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  1. Thought we had a nice community and could share... but very nice of you doing this giveaway
  2. Can i play open beta or have i hit the blacklist
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue. Vodka cost less than dinner for two! :D

    1. Dzodin


      That one is good :D

    2. anonyme0273


      So many vodka quotes 



      Warning, explicit language ^^

  4. Thanks guys alot it fixed the problem
  5. Hello! Everytime i want to login to the BFR forum it says (error logging in) or something like that and i can log in ofc. All the time i have to press (fogot password). I go to my mail. Get a new password and then i get logged in from that site I opened from the mail. Then when i exit the forum and want to go back in it says (error logging in) even tho i have that (auto sign in) and its so annoying to everytime i want to say something in the forum i have to get a new password. I would be very happy if you fixed that.
  6. I just used that to demonstrate that it can be annoying if someone makes a false "quote" with a another persons name (said).
  7. Oh just saw that but can we spread to one of the developers that it needs to be fixed.
  8. i knew you would fix it
  9. Hello! ive found a bug in the forum. When your gonna quote what a another person said you can change what they said. Like if someone said "hey, thats pretty good" you can press quote and change the text so it look like he said (Tomas said "i have a pony") but he didnt say it. Sorry if this is not a good description of the problem but if you understod me please respond in the comments.
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