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  1. not as good as the last one so il give it an 8/10 now fomr something trippy af
  2. great atmosphere the music sets up. absolutelly love it! 10/10 speaking of sad music.(please do listen to the meaning of the lyrics)
  3. A little bit cheesy 6/10
  4. If x-link types important twice in one line u know something serious is about to go down!
  5. Altho im getting into the game and currently am only lvl 15, i have to say vistas dissapoint me(at least the ones i have discovered). i do like figuring out how to get those maps but the sights shown are not that impressive and portay a completely different view of lets say queensdales damm which i would like to see. Idk perhaps im used a lot to seeing views the way i want with flying mounts in wow xD
  6. considering the fact that u listened to this just after waking up and it gave me a nice start of the day feeling i give it a 9/10
  7. Altho lyrics are understandable i give it a solid 7 out of 10 now for some stoner music
  8. 8/10 not a bad song
  9. and ofc the community manager title has a picture of a dragon in it
  10. wish granted but you tongue is being cut so you wouldnt spoil other ppl I wish @Greymane reconquered Guilneas.
  11. Wish granted but a sudden plot twist happens and time controls you. I wish i could attack air units aswell.
  12. Oh my the terror of 2v2 especially if the game dragged for 10-20 mins. That card saved my life quite a lot of times by wiping out armies. It was void energy dependant tho so if noot many units died ingame the card wouldnt have been much use.
  13. as i said it only MIGHT work in 2v2 pvp. obvously i wouldnt use this card unless i have a a solid energy advantage, this card is extremely situational and you owuld need heavy help from your teammate
  14. ok ty. well it is still quite energy efficient but only as i said before i see it viable in 2v2 pvp
  15. I tried this card a few times in 2v2 pvp and it isnt so bad actually, you can make an insect army and swarm the enemy one wave killed? no problem here comes another one. Also if i remember well the energy cost of summoning the buggs was 0(please correct me if i am wrong) which is quite efficient.
  16. 1184 i have read the battleforge lore such rhyme but i dont give a dime
  17. is an avenger (spoilers for captain america civil war pls)
  18. thinks his vaporizing ability can stand up to the mighty wrathgazer
  19. I used this card in 2v2 pvp and it was quite fun. In a map like fyre, you can place the energy parasites on a cliff(not sure if it was cliff, well it was water and rocks you could say) where only spells like eruption will reach them. if you managed to get 4 energy parasites that couldve been a game changer. however spawning them is situational depending in the position your well/orb is established.
  20. As @chimerae said winter witches are usefull with constructs. it was a fun combo in pve. but dont rely on their ability usefulness only. they are also awesome to freeze enemy xl units which gives you contructs the time to anihalate the xl before he can even react. Not only the freze is good but it is also cost efficient, which means that you can freeze an xl without spending energy and shatter ice him, however the disadvatage is that the freeze is single targeted but if you get 4 winter witches freeing enemies(they will neeed cover ofc) u can destroy an xl army quite fast.
  21. i guess sparing is ok but i think this is better for 2v2 where a teammate can cover you meanwhile your gathering energy for that harvy combo
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