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  1. guess if they knew how Long it takes it wouldnt take Long at all! ^^
  2. Just tried 2 create a gameroom than crash whitescreen and this error msg. came. yepp i keep geting it...
  3. no not evrytime it was sometimes! Now i could log in 1 time realy succsesfully but after it i get that lost conection error again.
  4. Is it just me?? Or is evryone else having the same Problem? After succesfull login Server lost!
  5. was no complaining! just wanted 2 let you all know! ^^
  6. Hey, i now get a new1 after succesfully logged in, the Game just shuts down without any error msg.
  7. It is unfair because there are Ppl who have to work (i know so uncool) and dont have the Time to try to connect all Day Long! A Queue System which could easyly implented in the launcher would make it fair!
  8. but still cant play cuz Server are always full… At least at a decent Time...
  9. Hey, just wanted 2 ask if it is possible to implement a Queue System into the Launcher… This try in 1 Minute thing is totaly 2005ish and absolute unfair for those who dont want 2 try evry Minute all Day long! So either upgrade the Playermax. for the Server or implement a Queuesystem plz!
  10. ye i think evryone else is having the same Problem and its not just PVE its also all PVP Maps!
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