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  1. Nothing is too late! It is good for all and especially for beginners to see more possibilities. Thank you.
  2. Thank you all for the tipps. I´m going to try out with which one I can handle best. But as I can see, there are more spells than I have expected... I have always played more with units then spells. But first I have to get the cards I guess
  3. Hey mates, Its a long time since Battleforge and me and a friend of mine have started playing again. Now we have some troubles playing RPvE over T6. My friend already with T5. I play a Nature/Frost/Stone deck like this: I plan in T2: Mountaineer T3: Rageflame T4: second Gemeye Thats how I played most games in PvE in old times. Could I reach with them RPvE 9 /10? Or is it not possible? I´m not a fan of Shadow but, I had Fire T3 with Magmahurler before I had the Aggressor. Yould you give me some help? Second my friend played with Fire/Nature and only make it to RPvE T4. I dont know much about Fire and he is not the best in micro management. May be you have some tipps here as well? He changed to Nature T1, because Fire T1 didn´t function. Thx for any help!
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