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  1. Name: fleshbender german translation Description: The english name of the card Fleshbender purple in brackets is wrong "(Twilight Creeper)" and should be "Fleshbender" Screenshot: attached logs: not needed, i think
  2. I like play shatter ice together with maelstrom, best thing to knock out archwalker. in 1 of 5-10 games i have also these dammed freezes, and my framerate drops to 0.05 for about 2 minutes the game resume an gametime is accerlated to bring me back to synctime. Often i loose my hole army in this situation. There was a player who dont wanted to play with me, if i have shatter ice in deck, but I experienced in this situation, that other players can repeat there run without having same freeze like me and can finish the map.
  3. Hi all, thank u for this awesome last patch. unfortunaly the game hangs for 1-3 seconds in forge or menus. There is a correlation with getting new player in group or rooms. sometime the game freeze every 3 seconds, then i have to restart the game to solve this issue temporary. Other player report this new issue in chat too. Please help. PcDocOne
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