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  1. Just adding a small note - I was able to have lvl 60 deck with the half of the cards ingame during the discount. Started not from the beginning. So the Grind is not that tough. But I'd still expect another events with discount.
  2. Only if the person have the charge to use the generator, I've mentioned that especially to limit this scheme. Actually, if a person needs only 1/10 of all cards, fine. Sooner he got them, sooner he will decide either to go to the PvP or not. In PvP he will definetely need more cards But, such scheme actually makes players play much more, as even the Lords of the PvE, taking solo any map on Extreme would need more gold to gamble more As I see it, the issue is actually the profit level of median booster in BFP (<0, 0, >0), which requieres really precise analysis on market, BFP income and price fluctuations. Still, as the wipe had happened recently, I believe the ability to use this generator ~3 times per week would not harm anything, both from market and economy perspective as well as our gaming experience. Adding: in matter of gold you can make the gold part progressive during the period of charges renewal: first in a week 5k, then 10k, 25k, 50k... More grinding for the God of Gringing!
  3. Exactly! It is used everywhere, from Borderlands to World of Tank (actually, the idea comes right after what WG is doing each year for New Year holidays). Basicly, the random generator is made for the revenue of the game holder But, as this is non-commercial project, the rates of what to put it, and what to take out could be tuned without any problems. I just have a kindest wish that there will be not "35 minions and 50 000G for one booster", but "5-8 cards and 10 000G". The ability to earn could be limited by number of uses, not with the amounts to put in.
  4. While reading this thread by diagonal (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6899-the-economy-for-those-who-have-plenty-of-time-at-hands/), I see that no one mentioned a way to: 1) sink low-meaning cards; 2) boost the price of low-meaning cards; 3) decrease the price of high-tier cards; 4) optional -> have a stable way to use gold at the end-game. The way to do all that is simple - loot box Reverse booster. Card transmutator. Call it whatever you like, but have a 10 any lvl cards, add some gold - and you will receive booster you like. By measuring the color and number of cards used you can generate the booster you want.
  5. Thanks for the answer! By original game I meant the rate 15 min = 1 BFP. By rought calculation the current rate of achievements look similar to that math. Later, after my post I've read sone explanation about current economy in the different topic. As far as I got it, the trend is to limit max income (24 hrs for 800 bfp). Moreover, you can earn 400 with almost no efforts (2, at bad daily 3 plays), and for the another 400 you'll have to die (reserve depletion earned me 200 bfp for 8 hours). So, no earning achievements - understandable. Still, it is hard to argue that achievements rewards does not compare at all with what you have to do. In example of marry gifts - you get 10$ and barber coupon for wedding To edit: 50 daily, 60 boosters, 50 lvl3 - that does not sound like the very early game stage, imho But, maybe I'm just tired from yesterday run (8 hrs - resulted in 5(?)+1 boosters, which does not repay really much - ~800-900 bfp total, I'm not selling anything, ever). But for more pity, there is no comparable rewarding achievements for me now (except all campaign all levels, probably)
  6. Also, achievement rewards looks untouched from the basic game. I'd suggest their increase, at least in a certain points. In particular: 1) 50 daily quests for 60 BFP - it can't be serious, as EACH daily gives you 70-75. I'd suggest 1000+ (4 days of play, actually). 2) Open 60 boosters for 1 additional - again, way too little in comparison, IMHO. It is 60 days of playing - to get 1 additional booster(!). Concl: size of the reward is totally neglectable while compared with the time spent. 3) Whole campaign on Standard - 3 boosters. As 1 booster = 1 day of play (with the discount 1,5 days)...? Probably, has to be revised. Same for all of 3 of that achievements. 4) 50 lvl 3 cards - 1 booster? Seriously? It tooks around 1-1.5 month of play, or 1-2 weeks of farming, as I can imagine. 1 booster as a reward seems strange for me. Concl: size of rewards seems untouched and incomparable with the time spent again. 5) Gold providing achievements: as a rookie (2 weeks of play max) I am able to beat RPVE lvl 5 in 70-80% of fights. I achieve 1300 gold from each. Am I really looking for 100-200 gold achievements? And am I looking for them in PVP? Only the fact they can be done multiple times makes them fine. But the size of reward is neglectable. 6) Last, but not least - no repeatable PvE achievements. Thats a huge pity for me - I'd prefer polishing my deck in PvE and now there is no long-term incentive to do so. Concl: there should be big weekly/monthly quests, with good rewards in BFP for PvP and PVE. The basic rewards in gold had to be either increased, or removed - they have no reason to be kept.
  7. You will earn 250 from the boost, and 140-150 from quests. So, you'll have to play 2 more games to buy the most expensive booster. Basic/mixed are avaiable for 350/375/400 af far as I remember
  8. Any weekly/monthly quests with boosters reward. It is really long way to go with max 10-11 boosters per week (with the current discount).
  9. It took me 7.5-8 hours to do so. Same for one of my friends. At the moment your reserve becomes depleted - you start to receive less bfp. At 28 I had 7 for 28min play (Titans Standard)
  10. Thank you very much, Mynoduesp! English is not my native and I could not describe it myself better
  11. It was fun! Thanks for the championship! But it was a huge WHAAA - to register for the free booster and play with RadicalX as a first game. I knew I was done when I saw how is he moving :))))
  12. The best advertisment you can imagine is YouTube and Twitch browsing. E.G. I can't find plenty of NON-speedrun walkthrough at Youtube. Card explanation, Maps explanation - there is not that much of it there. If anyone wants to promote the game - they can make and upload videos.
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