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  1. Returning Player

    Looking for a solid Construct deck!

    This what I currently use
  2. Returning Player

    Looking for a solid Construct deck!

    Yoo man, thanks for your reply! When I att t3 I usually go with 6-8 Frostmages + 3 Razorshard + 1 Crystal Fiend ( + 2 Stormsingers if Lost Soul, to take down the Lost Vigils). With the help of my teammate it's usually enough to beat any t3 camp. Do you think I should take Stormsinger and BG out? Hey man, thanks alot for ur reply! At the moment I use Grimvine instead of Overlord, do you guys think Overlords are better in this deck? The Incredibile Mo isn't needed in a Construct deck right? And how about the Voidmanupolation is Resource Booster enough to get power? I go Frost-Nature-Shadow-Shadow so I get Resource Booster at t4 :/ I do use Cultist + FoF combination atm, it mostly is enough although I get it at t4 :/ ( I really wanna do Frost-Nature-Shadow-Shadow because I DON'T like playing with Phoenixes. Why use both Frenetic at the moment I only use the (p) one, that's enough right? BTW -> I do like playing with Glyph of Frost at t1 for some CC ( I actually only use it when I face LS Manabeasts ). I should keep it right? What do you guys think?
  3. Returning Player

    Looking for a solid Construct deck!

    This is what I got right now, i'll add Grimvine, Construct, Nether Warp (g) and (b). What do you guys think about this deck? BTW, Thanks for the reply MephistoRoss
  4. Hey guys Borisl04 here! I'm looking for a good Construct deck to use in rPVE games. ( I really wanna go this orb-order: Frost T1 Nature T2 Shadow T3/4 ). What would you guys take in? Please give me some advice, any help is welcome! Cu in the Force - Borisl04
  5. Returning Player

    I need some help with my rPVE 9 Bloodhorn deck!

    Thanks for all the replys guys! It has helped me alot! Finished deck now and I love playing with it, works really good! Thanks!
  6. Returning Player

    I need some help with my rPVE 9 Bloodhorn deck!

    Hey Dion, thanks for your reply! You're right, I mostly do some Bloodhorns (+ Fallen Skyelf if I face Boss) + Spells to do the job and it works pretty good until you face those Twilight Negators as I mentioned above. Another problem would be Nyxia indeed, that's why I need some ranged units. The problem with spells is that I can't summon them if I face Twilight Negators. The problem with my Bloodhorns is that they struggle a bit at clearing alot of small/medium troops. Bloodhorns without any spells are pretty much dead Bloodhorns :/. That's why I thought I should add a ranged unit to kill Nyxia bosses and to some good clearing job with alot of small/medium enemies and to kill those Twilight Negators easier so I can do my spells and then i'll be fine. I see you mentioned Grim Bahir, do you think he's the best for killing alot of small/medium enemies/Nyxia bosses and killing those Twilight Negators as fast as possible as his damage is actually not that great :/ I think it'll take alot of time to clear with. By the way, I go like Fire T1 Shadow T2/3 and Nature T4 and i'm already using Soulshatter do I add Thunderstorm too then? What do you guys think about my Nether Warp(g) idea? You can see the idea in the first post :). Do you think I should add the other aff. Frenetic Assault too, if so what do I take out for the (g) aff. Frenetic Assault? Or replace the (p) aff. with the (g) aff?
  7. Returning Player

    I need some help with my rPVE 9 Bloodhorn deck!

    First of all thanks for your reply and by the way, i'm also from the Netherlands ;D But here's the problem I can't add a Thunderstorm to this deck because i'm going Fire at T1 then Shadow T2/3 and lastly Nature at T4. I'm already playing with Soulshatter do I need the Thunderstorm at T4 too? Thanks for your reply man! But sometimes in Lost Soul/Twilight maps I face those Twlight Negators that block your spells, that way you can't summon any spells and if you're running it down into a camp with 2 Bloodhorns you're pretty much fucked up :/. That's why I thought to do some Bloodhorns and some ranged units to do the job, I think a ranged unit would help me alot with killing those Twilight Negators so I can do my spells + the Bloodhorns to take the camps. As I said before I think a ranged unit will also help me with killing alot of those small/medium enemies faster. I mean I don't wanna waste all my spells everytime there's a big spawnwave incomming. You think this is a great idea? If so what ranged unit do you recommend?
  8. Sup guys Borisl04 here. I need some help with my rPVE 9 Bloodhorn deck. I've been doing alot of rPVE and I figured out that Bloodhorns struggle a bit at clearing alot of small/medium units, it takes alot of time to kill them all with only Bloodhorns in my deck as T4 unit. That's why I think I should add a ranged unit to my deck. I need a ranged unit that'll help killing those small/medium enemies as fast as possible so the Bloodhorns are fine. A ranged unit will also help me with killing some bosses like Nyxia who can only be attacked by ranged units. These are the 19 cards i'm currently using: T1: Nomad(g) aff. Mine Eruption Embalmers Shrine Offering T2: Shadow Phoenix Curse of Oink T3: Ashbone Pyro SoW Frenetic Assault(p) aff. Infect Soulshatter Revenge Equilbrium(g) aff. The Incredible Mo Fallen Skyelf T4: Bloodhorn(r) aff. Rifle Cultist Regrowth Please, all the advice is welcome! If you see a way to improve this deck, tell me, that would help me alot :). Also tell me what ranged unit you guys recommend as I think I really should add one to this deck! Thanks! Borisl04 PS I might add a Nether Warp(g) aff. to this deck as I think that would work well with the Bloodhorns, do you guys think that will be a great idea? If it is, what should I take out for Nether Warp?

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