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  1. Luuge

    The legendary forum game "count"

  2. Luuge

    Free Steam Game Keys

    Thought we had a nice community and could share... but very nice of you doing this giveaway
  3. Luuge

    Name change ingame

    Thank you very much
  4. Luuge

    Name change ingame

    Hi! Will we have the same name ingame as on the forum
  5. Luuge


    Will i be able to play open beta? or am i on the blacklist?
  6. Luuge

    Open Beta Information

    Can i play open beta or have i hit the blacklist
  7. Luuge

    Name change

    The fact that i made this acc almost one and a half year ago makes me consider my own name awful. would like to change. any way i can do it?
  8. Luuge


    How much are you working on this? do you have a irl work? how much in hour everyday? When will the servers work?
  9. Luuge

    Looking for a 2v2 Partner

    Im bad i just want to play
  10. Luuge

    Fixing Servers

    im not really sure. if i can contact my cousin he will help me with it. he is kind so i think he will fix
  11. Luuge

    Fixing Servers

    Hi, as we can see you have server issues and ill be trying to help with the servers. if you need help ill see what i can do.
  12. Luuge

    for FREE noooo...

    so when you start Bf you will only have toturial card? please do that or players will make alot of accs
  13. Luuge

    Card back!

    ah i see
  14. Luuge

    Card back!

    thats so sad couse now crap EA get cred
  15. Luuge

    For how long have everyone played?

    without this game i wouldnt be this person

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