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  1. Kef

    Instant DC

    Yes, you right, it happens again
  2. Kef

    Instant DC

    LOL, disabled subtitles, and game start just fine now
  3. Kef

    Instant DC

    More logs comes, found in documents. Seems like more usefull log.txt You are not focused enought to read logs, man. I'm tried multiple time, and successed to get slot, but connection died AFTER this log.txt
  4. Kef

    Instant DC

    I have created another account, but this doesn't help. I'm managed to create new character, but always DC after loading in forge Here some logs, /b/ратья _launcher.log Also it states in corner, that server is (localhost) Is it ok?
  5. Kef

    Instant DC

    Same problem, seems like connection establishing for too long, and then disconnects after loading

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