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  1. ryolo4ever

    Hearthstone Tournament 21-22 January 2017

    Im in! Battle Tag: fabiosilva#2415
  2. ryolo4ever

    Textual physical description.

    So im ryolo, 1.85m / no feet (due to reasons), 85 kg (this year should get less :P), handsome af ( ), 16 years old and a very adventuristic guy that likes to take on challenges (#gold1tillendofseason @Shotty(yes im gonna do it with mf))
  3. ryolo4ever

    The Shipping Thread

    So this thread is all about shipping People. Make sure to give your opinion! Currently shipped People: @MrXLink & @Kiwi also known as #KINK or #Liwi @Shotty & @Sykole #69 (for you Shotty ) @ThomasMann & #Watermeloooooowns @Ladadoos & Sir @Eddio II & @japoo aka #theTriplet @Dallarian & @Null Omnipresence #roboticlove @sylvix95 & @anonyme0273 & for some reason, a broom #insider @Dzodin & @olekkrol #slavpower
  4. ryolo4ever

    Searching artwork files...

    FIRST (is this still a thing?)
  5. ryolo4ever

    League of Legends - updated

    BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments ryolo4ever ryolo4ever .... Kappa adc EUW b1 (making my way to s1 tho... bs placements :D) and im a ridiculous good feeder, prob the best ull ever see
  6. ryolo4ever

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1610 silencekiller99 is indeed right

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