wish you all a nice evening
  10. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    And what kind of false information should that be? You mean the truth! Twice the date has been postponed, that's the truth. Another one has now set a time window of 7 days and now you leave the people here for 6 days in ignorance whether it is on 26 something or not. So far, there is simply no further information and puzzles like crazy. Would the whole thing go well, Had somebody long been reported or written in the forum. Therefore, my guess is that tomorrow it will contribute a new forum, where it says that it will be postponed again.
  11. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    Since there is still no information from a dev or admin that looks more than bad in my eyes. And say again in advance. Tomorrow will be nothing and the whole thing will move again. But I said that a month ago, but no one believes me.
  12. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    We all appreciate that it will not be until Sunday. But some treasures that it will be postponed yet again for a few days. Something always was.
  13. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    Well with the statement they want to make later competitions again, one could think that the beta comes late. Because why should one still invite which when the next day the Open Beta appears. very curious
  14. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    BETWEEN the 19 and the 26th so within the 7 days. What is not self-explanatory?
  15. Lotte2525

    Open Stress Test Information

    It is totally pointless to ask here if you get discounts for promotion or money. On Youtube you can earn quite well and I praise the game already enough. I do this voluntarily and free of charge. Hope that the Open Beta is successful and successful. My donation is still active and looking forward to more. I have already downloaded and scanned the game. It is virus free etc. I do not think that the guys here want to spread any viruses, etc. So always stay relaxed.

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