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  1. Simple answer to the poster and everyone complaining about that: G-R-O-W - U-P Next you gonna make the developers ban people for the things that you complain about which frankly you have 0 understanding of.
  2. Regarding pvp which i never play and i think it would be the most affected by this card, may i suggest a new card mechanic... Basically everyone can play this card (like neutral) except it is not neutral (making it only possible for 1 player to play it). A universal 1st orb card if you would like it. And at the colour orb you could have it use all 4 colours, 1/4 of the orb each colour. ***Hearthstone started using this mechanic a few while back where each class could play specific cards (new cards at every expansion as well) from some other classes. Not only it allowed them to cut ti
  3. Woudnt be a simple and effective solution to this problem to just talk in anyones native tongue, inn whispering? Someone not speaking or understanding english can ask something in global or whenever but there is no need to answer in lets say german in the chat as well. Cause its true that its annoying to the majority having witnessed it first hand the chat filled in german in beginner, global and trade at the same time (no joking), propably cause there is no point in what channel you answer since everyone is watchable at the same time. Someone not knnowing or understanding the languege w
  4. Well thats a thing to get to the developers attention, I'm sure it will be better that way and solves this post issues as well in a way. There we go
  5. So that supposed dude who works half a day, needs 8 hours of sleep, needs to eat and spend time with his family so he is propably left with an hour and lets say he spends it whole on Battleforge for a reason, and on top of that requires to stay relevant at the game, he cant reroll a quest he doesnt want? Or dont do them for that day and wait the next to eventually get the ones he can and simply reroll again the yesterdays ones? Thats 2 solutions right there for your man. Come on the working man excuse is old, simply admit you dont like the system yourself and lets end the discussion here. Also
  6. In that case i can only assume that choosing your own quests would each give you lets say 50bfp. Since its basically free bfp cause you gonna pick whatever doesnt make you not go out of your way and you can earn while playing however you like. Still i am against this, i already stated that game is way too much easy already and doing stuff like this only dumbs it down even more. You can have a "too much player friendly" situation which i feel would only work against the game longtime. Seen it in a few others as well, try to make it easier and easier and easier until you dont even have to t
  7. Well you do what you feel better doing. But to sum it up doing quests is on you. No one will tell you to do them mandatory and if you dont feel like doing them, well dont. Just the same as your boss telling you to do some hours paid overtime at work if you want, you can do it and get more money or not and simply go do whatever you want after your work hours are done. Everyone has different types of 'what is fun', if you dont like something dont do it or suggest a better option to replace it.
  8. But you have game time. 400 possible bpf to be earned daily by simply playing whatever mode, howerver you like. Having quests is just a bonus. You can choose not to do them. And i mean not today, you can totally wait for tomorrow and get either new ones to get them stacked or a new reroll. And about those 5 bfp you gonna lose, well that is the toll. You can skip doing quests if you dislike the whole mechanic altogether, no one is forcing you to do them. But to remove the whole system and simply get the bfp, when you already have the bfp over time mechanic, you already have basicall
  9. Guys having played a lot of games for a lot of years i can feel you in all honesty. But lets be real thats what dailies in every game feel like. And i am not talking about the start or mid game when you actively enjoy or dont mind having to do that stuff for the rewards, i mean the mid/late late game when they become what their names is... dailies. If you have any game that dailies are not a chore anymore after you do them for weeks then pls reccomend it to have a look at what that game does that dont make their dailies feel like something that 'forces' you to do them. Also what would you
  10. I actually like this idea a lot. I have seen it in a few games been implemented and was a lot of fun. There it was more of a roulette where you put a bunch of stuff you wouldnt need/use and boom -> generates something new. Twist was that you could get either something crappy like 65% of the time, something fair 30% and something really dope like 5%. And i was just thinking yesterday that gold is just useless for me when ill finish upgrading my deck. But the idea you put forth that actually gives base to the 'low' cards that no one bothers to even buy for 3bfp at AH as well, i can fully
  11. I dont think there is a single human being that would reject the first proposal with any good arguments. Thats how games live and die via their content. If a content becomes repetitive and obviously boring people just drop the game. You can see that in games such as Hearthstone that uses cards as well, that in every new patch that they introduce new content the playerbase skyrockets again. But that is on introducing new cards which players try to figure new combos and how to make new strategies. There have been talks that all brand new cards would be introduced in battleforge as well in t
  12. Friend every post that i read that you created is you complaining about something that affects only you. Apart from what Zyna answered to you above you want to match pvp and rpve 2 completely different gamemodes to suit you. If you want gold specifically then go play rpve. If you did not want to play rpve today then that is on you. Pvp in every game that i have played in 15 years i game is a different mode that does not emphasise on farming something that you can also farm in pve but in fighting other players and what that means. 2 days ago you wanted achievements toned down or outr
  13. There are people working for future content, one thing for sure this isn't the old Battleforge that will go stale with no new content added in the future. Anyhow you can always go to the suggestion thread and add some juice regarding what new achievements could propably be added in the future. Best way to see new stuff is to actually invest in them yourself, not many games give that kind of opportunity to their community
  14. At what point the game becomes 'too much easy'? The guys made everything possible to be on the side of casual gamers that cannot play as much as others and tried to make the experience smooth for them as well since they can't pay up to catch up as in every other game. But here we are talking about 4 hours around of gameplay. If you can't even afford to give 4 hours of gameplay on a random day of your choosing then I am sorry but how much easier do you want the game to become? Helping people with time issues is one thing, making the game a bit tonned down to assist the fact that p
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