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  1. Yeah, for some reason I expected a bit of professionalism here. I am not connecting from Austria or Germany. I experience disconnections few time a day, it seams to be directly connected to the total number of players currently logged in. There are times that I can play, but there is no single day without disconnection from server for me. That is first. Why would I lie about such thing? Second, I genuinely want to support your project, but if you would be in my shoes, having constant connection problems and dropping of the game without a chance to reconnect and finish the instance you wouldn't as well. I am sure of that. I am trying to open a financing project that will be server relating only, so that people like me, who cant play this game on a stable level, could do something to improve poor experience that they currently have. Arrogantly making comments regarding my intellectual capabilities doesn't make me feel bad, it's your personal opinion about me (although completely wrong). And probably I would understand. Regardless of that, I see people in chat asking about dcs every day (but again this is probably me "making up things", right?). Myself I had few just today and another player was disconnected when we were trying to play together. Your server is not working fine. At least not for players like me who aren't residing in Germany or Austria. P.S. Never in my entire life I received this kind of rude response to my will of financial participation/help in a project. Good job! P.P.S. I have no issues with internet. I am playing League of Legends daily on an average ping 20-30.
  2. I am big fan of this franchise since it has been released. I was playing a lot when it was still officially supported and I was extremely excited when you guys announced that the project will be revived. However your choice of server (or perhaps lack of communication with community and financial support to provide something decent) makes game in its current state almost completely unplayable. The number of issues server has goes into dozens per session and it is almost a miracle to finish single player map without getting disconnected. With multiplayer maps, usually a player getting disconnected means that there will not be enough time and/or units to beat the challenge (specially on higher difficulty). So as much as I am pissed because of current state of technical side of this project ( imo it should be officially launched, cause this infrastructure sucks and cant be considered stable at all) I am still very enthusiastic with it. And certainly I am willing to financially support it ( I believe that I am not the only one as I noticed on patreon page) but as long as your choice of server will remain unchanged, giving you money (at least from my perspective) for current infrastructure is pointless. However there is always something one can to to make things better. So I would like to ask your development team to open a funding campaign specifically for server purpose. Bring into it these specifications: - Bandwidth and maximum number of players allowed to be connected at the same time, - gateways for players from other continents (not all are from Germany or France so something could be and should be done here) - required monthly fee (per option I would say, so that we could see for what we are paying). Again, I am more than willing to add my money into financing your project, but it's current state is completely unplayable (well maybe not completely but one can't say that it's stable, that would be straight out lie). I will be looking forward to your reply! P.S. Best option would be high limit of simultaneous connections so that players don't get kick out when someone logs into the game.
  3. Finally! I am very grateful to you, guys, for all your dedication and hard work. You bring back one of the best games of all time and having it up and running is straight awesome. And you are also awesome, you majestic sausages! Stay alive and see you in the Skyforge!
  4. Its obvious, that bugs will remain even after you will finish rewriting the code to launch game as it was before. Some bugs will even stay forever, cause of the nature of original code. Simply there is no way to fix them. Having this said, Yes, I truly believe that you can count down approximate time needed to make game up and running with all original features ( as I said, count down the time even with the 90-90 rule that was quoted and add 2 months for additional cuts & polish). Im not trying to put pressure on you guys, however when you dont have deadline of your project, that project simply has no end, as you said yourself. Again, I was playing stress test version, it was working ok in majority of the situations, but knowing that I will lose all my progress is just discouraging. So I will rather wait until final reset and release. So, even if the game will still require patches in the future (ofc it will, we all understand that), I think that I can say, that all current active and passive Skylords would like to know, what is the deadline of your project. We have been waiting and following you for many years Just give us some credit
  5. Any probable date of release? I stopped playing beta, but it was working pretty decent by the time I stopped. There were some bugs still, but they shouldnt take much time to fix I suppose. Any sort of information about possible launch date will be gold. I am 100% sure, that you guys can measure the amount of work that you do per week and think about how many more weeks do you need to finish the job plus 2 months for testing. So is there any chance for the release of this game in 2019 or we have to wait until 2020?
  6. Its ok, Im not going to cry over that or bitching anyone. Just making sure. Its a bit painfull though, as I had some very nice card pulls from packs. But I guess, that there is no other way to make it kinda equal for everyone... Hope to be lucky again anyways hahaha Keep up your good work guys!
  7. What do you mean by reset? It will be server wide wipe out of card collection and bfp and will bring people back to "stone age" sort of speaking?
  8. Greetings! daily quests got glitched and I recieved no reward for them. I only got credited for spending 30 minutes in game, but 2 quests, 1 to open 7 gold chests and other to win 2 pve maps did not and each of them was rewarded with 75 bfp. Pls, could you check what went wrong? Everything was going fine before. Reset will come soon and Im affraid that I can lose even more if something is wrong. It also seams, that I wasnt rewarded in my achievement for finishing those quests. I hope that you can help me. BFP is hard earned here ;)
  9. I've lost hope already... yet I was wrong giving up on you guys! Thank you for bringing back one of my favorites games of all time! See you all around the forge and on the fields of Nyn. And btw, could someone upload installer to google drive please?! mediafire is so slow and mega is trying to scam me stopping at 4,92 of 4,94 gb and asking me to spend money.
  10. Uhm, sorry but I have no message from You guys, not on skype nor here... so does it means that we can start talking and find a way to co-op? Update: my Skype went rogue and I didnt see the notification about a message, responded already
  11. its not about hype I was asked for contact via skype and after few attempts... 0 feedback You can imagine, that it doesnt feel right... So if they concider my offer, it would be good to at least recieve a message: we are busy right now, we will contact you soon But so far I have no message in my box, so that's, what makes me doubt Besides this project with non-profit company will require some adjustments from me and my fiance... and these adjustments cant be done just in one day
  12. At least I have none, I guess they are no longer interested to find someone, perhaps they found different solution... or this project is dead
  13. Sorry Guys, I was occupied during Easter and after... Some Family stuff, but I am still interested in helping, so today I will try to talk via skype with the Leader of this group and set the details update: I added Insane Hawk on Skype as he requested in private message, but no response from him so far. If this thing is still up let me know, cause I am not using skype much so need to know in advance when would You like to talk. Peace!
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