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  1. Aura is mainly a concept to get more bandit units out and reward the use. I myself use rainbow decks a lot but think using dedicated faction decks should be incentivized. I suppose the name Banzai Lord would make more sense, depends on if the ability is feasible functionally.
  2. Fixed the shadow affinity name. The problem with making banditry an active ability is that the card should stand side by side with some of the more useful t4s of its type, especially since it needs to be able to justify going with a dedicated bandit deck and cardslot. Damage against flying units would be a little too niche in my opinion, you rarely run into situations in t4 that would make the ability useful. I'll tack the Banzai bird summons down on the card since I find it unlikely they'd implement this card and a legendary Bandit King card.
  3. This is fully upgraded: Lifesteal: 20% of damage dealt by the unit will return as life points. Banditry: 25m-30m range. • Fire affinity: Increases damage dealt by nearby bandit units by 25%. • Shadow affinity: Increases lifesteal of nearby bandit units by 10%. Banzai Birds (150): Summons two banzai birds. These birds have 1k HP and banzai into enemies dealing 750 damage to target and all enemies within a 20m radius, up to 3000 damage in total. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects ground targets only. Reasons for implementation: • Bandits lack a devoted t4
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