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  1. Lorem Ipsum text have no meaningful content. Its just a place holder text
  2. Why not just put the 10s booster achievement behind the 10s time achievement...? You can only do the booster achievement when you have done BG10 under 12 minutes.
  3. However, this will automatically bring you into conflict with PVP balancing, which unfortunately will probably be weighted higher.
  4. Dolewan 1 Player Crusade Expert 12:45.1 Edit Time :12:20.8
  5. 1 Player: Soultree and Behinde Enemiy Lines 2 Player: Crusade and Convoy 4 Player: ( I like to solo and duo them) Titans and Empire
  6. This is a really cool idea. I just started Battleforge last week and now I have the chance to complete my Frost/Shadow deck. 1. Home Soil 2. Lost Warlord (Frost) 3. Construct 4. Construction Hut Ingame username : Dolewan
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