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    play to battle forge every day in watch anime

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  1. I want to join the lobby without reaction I'm trying to create a lobby flies bug occurs only on the script 4x
  2. 5MERTN1K

    2 - Login Error code

    NAME: Disconnect once loaded into ForgeSEVERITY: 1LOCATION: (End of) Loading Screen, ForgeREPRODUCIBILITY: periodically DESCRIPTION: when you enter the game after several reconnections, this window pops up, after the window appears the detachment
  3. 5MERTN1K

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello my name Maksim I think I would be able to participate in the test what you most need for tests is the loading of units on the card, the PVP test, checking the PVE for bugs? and how much you need free people or you need more fans of the game I remember how I came to this project 2 years ago or 3 I do not remember), how many impressions I received when I read the articles from you, talked to people together, burned with desire, waited for the announcement then another announcement, then the transfer, and so until the present moment I constantly read your blogs with bug fixes and I'm glad that maybe the announcement is close Monday to Friday from 1-3 hours from Saturday to Sunday from 3-12 played 2 years in the flesh before closing to the holes studied PVE composers in the PVP did not readily play The only way to play with pleasure is to participate in beta Discord Name 5M3R7N1K#0586 Well, at last I will tell good luck to those who could get on the test, and developers that they quickly showed everyone their creation
  4. 5MERTN1K

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    good luck have fun
  5. 5MERTN1K

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    hope you are not mistaken in your choice
  6. 5MERTN1K

    BF offline

    I doubt that there will be offline mode because the game has too many online features, even if it will be, then you will be able to play only in PVE
  7. 5MERTN1K

    BFP rename

    How about renaming the BFP in Gems or the champion token
  8. 5MERTN1K

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    And how much gold we will get for the fight, will somehow increase the BFP For a week or more activity, whether it will be possible to receive during the game?
  9. 5MERTN1K


    I wonder whether there will be cards for more than 10 players, it's a pity that we will not see it sooner would be desirable even after the release of At least in beta to translate the game to a new engine
  10. 5MERTN1K

    The Elemental Clash (The BattleForge RP)

    Prologue, the worms after birth do not have any race and any abilities, in the process of growing up they have their first abilities within a month and after 2 they are already transformed into the racial worms of a bloodsucker, one such, Continue to complement
  11. 5MERTN1K

    The BattleForge RP Signup!

    Thank you very much so long after I got there, when can I start?
  12. 5MERTN1K

    The BattleForge RP Signup!

    I corrected look please
  13. 5MERTN1K

    The BattleForge RP Signup!

    hello!!! Full Name: Bloodsucker age: 4 Unit & Faction: Bloodsucker, nature Appearance: 25cm, Small worm, similar in appearance to the shady worm, too, there are hairs to absorb blood, there are 4 pairs of eyes, on the tail there is a heavenly fin capable of moving more mobile under the ground His features: Can quickly develop high speed, can be under the ground a week without food in anticipation of a victim eats blood with blood there are situations where the worm can not get his blood in those cases he is looking for a place of large concentrations of insects, sometimes fish, but this gives a maximum of 1/20 of his Food that in any case makes you look for a victim 1 Ability: sucking the power of an underground worm sneaks up to the target sucking blood and the power of the target is not able to kill but to solve the opportunities to talk and move, does not work against a group of opponents 2 Ability: Nature's rage worm cries for nature's help when it can not cope with a heavy unit or a large cluster of enemies to him to help comes the climb, and small shimmers capable of distracting attention while the worm kills one by one (does not affect heroes, or big creatures) The worm has a passive ability to balance the natural, when the worm is with its allies, an aura appears capable of transmitting the vital forces of the nearest to the weakest (when a strong unit has less than half of health, the closest allies give part of their health for healing units can not die they leave the aura by less than 30% Of maximum stock Strengths: Fast, strong against single targets Weaknesses: Weak against enemy groups, weak against heroes, depends on allies, Has a small amount of health History: This worm comes from the ancient worms of bloodsuckers, but with each following Generation they lose their advantage, and this generation has reached and to our worm, it has almost no strengths left, but it can still evolve and show its people that not everything is lost
  14. 5MERTN1K

    Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

    please do a video for PvE missions

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