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  1. But like Are you going to remove a discount of 100 bfp and will it be 350 bfp or will you continue the discount of 100 bfp and the price will be 450 bfp without discount?
  2. Friend PVP and RPVE are completely different, because in RPVE modes they are for collecting gold and leveling your cards and PVP is more for fun and not a separate game mode, so there are free pvp decks for you to have fun while updating your cards playing RPVE and building your own PVP deck, if the PVP gives you the same amount of gold would not make sense because pvp matches are much faster and there is a 120 level deck that would make people obtain gold easily without having to spend on better level cards and collect large amounts of gold, this is my opinion.
  3. Today I went to see my replays but I couldn't open any and yesterday it was working normally, what can it be?
  4. Eu não tive tantas dificuldades pois na primeira vez que fui jogar no expert com meu irmão e mais 2 aleatorios conseguimos ganhar pois eu e meu irmão temos enlightment e batariel oque tornou o jogo muito mais fácil porque teriamos t4 apenas com 3 orbs oque ajudou bastante mas ainda sim demoramos 38 minutos pois só jogamos a 12 dias
  5. Thanks, your replays helped a lot, even in a siege of hope. I used a strategy similar to yours at the beginning, but then I used other troops because I didn't have an ice or dreadnhoug avatar, here is the replay of my game, if you can see and evaluate how my game went, I appreciate it. Siege of Hope ;D.pmv
  6. I would like you to put some way to translate the game to Portuguese because I get very lost when it comes to reading what each card does , and I also can't understand the history of the game without the translation and the story mode is pretty monotonous
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